Questions, pt 2

He was a retired school teacher who was almost completely bald and they met over drinks at a bar, she was pretty drunk but she sobered up as they got to her house and she realized the man was old enough to be her grandfather so she only made dinner, the way her brother taught her and sent him on his way.

And now sitting in front of her best friend in the whole wide world, someone who knew her for most of her life, who understood her, with whom she shared her dreams and hopes  and she wondered: Why should she have to pick up old men, as lonely as she was in bars? Why should she go out with flirty customers who probably only wanted to see her naked and always hope that perhaps this one, this very guy was the one. The one she would spend her life with.

Why all that when she already had someone in her life who made her laugh, someone who listened to her rants, who comforted her when she was sad, someone who never stopped being there for her, someone she often felt could almost read her mind. Her best friend. And wasn’t that something both of them shared, a dream to find that very person? Were they so blind not to see that what they were looking for and never seemed to find was right there in front of them.

Suddenly it all made sense. She would propose to Shirley. So what if they were not attracted to each other? It shouldn’t be a big deal, they loved each other. Not the way the songs said they should but who cares? Were marriages really based on love or was it just convenience? Two people who tolerated each other found themselves on the same page at the same time and said why not, let’s take this one step together. And then came the mundanes of everyday life, then came kids and they just stayed together, unwilling to look any longer for that magic that movies promised, to look for true love.

The two of them could have that, and more. They could even have kids if they chose, they could adopt, like Phoibe’s mother did with her first wife, Jill or they could even sleep with men, or try in vitro. They could have it all. She just needed to say the words… Just five, or maybe six words. “Shirley Gradle, will you marry me?”

She didn’t have a ring, but they could buy one together, hell they could buy two rings, she would give Shirley one and than Shirley would give her one. They would both be a man and a woman. Her stomach was filling with butterflies, she had to do it now, before this giddiness passed. She was about to do it. She had to say those words… She could do it…

“What’s wrong Phoibe?” Shirley asked her face wearing that concerned expression. “Are you ok?” And Phoibe realized she wasn’t listening to a word Shirley said for how long? She had no idea.  They could have been sitting there minutes, hours…  “Say it. Say it!” Phoibe told herself. “You have to say it.”

But she couldn’t. She just sat there watching the life she imagined melt in front of her eyes. She loved Shirley, she would always love Shirley but she couldn’t do this because if she did she would forever give up something. That other life she always dreamed about. The life Rita had. The life she hoped Pegasus and Melody will have.She excused herself to Shirley, she said she is not feeling well, she would call her later, she promised and got the hell out of there.

She ended up at a sports bar, of all places spilling her sorrows to a bartender named Ayesha. She was so horribly drunk so she ignored the aging bartender’s annoyed glances, and later not so subtle clues that she should get the hell out of there so she could close. She barely remembered how she got home at all.

And now it was another day. Another crappy day in her crappy life. She noticed she had finished her coffee and went to the sink to wash the filthy mug. When she got back to the table she noticed her phone was flashing. It was a text from her neighbor. Rhaenys lived right across the street, she could see her big ugly house from her spot on the roof. The text simply said: “Party at my place tonight? Bunch of people already confirmed.” “Really Rhaenys? A party on a Tuesday? And I thought people grow up…” She said to herself and smiled. A party tonight was the last thing she should do right now. But after a crappy day like yesterday, and a crappy day today maybe it was just the thing she need to pick herself up. “Sure. See ya.” She texted back and put the phone in her pocket.

She came casually dressed as always. Rhaenys was in a formal dress, Rhaenys was always in formal dresses though so it didn’t really matter, anyway she only saw her for a second when she got in and they waved at each other. The place was packed. Thankfully Shirley wasn’t there. Phoibe never even called since the “almost-proposal-incident” and was glad she didn’t run into her. She ended up talking to a freelance writer for the town’s paper. She didn’t know anyone else who worked for the paper and wondered was this woman the only when there. She didn’t get a chance to ask when the woman asked: “Is that your natural hair color?” And Phoibe nodded, she got that a lot and knew what was coming… “You are Phaena Santoro’s daughter? Wow.”

She now wanted to go home. She didn’t want the attention. Not today. That was when she finally caught a break. “Hi Phoibe! A word?” Rhaenys asked her as she stood by them. Phoibe nodded enthusiastically and followed Rhaenys in the kitchen which was blissfully empty. “Look Phoibes I need a word.” “You said so already.” Phoibe teased although Rhaenys, usually playful, wore a serious face. “I know you work at the spa and that is a cool job… But I also know that’s not all you want to do, so I talked with my boss. There is a place in the lab, well it’s not really a place… ” She took a deep breath. We need test subjects for some of the experiments we are doing and I managed to land you a low paid position, with paid classes in biology and ecology in the lab. What do you say?”

