Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown was raised by his mother Ebony Brown, he was born after her marriage with Harald Prentiss fell apart and she looked for comfort in the arms of his fellow fireman Jack Bunch. His father was much older then his mum, and was very absorbed in his work at the station and even when he was alive Hazel had not spent much time with him. All he knew was that he had another family once but something happened, an accident, and he lost them all. Hazel guessed that this loss traumatized him so much that he didn’t want to get close to anyone ever again, be it a beautiful woman whom he had an affair with, or his own son.

This unfortunate event did not damage Hazel to badly. He had a pretty good childhood, his mum  was a good and caring woman and he had older siblings he could spend time with. Of all of his siblings, his oldest sister Cocoa is actually his favorite and since she moved to Dina Caliente’s he had been spending a lot of time there and had gotten close to his mother’s former mentor, Dina.

Hazel was a child prodigy, he is very smart and hard working and is on the honor roll. As a child he dreamed of maxing his logic and tinkering skills, being rich and famous, being a renaissance sim…

He spends his time doing schoolwork but has recently started learning the guitar, he is in a happy relationship with Donovan Alto. He likes to go out on weekends like most of kids his age but he doesn’t drink.

Here are some of Hazel’ stats:


Traits: Workaholic, Genius, Easily Impressed, Party Animal

Favourites: Chinese,Fish, Brown

LW: Hit Movie Composer

School: Grade A

Jobs: Burial Specialist (33 $/h)

Skills: Cooking(2), Gardening (3), Logic(10), Guitar(3)

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