Rita Prentiss

Rita was named Sharita by her parents, Ebony and Jesse, but since then she is known as Rita. Her parents were not married at the time of her birth so she got her mother’s last name, Brown. Furthermore her parents ended their relationship while Rita was still a baby so she never really had any relationship with her father and was raised by her mum and older sister Cocoa.

She was always a quiet child that kept to herself, she like collecting rocks and gazing at stars. That was when her lifelong dream of going to space was born, a dream that had followed her into adulthood. She was always an honor roll student, and worked harder on her school obligations than her big sister spending countless hours alone in the library.

As she grew up however she made two friends with whom she is still very close, Phoiebe Santoro and Shirley Gradle. They could always speak for hours on the phone and spent a lot of time in and out of school together. When she was already in her teens her father tried to form a relationship with her but for Rita it was too late, she didn’t want anything with that man who had once abandoned her and her mother.

At the same time her mother got married, to Harald Prentiss, their first neighbor and Rita along with her mother moved in with him and his family. She never got close to Harald either. She disagreed on most things with him and could never accept him as a father figure but she did get close to his older kids, Tomas and Hannah.

Her mother’s marriage did not last long and before she knew it they were back in their old home. Her sister moved out, and their old room was redecorated and given to her brothers, Harry and Hazel. Since the boy’s grew fast there was less and less space for Rita.

Rita stayed until the boys were well into their teens and then moved in with her boyfriend since high school, the troublesome orphan Mortimer Goth. This ended after she found out about his cheating and she found comfort in her sister’s former love, Tomas Prentiss. They had a big and lovely wedding on the beach and afterwards moved to his house.

The marriage is a happy one, and they are parents of two little girls, Maja and Lena. The only thing Rita dreams about now is being an astronaut, but since school she had worked nowhere but the day spa.

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Here are some of Rita’s stats:

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New Life, pt 2

As Alyssa and Hannah, Tomas’ big sisters grew they couldn’t be more different, while Alyssa was serious and responsible, both in schools and in her chores Hannah was treating school as a big joke and did all she could to escape cooking or cleaning, while Alyssa was thin and careful about the food she ate, Hannah was growing fatter every day, and simply never cared about it. And while Alyssa dressed as conservatively as possible, with as little makeup as possible Hannah dressed whatever she wanted and put on as much makeup ash she could. And before long the two of them started fighting almost all the time, they were literally unable to have a civilized conversation without snapping at each other after five minutes. This made family time extremely awkward, the only times they could enjoy it was when the girls were not speaking to each other at all.  This was evident on all the family photos onward, the girls were always on opposite sides of each other, looking as different as possible

Andrew started working at the graveyard and working nights, so he was rarely at home on weekdays, but Tomas knew that he wasn’t working as often as he pretended to be, most nights he just used work as an excuse to get out of the house.

You couldn’t see it in any of the pictures but all of his siblings held their secrets, Alyssa kept to herself why she was so bitter towards Hannah, Andrew didn’t tell anyone whom he was meeting on all of those nights and the biggest and most shattering secret was kept by their mother.

Elena Prentiss, Tomas’ mother was a housewife who quietly did all the work around the house and spent her free time talking to her neighbors Edmund and Ebony. She was always there for her kids, and had devoted her life to keeping her family happy. So it came as a big surprise when she told them she was to run for city council. Tomas’ father highly disapproved but his mother was so persistent that in the end he just gave in and pretty soon Tomas was out with Cocoa putting up flyers with his mother’s picture on them: VOTE ELENA PRENTISS.  

There was a picture of one of this expeditions, and as he looked at it Tomas remembered that late summer day with such clarity he wouldn’t believe possible. It was a Saturday and they had spent the entire day going around town, just the two of them. Since Andrew started behaving funny this was becoming a common thing, Cocoa and Tomas hanging out alone, covering for Andrew mostly, but having fun still the same. When they were down to just one flier Cocoa asked a passerby to take this very picture Tomas had in his hand, it was strange that they could be so young, so happy, even though he remembered they were tired and sore all over.