“What do I say?” Phoibe only wondered for a second before she said yes. Her heart was hammering in her chest but she was excited. She really did want her life to change.

Nadine Fong

Nadine dreamed of being a pianist. She had that dream ever since childhood but sadly it never worked out, she ended up bar tending in a dance club for the most of her adult life. That is how she met Jesse. She knew he was a player the moment she saw him but Nadine never was easy. She managed to get Jesse to commit to her before she slept with him. She thought she had won.

Once she got pregnant, the first time, she was living in a shabby looking apartment outside of town, earning barely enough not to starve. She couldn’t even pay for the abortion, and wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted one. So the day her daughter was born she dumped her on Jesse’s doorstep. She knew it was his and was sure he would know too. He took her in, no questions asked, named her Laquita and gave her a far better life Nadine ever could.

She had know all along that Jesse was not faithful but every time he would wander into her dance club her spirits would rise and she never did give up on him. When she was pregnant for the second time she was a little better off, and she wanted to keep this child to herself, a part of Jesse could be with her constantly… Jesse never even heard about Irene.

She was still a bartender, and her hair was already gray when Jesse asked her to marry him, that same day! And so they did, in a small private ceremony and she, Jesse, Laquita and Irene became a family at last.

Nadine was the last sim, to join the mix, so I have nothing more to say about her, I didn’t make her, she was a “townie”. If you are interested, here are Nadine’s stats (also there is a picture of Nadine in the Hoves – Round 1, she is the one bar tending when Blair goes out).

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Jesse Hoves

Jesse Hoves and his brother Freddie were always alike. They were both athletic, they were both cops but while Freddie was more of a bookish type Jesse was a more outgoing type. Jesse really liked girls, and girls really like him and Freddie married young, had two great kids and then one day his wife got sick and died. It was a big tragedy, they were both so young, their kids were young and Jesse could not keep seeing his brother so devastated so he suggested they both move somewhere, he kept imagining all the new adventures he was gonna have, new girls he would meet, but it was mostly for his brother’s behalf. That is how they moved to Sunset Valley.

Both Jesse and Freddie easily found jobs in the understaffed Sunset Valley PD. Those days they all lived together, Jesse, Freddie and Freddie’s kids: Freddy Junior and Mya in one house. Jesse liked kids, he didn’t want any of his own, but he liked his niece and nephew.  Junior was such a cool boy, they always could talk about something, he too wanted to be a cop. And Mya… Mya was always Jesse’s favorite, she was the greatest kid he knew, she was so intelligent, well beyond her years and she was fun, and understood more than any girl that small had a right too. Back then he would take her anywhere he went, he would take her to parties, or just for walks, in the Art Gallery, sometimes they would host stargazing nights and he would take Mya, he thought her the names of all the stars he knew and in a few weeks Mya would be teaching him about all the others.

It was thanks to Mya that he met Ebony, his first real girlfriend in Sunset Valley. He went to Mya’s parents-teacher conference because Freddie had to work and met a beautiful, smart and funny single mum who turned out to be the mum of Mya’s best friend. They went for coffee that first day and then he called her next weekend (weekends that he wasn’t working he always spent girl chasing) and soon they were dating. He liked Ebony he real did, but he didn’t plan on anything serious with her, unlike his brother who had asked his girlfriend Blair to move in. Blair was cool, even though she was their boss but he find it foolish that his brother was just jumping from one serious relationship to the next. Little did he know things with Ebony are about to get really serious…

He got careless. Ebony got pregnant. She chose to keep the baby. He went to the hospital the day their little girl was born. He even helped name her, Sharita. And he knew what was expected of him but he just couldn’t do it… He was too young… He stayed with Ebony for a while but he called less and less.. Sometimes he would visit, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad… Rita could be his little Mya. But she was just a small, crying baby…

One day he got so drunk, so maddeningly drunk, that he missed his door and ended up on the doorstep of the Prenitss house. It was Elena who found him, a housewife who was running for City Council. She took him in and let him sleep on the couch. Her husband, old man Harald Prentiss, was not pleased, he could see him grinding his teeth as he looked at him the next morning but he thanked them and left the hell out of there. A few days later he called Elena, he wanted to thank her for all she had done for him and they went for coffee and he found out she was unhappy… Her husband did not want her to be in politics, he didn’t think she should work at all… And they talked and talked, and somehow they ended up sleeping together. This affair lasted for months before one day Harald caught them together in a hot tub at the Public Pool.

