Harry Van Pretniss

Harald Van Prentiss Jr. was born as a first and only child of the short marriage of Ebony Brown and Harald Prentiss Sr. His parents’ divorced when he was a child and shared custody ever since so he had spent time between the two households surrounded by his many siblings. He was always closer to his mother than to his strict father. Even when he spent time at his father’s house he would call his mother every single day. He has four older half-sisters, and two older half-brothers but since his father wasn’t on speaking terms with two of his oldest children, Alyssa and Andrew, he barely knows them. He is closest to his sister Hannah. He likes to read and since he was a kid he wanted to write and draw, he doesn’t like school and spends most of his time there drawing doodles and just passing time… His father never approved of this behavior and was always pressing him to change his ways but Harry used his death as an excuse to start acting out and behaving even worse then before, he skips school altogether and even got arrested for breaking curfew along with the mayor’s daughter Sara Caliente. People generally like Harry, and no one finds him dull.

Here are some of Harry’s stats:


Traits: Absent Minded, Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Inappropriate 

Favorites: Indie, Purple

Lifetime Wish : Illustrious Author

School: Grade B

Jobs: Produce Quality Assessor (30 $/h) Burial Specialist (33 $/h) -current

Skills: Athletic (1), Gardening (4), Logic(3), Painting(3)

28 thoughts on “Harry Van Pretniss

    1. haha thanks, it’s a big family, hard to keep track 😀 yes Harry was always a bit more interesting 🙂 he is a little more serious now that he is older too but he is still Harry deep inside 😀 thank you for reading and commenting 😀

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