Tomas Prentiss

Tomas moved to Sunset Valley with his parents, older brother and two sisters as a toddler. (This was the third family to be moved into Sunset Valley). His parents Harald and Elena (both deceased) were two very different people but got along well (at least for a while). His father, although he loved spending time with his kids was a very strict guy so Tomas and his siblings lived under a strict regime, they would always have to do their homework immediately after school, before they would start any other activities. His mother was a housewife and she made sure they always have a hot meal ready after finishing homework and in the morning, before school.

Tomas was very close with his sibling, especially Andrew, his big brother, he copied him in everything, from his behavior to his haircut. The first girl he ever kissed was Cocoa Brown, his brother’s best friend. But Tomas and Cocoa were never an item, he discovered Cocoa’s friend Mya Hoves liked him so he started dating her and they stayed together for a long time.

His family fell apart when first his sister Alyssa got pregnant out of wedlock and his father made her leave the house. Then it was his mother who got pregnant, but alas not with his father, he told him the truth before leaving all of them behind. Then it was Andrew’s turn, he came out of the closet and after a fight with their father left the house to marry his longtime love, Hoster.

His father married again, after a while, to none other but Cocoa’s mum, Ebony. This marriage didn’t last long, but while it did Ebony and her daughter Rita moved in with them, Cocoa stayed on her own at her mother’s house. Cocoa never really gave up on Tomas but once their parents were married things got kind of weird between the two of them…

Once Tomas graduated he decided to follow his dream of being a scientist, he also decided to start over romantically, and broke up with both Cocoa and MTS3W_2015-07-25_19-23-17-49ya. He was happy for a while, exploring his options but then he heard Mya was pregnant with Benji Gradle and wanted her back for a while, this didn’t work out, Mya married Benji and Tomas started seeing Cocoa’s little sister Rita. This relationship did work out, the two of them got married on the beach and have twin daughters, Maja and Lena.

Tomas is a great scientist and had recently made a big discovery by which he would always be remembered. He keeps being offered a job in medicine but he sticks to his job at the science facility. He donates 100$ to charity on the end of every week, his favorite activity is playing with sprinklers in his garden. Although he is now happily married he still has a reputation of exploring his options.

Here are some of Tomas’ stats:

Sign: Aquarious 

Traits: Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Good, Schmoozer, Snob 

Favourites: Chinese,Hamburger, Yellow

LW: Creature-Robot-Cross Breeder 

Jobs: Ringer Up-er (114$/h), Genetic Re sequencer (229 $/h) -current

Skills: Cooking(2), Fishing (5), Gardening(7), Handiness (6), Piano (3),Logic (9),Painting(4),Bass(3),Drums(5), Writing(1)

31 thoughts on “Tomas Prentiss

  1. I think it is so cool that he donates $100 every week. And so sad they way his nuclear family kind of imploded after his sister’s pregnancy and mom’s affair. I’m glad he came out of the closet and found a soulmate, though.

    Liked by 1 person

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