She ended it then, she wanted to work on her marriage, she quit her job but the story got out, and Ebony (who was best friends with Elena then) found out and that was over too. The worst of all those relationships was that Mya learned what was going on and she got cold to him. Things between them would never be the same.

He was flying solo for a while until one day Elena called in tears. He had to go comfort her and before he knew it things were back on. This time they were sneakier and he was sure Harald would never catch them again but something else did… Elena got pregnant (to be honest he thought she was to old for this), he urged her to lie, and try to save her marriage but she told Harald the truth and moved out. He had no choice but to take her in. Those days the house was so hectic, Blair was pregnant as well, Junior and Mya were being teenagers… And now Elena was there… To make things worse for Jesse she was having twins…

But things got complicated, the way things often get, she went into premature labor and only one of their girls survived to go home. They named her Krystal and she was the second baby in the house, since Blair had delivered a healthy little boy, Dougie.

Things were really bad, especially for Elena, this new tragedy, the loss of her daughter, combined with the fallout of her family who wanted nothing to do with her sent her spiraling into a deep depression. Jesse had no choice then, he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

The preparations started for a big wedding that was supposed to show all of Sunset Valley that they love each other and that it was a good thing for Elena to leave Harald. Unfortunately when the big day came they both chickened out and instead let Blair and Freddie have their big day, they were together for years, and had a lovely little boy, they just never had the time to get married.

Jesse and Elena moved out anyway, to a little house they bought and Jesse really felt they could have a normal life, that he could be a good father this time around but unfortunately Elena pretty soon discovered he was sleeping with his partner, Justine Keaton.

They broke up, but instead of moving out, back to his brother’s, he built himself a little room above the garage because he still really wanted to be a good dad, and wanted to be close to Krystal, to be a part of her life. And so he did. To be completely honest, Elena was the one who took all the harder parts of parenting, but as Krystal grew there was less need for anything drastic, she was a good and obedient girl, a better child Jesse could never wish for. He was the one who played with her, he taught her to play chess, and to this day it is an enjoyable activity for both of them.

He had a number of relationships during the years but not all of them were significant. One of the important ones was the one with a chubby bartender, Nadine Fong. After Nadine had their child, another daughter, little Laquita she dumped her on him telling him she could barely provide for herself, let alone a baby so he took her home and with the help of his ex, Elena and Krystal he managed to raise another baby.

Another of his bigger relationships came after Elena passed away, he wanted to seduce a lesbian, to get his mind of things, and succeed with a fighter pilot, Jill Mayor but the downside was that she too got pregnant, which naturally destroyed her marriage to Phaena Santoro and having nowhere to go she turned on the doorstep of his overcrowded house, at that time it was him, Krystal, Laquita and Darrel, Elena’s husband. But he took her in and she gave birth to his first, and to this day, only son, Ezekiel. He let them stay there because he loves having a son, and having him around in a house filled with woman.

His police career never really took off, even though he was a beloved cop around town, he even presented some awards, and once tackled and escaping criminal but he had a tendency to show up late, because he was drunk or at some woman’s house. So he stayed a patrol officer until he retired.

At that point in life he finally realized he was ready for commitment and married Nadine, who stayed with him despite everything, in a little private ceremony. So she moved in with him with another daughter, he didn’t now he had, little Irene.

That’s it for Jesse for now, here are some of his stats:

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The Hoves – Round 1

I finished playing the Prentiss a little later than intended so when I got to the Hoves house it was already Monday morning and everyone was getting ready for work, everyone but little Frederica, she was in her crib, asleep. All the rest of them, Blair, Junior , Dougie and Hannah were in the living room with Pegasus Santoro.

Day 1

Blair stood in tTS3W_2015-09-23_21-08-47-95he living room. It was a proper mess, they would need to do something about it she sighed, she wasn’t a big fan of cleaning but this place looked horrible. Pegasus, Hannah’s best friend was here, she saw. He came to drop of some books for her before he went to work. “I’m there for you whatever you need. Just don’t stop studying, it would work out.” He smiled at Blair when he saw her with a: “Morning Mrs. Hoves” and went out.