After the picture was taken, and they were done with the flyers Cocoa invited Tomas to the pool to wash the warm day off them. Tomas wholeheartedly agreed, he no longer spent time with Cocoa solely because she was his brother’s older, cool, best friend he really like how smart and funny she was, unlike,any girl he knew and it helped that she had such great legs and a killer smile. 

They spent the rest of day together just the two of them swimming and splashing each other, laughing like crazy. As the sun was setting they walked home together, it was like the other hundred times they walked beside one another, until Cocoa grabbed his hand. Her touch was light but it made him stop. Her fingernails were done in two colors, light orange and pink, he noticed before he lifted his gaze to meet her eyes.  His heart was beating like crazy and he could not tell why. She wore no makeup but her smile lit her face and made her green eyes sparkle. He remembered how her long black, still wet, hair and fell over her shoulders, he remembered how she smelt, like soap and chlorine.  He just stopped there hypnotized, unable to move as she came closer and closer, and his heart beat got louder and louder … When they pulled apart she was still smiling and he grinned at her. She held his hand as they walked home and he was the happiest guy alive. 

He put the photo down not sure weather he wanted to smile or weep, it was all so long ago, he was so young, so stupid, well they both were…. But that moment, that day was imprinted in his memory and he was sure he would remember it until the day he died, not just because it was his first kiss, but the sheer perfection of it, before he ruined it all… 

What happened next he could never explain to anyone… He liked Cocoa he really did, and that kiss meant the world to him but afterwards she acted as she always did. She sat next to Andrew on the bus to school and smiled to Tomas as he walked by them. She never said a word about Saturday and neither did Tomas, they hung out like they did before, like nothing changed, it confused him, it enraged him, he was a teenager and it was pretty much how teenagers feel he guessed…

For weeks he was debating about weather or not he should ask her out, or try to kiss her, or make her talk about it, or just forget about the whole thing when another strange thing happened.

There were no pictures of these hazy events of the in between, how Tomas later referred to this period in his head, but now that he opened the window of memories they were coming in like crazy.

He was just leaving school when Mya Hoves, Cocoa’s best female friend caught him and asked for a word. He knew if he stayed to talk he’ll miss the bus ride back, and will have to walk, but the thought of watching Cocoa and Andrew laughing together, on their usual seat right in front of him, even though even back then he knew there was nothing going on there, gave him a nasty ping of jealousy, and filled him with some unexplained anger. So he decided to stay and talk with Mya even though he had no idea what all this was about They walked around the building to the playground which had been empty this time of day when everyone was hurrying to get home. The idea that Cocoa’s  friend wanted a word with him in private made him weary, it didn’t seem like her to send a friend to talk in her behalf like some girls did, Cocoa was always straight forward with what she wanted but he was eager to hear what Mya had to say, already playing out scenarios in his head, but what happened was  something he was in no way  prepared for…

Once they had finally reached a place Mya was comfortable to speak in she turned to him abruptly and spoke in a nervous, but determined kind of way :“You want to go out this weekend?”

Tomas Prentiss

Tomas moved to Sunset Valley with his parents, older brother and two sisters as a toddler. (This was the third family to be moved into Sunset Valley). His parents Harald and Elena (both deceased) were two very different people but got along well (at least for a while). His father, although he loved spending time with his kids was a very strict guy so Tomas and his siblings lived under a strict regime, they would always have to do their homework immediately after school, before they would start any other activities. His mother was a housewife and she made sure they always have a hot meal ready after finishing homework and in the morning, before school.

Tomas was very close with his sibling, especially Andrew, his big brother, he copied him in everything, from his behavior to his haircut. The first girl he ever kissed was Cocoa Brown, his brother’s best friend. But Tomas and Cocoa were never an item, he discovered Cocoa’s friend Mya Hoves liked him so he started dating her and they stayed together for a long time.

