Ebony Brown

One of the firsts sims to move in to Sunset Valley (emptied of all other inhabitants) was Ebony Brown. Ebony Brown was born in a distant city, in a poor part of town, riddled with crime and poverty, she got pregnant at seventeen and after the father of her child ended up in jail for dealing she decided to escape that life and move into Sunset Valley with her toddler daughter, Cocoa.

In order to put food on the table she started working part time at the city spa, a job that was not hard but she got good at it as years went by. She even made friends, one of them was her first door neighbor, Edmund Frail, a young hipster who dreamed of being a writer, they would talk every day and even started dating, it was nice for Ebony until she learned Edmund was seeing someone else on the side, crushed she broke up with him and concentrated on her daughter Cocoa who was growing faster then she could believe..

It was through Cocoa she met Jesse. She was in her school for a parent-teacher conference the first time she laid eyes on a young, hot police officer who was coincidentally there for Cocoa’s best friend Mya, who was his niece. The two started talking, one coffee followed another and Ebony started seeing him, and even fell in love.

Things were going pretty well for Ebony then, she was very close to her daughter, she was selling packages at the spa and dating a great and charming guy… And then she got pregnant again… Her second daughter she and Jesse named Sharita and Ebony believed Jesse would move in, help with the baby, or just simply be there for her, like Cocoa’s dad never was. But she was wrong, Jesse only got colder and more distant, claiming he was not ready for such a responsibility as was raising a child. She tried to shrug it off and continue her life as best as she could,  even dismissing all rumors that Jesse was seeing someone else… And it worked until she saw him herself, with non other then her friend Elena.

To get over this, she decided to change from her dead end job where she felt she had achieved all there was to achieve and started looking for more challenging work, she ended up a roadie for a new, young musician Riam Gradle’s bend. It was an ok job, but took her out too much, which meant she didn’t have as much time to spend with her daughters and she was already worried for her relationship with Cocoa which had gone colder since everything that happened with Jesse so she got a job in town. It was a job in a big office building, the only office building in the small Sunset Valley and it consisted mainly of bringing coffee to people more important that she was, but the pay was ok, and she had steady hours, and time to spent with the girls.

And then she met Dina Caliente, a woman who will go and change her entire life. Dina Caliente worked as a department head in the same building and decided to run for city council, all she need was good people around her and she asked Ebony to work low level jobs on her campaign with promises of promotion if campaign is successful. Ebony said yes to that and just like that she found herself in politics.

Dina kept her promise and as she rose so did Ebony. Concentrating on work Ebony put her love life on hold for a while and enjoyed single life, deciding that this time she will not be rash, and will choose wisely. As it happens love chose her. The man that started courting her was a neighbor she knew well, Harald’s and hers children had been friends since Cocoa was old enough to make friends, he was much older then Ebony, divorced with four grown children, two of which were still living in his house, but he was serious with clear intentions. Even though Ebony did not fall hard for Harald as she did for Jesse she said yes to his proposal and they married at the fire station, in front of his colleagues and their families.

She left her house to Cocoa who was of age now and moved in across the street with Rita. She had a nice marriage, and liked Harald’s kids, Hannah and Tomas and soon gave Harald another son Harald Van Prentiss, whom everyone just called Harry. And right then things started to go bad… Harald wanted her to stop working and be a full time mum, but even though Ebony loved her little boy very much she could not give up her job where she felt she had achieved so much, and had finally made something of herself but Harald would not give up and things grew more and more intense so they got a divorce and joint custody of Harry.

After her divorce she found comfort in the arms of one of Harald’s fellow fireman, Jack Bunch. They had a brief affair that resulted in another son, Hazel and Ebony now had a full house. Tensions at that time were very high between her and Cocoa who chose to move out and Ebony decided to focus on her career even more then before. She run for mayor and won and after one mandate, was elected governor but after a mandate as a governor she lost the elections to her former mentor, Dina and decided to leave politics.

Both of her daughters are now married and live away, after Harald and Jack’s deaths she has sole custody of both her boys who are high school students. She is growing crazy not working but uses her time utilizing the fame she got as a politician, recording commercials, solving puzzles, and promoting clubs.

Ebony has a bit of an OCD, she always brushes her teeth two times and washes her hands thrice. She loves to read the paper before bed, and doesn’t like staying up late. Her personal signature are her clothes with leopard spots, and her golden bracelets and big ear hoops.

Thanks for reading for anyone who had made it this far!

Here are some of Ebony’s stats:
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