Hannah, Junior’s wife, was a med student, at least she was trying to be. She had started school very late in life and now was a mother and burdened with other responsibilities but Blair was glad she wasn’t giving up on her dreams.

“Bye Hannah.” She said as she was getting ready to leave. “Kiss that baby of yours when she wakes.” “Of course Blair, but I’m gonna enjoy it while she sleeps, I have to check up on my little brothers first. “You do that. I’m off, bye.” She waved as she went out the door.

She left the house and drove to work. Blair had a job that required her to spend a lot of time away from home, on missions, but for the next few days shTS3W_2015-09-23_21-30-59-10e would be home, so she headed to the office to finish-up on some paperwork. She had a feeling it would be a long day. She passed Junior on the road. They would usually carpool together but Junior was apparently training for a marathon so he wanted to exercise as much as he could, every chance he got so he biked to work and since his bike was broken he looked ridiculous on his sister’s hot pink bike. Once Blair would laugh at this sight, maybe snap a picture with her phone but those days were long gone… Now Blair used all her mind power to concentrate and not think of her dead husband… Don’t think of Freddie, don’t think of Freddie… She would repeat the same thought over and over again but somehow, despite TS3W_2015-09-23_21-27-01-85herself she would end up thinking about Freddie…

It would be the smallest thing really that would remind her of him, a book title, something that happened at work, sometimes she would hear Hannah call her little daughter Freddie and that would set her off… And once Freddie was in her head there was no escape… She would go to a very dark place…

She was glad that she got to work at last. She went to her office to start working immediately. Some of the guys she passed on the hallway joked about her crime scene photos, they said she could try photography as a hobby. She gave them a smile, one of those ghost smiles she gave everyone these days before closing the door.

She dedicated herself completely to doing paperwork and checking reports.She only allowed her brain a small detour, when she looked TS3W_2015-09-23_21-32-46-97out of the window and saw it was a lovely summer day she tried to imagine how Dougie, Hannah and Frederica were spending it. She hoped they were outside, on the balcony enjoying the sun.

Junior came by to see her before he left, she saw he had changed from his uniform and only looking at the watch on her desk she noticed it was the end of the work day, for most people at least. He said he was going for a run anTS3W_2015-09-23_21-34-58-57d she wished him luck. He is a handsome young man she thought, just like his dad…

She had to punish herself for this. She let Freddie sneak in her thoughts again. She had to keep working…

When she got out of the station it was already dark but she was tiTS3W_2015-09-23_21-37-01-91red which was good. A tired mind wanders less.

But nothing helped. That night she got home, she ate something, she must have even though she couldn’t remember what and went to her room. She got out of her clothes and  into her nightgown. She was about to lie on the bed, the same bed she had shared with her husband for years. And suddenly, just as she was about to pull the covers she started crying. So she just sat there, her head between her knees and sobbed. going to this empty, cold bed was the hardest part of the day. Her husband had been gone for a while now but somehow everything in this room still smelled of him. She knew it wasn’t possible but to her it did. To her it was like a part of Freddie had stayed there to watch over her and it saddened her. She didn’t want a part of hiTS3W_2015-09-23_21-38-26-16m. She wanted everything, she wanted her husband back. Sometimes this room was too much, sometimes she would go to Mya’s old room and sleep there. In the morning however she felt like a coward so she decided to stay here tonight. Alone.

Day 2

She woke and went upstairs to use the bathroom and she was drawn to the sound of Hannah teaching Frederica to speak. It was a nice thing to see a TS3W_2015-09-23_21-39-27-02mother and daughter together and she smiled. She wondered how Frederica would call her when she starts to talk. She wasn’t her real grandmother, she was only her grandfather’s wife but somehow she wished Frederica would call her that, even if it did make her feel old.

When she got out of the bathroom and back to her own room Dougie was there, eating hot dogs for breakfast. That boy had some strange habits she thought. “Morning Ma'” he said his mouth full. She frowned. “Manners Douglas. No eating with your mTS3W_2015-09-23_21-43-19-52outh full and what’s with the hot dogs in the morning?” Dougie had grown so big, and most people would tease her about it, asking how could someone so big come out of a skinny little thing like Blair but whenever she saw him she only saw her little boy. The last real part of Freddie I have…

Everyone in Freddie’s family was a cop. His father had been a cop, Freddie was a cop, his brother was a cop, his son, Junior was a cop, his daughter Mya was a cop but after Freddie died Blair could not let her only son follow this path. It was aTS3W_2015-09-23_21-45-37-65 dangerous job, too dangerous. And she could never lose anyone, especially not Dougie.