His family fell apart when first his sister Alyssa got pregnant out of wedlock and his father made her leave the house. Then it was his mother who got pregnant, but alas not with his father, he told him the truth before leaving all of them behind. Then it was Andrew’s turn, he came out of the closet and after a fight with their father left the house to marry his longtime love, Hoster.

His father married again, after a while, to none other but Cocoa’s mum, Ebony. This marriage didn’t last long, but while it did Ebony and her daughter Rita moved in with them, Cocoa stayed on her own at her mother’s house. Cocoa never really gave up on Tomas but once their parents were married things got kind of weird between the two of them…

Once Tomas graduated he decided to follow his dream of being a scientist, he also decided to start over romantically, and broke up with both Cocoa and MTS3W_2015-07-25_19-23-17-49ya. He was happy for a while, exploring his options but then he heard Mya was pregnant with Benji Gradle and wanted her back for a while, this didn’t work out, Mya married Benji and Tomas started seeing Cocoa’s little sister Rita. This relationship did work out, the two of them got married on the beach and have twin daughters, Maja and Lena.

Tomas is a great scientist and had recently made a big discovery by which he would always be remembered. He keeps being offered a job in medicine but he sticks to his job at the science facility. He donates 100$ to charity on the end of every week, his favorite activity is playing with sprinklers in his garden. Although he is now happily married he still has a reputation of exploring his options.

Here are some of Tomas’ stats:

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A New Life, pt 1

Tomas sat on the bed and looked around the room, his room. It was strange looking at the bleak walls, the bleak carpet on the floor, and thinking of all of it as his room. His room was on the right, the same room he had slept his entire life, it was all green and blue and he shared it with his big brother up until he moved away, than it was just Tomas’ until he got married. He and his wife planned on redecorating the old nursery across the hall and using it as a bedroom but then his father died and everything changed.

Now some months later the two of them had finally moved to the big bedroom, now devoid of anything Harald’s. It was no longer his father’s bedroom it was Tomas’. He had to repeat it to himself over and over again, trying to make it real, trying to accept it. The same thing went to the house. His house.

Only his house was nothing like the house he grew up, he didn’t remember life before they moved here, he was a toddler, still in diapers when they carried him over the threshold and all his life since that moment he had lived here. And he knew the house he lived in, it was a house filled with life, laughter, cries, yelling, smell of food, smell of flowers. This house was nothing like that it was an empty shell,a ghost of that previous house, empty, reeking of memories of days long gone, memories of his siblings, memories of his parents…

There was only one more box in the room. It was a shoe box, a big shoe box, one that probably once contained his father’s boots. This box was not packed by Tomas nor his new wife, he found it in his father’s closet, in the back of the shoe drawer. He supposed his father kept it there to hide it. Most of his clothes was washed and ironed, and than placed in the appropriate drawers by Hannah so his shoe drawer was the only drawer none of them ever opened. 

He lifted the box from the floor and gently placed it on the bed. He took a deep breath and then took the lid off. The box was stacked to the top with old family photos.  Once they were like any happy family, snapping away, preserving memories as photographs that they kept in old family albums they would look at once and while, laughing at each other, telling stories about those photos, reliving those happy days.  And then when things had started falling apart his father started removing those photos one by one, like trying to erase the past, to escape the once happy memories until eventually whole albums disappeared and Tomas assumed his father had them destroyed so he wouldn’t have to ever face what they once had and what was forever lost. 