When she told Dougie that he can’t be a cop he did not object. He was a brave boy but he loved his mother, and she knew he would never defy her. She expected Junior to say something but he never did. Maybe he understood, maybe he too did not want his little brother doing something dangerous. Sometimes she would wonder, what would Freddie say? And then she remembered he never wanted Mya to be a cop either, she became one only after she left home. And why can’t children follow their own path? Her own parents, Boyd and Susan had been scientists and she ended up a spy.

Rest of the morning was the usual. Junior was impatiently trying to teach his daughter to walk. DougTS3W_2015-09-23_21-49-23-75ie was gardening and she tried to play some video games to cheer herself up. It only served to get her mad before she had to leave for work.

That day turned out to be a big one for Junior, there was someone impersonating the mayor and they called Junior to sort this mess out, he was able to do so in only fifteen minutes and he got a raise and a special thanks from the mayor. Blair could not help feeling proud.

He went for a swim and she decided to go home on time toTS3W_2015-09-23_21-54-21-52day and make him a pie. It was a while since she cooked, and she had to lessen the load for Hannah a bit, also she had to make sure Dougie ate something healthy. Frederica was upstairs playing, Hannah was at work and Dougie played the guitar. It was a perfectly peaceful afternoon.

Blair told none of them, and she was glad they forgot but it was her birthday. And she planned to spend it alone. It was never a problem to her to be alone. She was an only child so she got used to it as a little girl. When she moved out of her parents house and into a big house with four roommates she kept to herself in her own room. Even during her marriage to Freddie she would go undercover, or on secret missions were there was no communication and she would be alone, for weeks, months, how ever long it took.

TS3W_2015-09-23_21-56-11-75But still I knew when I get home he would be there… She told herself in a small voice. Now she just had to get used to the fact that he won’t be. Not anymore. She packed her things and went to the movies all by herself.

She walked there and back and was surprised with a sudden backache on the way home. I’m really starting to feel my age she told herself and laughed.TS3W_2015-09-23_22-44-46-71 It was weird for her to hear the sound of her own laugh after so long so she laughed again and she laughed and laughed… All the way home, like a true madman. That night she slept well

Day 3 

The next day she got up to the sound of Junior playing the piano. “What are you doing?” She asked still drowsy, on her way to the bathroom. “What does it look like?” Junior smiled at her. “They want me to play in the theather this weekend. They just need me to get a little better. So I’m practicing. What? It’s my day off!” She smiled at him. “And what’s with the picture? Did Frederica do that?” Junior laughed again. “Now. That one’s all mine. Junior #1 I call it.” She smiled as she passed him. She wasn’t suTS3W_2015-09-23_23-00-46-16re if he was joking or not.

It was supposed to be her day off since tomorrow she was about to start a new mission. She would be away for a while so she decided to spend some time with Freddie’s granddaughter. She managed to finally potty train her when the phone rang. There was to be a emergency briefing, she was needed at the station. She sighed. For the first time since she lost Freddie she wasn’t eager to go to work…TS3W_2015-09-23_23-02-22-12

Since it turned out it wasn’t just a briefing but a sting operation involving the worlds most delicious looking doughnut Blair had to phone Hannah and ask her to go grocery shopping. Hannah told her how she completed some Star Chef Skill Challenge. Blair congratulated her even though she was barely listening.

The operation was a success. She called Dougie and he told her he was off to the park to pick up chicks. AnoTS3W_2015-09-23_23-06-01-34ther joke, she presumed since Dougie already had a girlfriend but with boys those age who could know..

She called Hannah again feeling guilty about the conversation they had earlier but Hannah just laughed it off. She had been in an even greater mood. She told her she had been promoted at the bookstore she helped part-time. She was now a Book Genre Sorter. Blair congratulated her again but Hannah continued. “Look Blair, actually I need a favor from you…” “Anything!” Blair said. “Well.. I’m gonna drop Frederica at my brother Andrew’s. And Dougie’s out… So I wanted to celebrate tTS3W_2015-09-23_23-16-34-93his promotion thing alone… with my husband.” Blair smiled sinceirly even though Hannah couldn’t see her. “Don’t worry Hannah. I’ll get out of her way.” She was happy for them. She really was. Even though love was gone from her forever it didn’t mean it had to be all over for everyone else. Maybe Freddie would get another grandchild in nine months… Who knows…

She got to this dance club that had been bothering her to go out there and dance for a few hours and she danced and danced… Until she was completely dehydrated and sat down for a drink. She was… She was strangly ok. It was not a bad day.TS3W_2015-09-23_23-18-40-14

The next morning she had packed her bags and was out on an international mission. She left the persona of Blair Hoves behind, at least for a while…


This was the longest and lamest update so far, I know. I was just so uninspired and was really struggling with this one… Maybe Blair wasn’t the right choice for a POV I don’t know. Hopefully next update will be better. 🙂

Up next is another introduction, there are a few of those to come, first up, another Hoves, Jesse!