Tomas slowly took the photos out, one by one, and tried to spread them on the bed in some sort of chronological order, he went to the photos of his parents getting married, Alyssa as a baby, Hannah as a baby, Andrew as a baby, himself… Looking at his mother’s soft smile, his father’s stern face, always serious Alyssa, goofy Andrew and Hannah he saw his whole childhood flashing in front of him in waves of memories… 

It was a happy childhood, Tomas being the youngest of four children with loving siblings that were always protective of him. He watched the picture of the six of them in front of this very same house, probably the day they moved in. His father in a green short sleeved shirt, his mother next to him, smiling, with him, little Tomas in her arms, Alyssa, her face tied in a ponytail, Andrew and Hannah, all clean in clean clothes, obviously just out of the car, no time to get into trouble…

He flashed forward, him, first day of school, his father had took this picture, he remembered, he was wearing a light blue shirt, same haircut as Andrew wore, he insisted on it, his little backpack on his back, and his mother’s arm protectively around him. Hannah and Andrew tried to jump in the photo but he just saw two smudges, roughly their shapes. He could picture Alyssa standing next to their dad scowling. He could not help smiling. 

His parents wanIted all of them to be very serious about school so from that day on, almost every school day was the same, just after school the four of them would sit together and work on their homework, helping each other, well mostly it was Alyssa, the most serious and responsible of them who would finish first and monitor the rest of them, helping when needed. Even though she tried to be strict and serious it would often turn into one, or all of them laughing at one thing or the other, and all of them trading stories of their days, teasing each other. Afterwards their dad would come home, he worked various jobs before being a firefighter, and they would all sit down together and eat a delicious meal his mother made. She didn’t work, and loved cooking so they always ate well, and also it was an opportunity to spend more time together. 

On weekends their father would teach Tomas and Andrew about working with tools and gardening. He had a nice garden, with apples, tomatoes, lettuces, grapes and onions and Tomas liked spending his time there, when his father was there weeding and digging, and when he wasn’t there playing with the sprinklers.

There was a picture of him and dad in the garden, this one was taken from the back porch, probably by mum, or maybe Andrew. Tomas didn’t even know such a photo existed, you couldn’t recognize them, they were both squatting in the garden, their backs turned but it made him surprisingly teary eyed so he moved on.

The next photo was of Andrew and his best friend Cocoa Brown. She was always a wild child, much like Andrew himself but you could never tell from this picture. She was always a pretty little girl, with her long dark hair and slightly slanted but exotic green eyes. She was wearing a flower pattern dress and smiling at the camera. Andrew was smiling too and Tomas couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mischief were they planning that day. 

Cocoa was spending as much time at their house as them, she would sometimes come with Andrew right after school, other times she would come after they had finished their homework and when she didn’t come Andrew would go over to her house which was just across the street. The two of them were best friends, and were inseparable back then. Tomas who wanted nothing more than to be just like his big brother would tag along with them as much as he could, or more precisely, as much as they allowed him.

Time went on, all of them grew and things started to change, well the correct term would be, things started to fall apart but Tomas didn’t know it then, none of them did… 

Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown was raised by his mother Ebony Brown, he was born after her marriage with Harald Prentiss fell apart and she looked for comfort in the arms of his fellow fireman Jack Bunch. His father was much older then his mum, and was very absorbed in his work at the station and even when he was alive Hazel had not spent much time with him. All he knew was that he had another family once but something happened, an accident, and he lost them all. Hazel guessed that this loss traumatized him so much that he didn’t want to get close to anyone ever again, be it a beautiful woman whom he had an affair with, or his own son.

This unfortunate event did not damage Hazel to badly. He had a pretty good childhood, his mum  was a good and caring woman and he had older siblings he could spend time with. Of all of his siblings, his oldest sister Cocoa is actually his favorite and since she moved to Dina Caliente’s he had been spending a lot of time there and had gotten close to his mother’s former mentor, Dina.

Hazel was a child prodigy, he is very smart and hard working and is on the honor roll. As a child he dreamed of maxing his logic and tinkering skills, being rich and famous, being a renaissance sim…

He spends his time doing schoolwork but has recently started learning the guitar, he is in a happy relationship with Donovan Alto. He likes to go out on weekends like most of kids his age but he doesn’t drink.

Here are some of Hazel’ stats:

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