The Prentiss – Round 1

After the Browns here is the update to the Prentiss. If you wish to know more about Tomas and Rita click on their names, Lena and Maja however didn’t get a proper introduction so they are gonna get a quick one now.

Lena Prentiss


Lena is absent-minded like her mum,she is growing faster than her twin Maja. She loves watching TV.

Sign: Libra

Traits: Absent-Minded, Artistic

Maja Prentiss


Maja is the smaller twin, and needs more attention than her sister. She can fall a sleep anywhere, even on the floor.

Sign: Scorpio

TraitsSlob, Virtuoso

I found Tomas and Rita in the pretty much same position as the Browns, Lena was watching TV, and Maja was stuck having her birthday so she is now younger then her twin sister… It was Friday, 4 A.M.

Day 1


Sleep is a luxury. Rita thought as she went to check on her daughters. It was 5 AM and both her and Tomas were up. And so where the girls. Lena was sitting watching TV. She was the quiet one, and easier to deal with she could position herself right in front of the TV and stay there, for hours. She would be ok. Rita thought and went upstairs to see Maja who was yelling her little lungs out.

Maja was on the floor, she must have fallen out of her crib. She ran to her and picked her up. She sat on the floor holding her tight to her chest, Maja did not stop crying and she felt like she could cry. Her little baby was hurting and she was a terrible mother, a terrible person. Minutes, that felt like hours, later Maja calmed herself and tried to wriggle herself out of her mother’s hands. Rita let her go gently and watched as her baby placed her tiny hands on the floor and started crawling. It was something Lena had been doing for months but Maja wouldn’t. They went to see a doctor about this and he told them there was nothing wrong with her. “She would crawl in her own time.” He told them but Rita was not convinced, she was ready to go to Tomas’ brother Andrew, who was a doctor and make him run some tests but Tomas said no. And so they didn’t. And so Rita blamed herself, her failure as a mother reflected on her little girl.

But now that little girl was crawling and she felt so giddy, so ecstatic. “Tommy! Tommy!” she yelled as she watched that tiny human move its way to the nursery room. Tomas ran up the stairs and when he saw his daughter clapped his hands over his mouth and then crouched on the floor. “Come to daddy Maja.Come.” And she did.

All the shrieking and yelling must have woken Yvonne up because she showed on the door of her room, Tomas’ old room, all in her uniform, her hair neatly tied in a bun behind her head.

“Oh Yvonne, I’m so sorry we woke you. But Maja, she is crawling.” Yvonne smiled, ever so weakly. “Nonsense Mrs. Prentiss, I need to start work anyway. You look exhausted, you should go rest. I’ll take care of Maja.” Rita nodded weakly. She kissed her daughter’s forehead lightly and went to bed.

She was so grateful they had Yvonne. Tomas’ father Harald hired her when Hannah, Tomas’ sister got married. They needed a woman in the house and since there were none in their lives they hired one, to cook, clean, dTS3W_2015-09-23_20-22-43-45o the laundry… When Tomas and Rita got married Yvonne was given notice by Tomas’ father but after he died they extended her contract, because they were a mess, people were constantly coming over, things needed to be done… Then Rita got pregnant, Rita had twins… And somehow Yvonne’s contract kept extending… Now she was a part of the household and Rita was happy for that.

Her mother of course offered to help, she did so every week since the girls were born, the last time only two days ago. But Rita didn’t want her here. They had arguments, not last time, but often, about how Rita shouldn’t rely too much on Yvonne, how she shouldn’t let another woman raise her children… In the heat of one of such arguments Rita told her that if she let her, her mother, come and help she would end up taking over and raising her children, it would be another woman, just not Yvonne. This hurt her mother and she had not mentioned Yvonne since.

The real reason Rita did not want her mother here was because she didn’t want her to see how much she failed. She was a terrible mother, she knew now, a year into motherhood. She was failing all the time. Her mother on theTS3W_2015-09-23_20-20-48-62 other hand, singlehandedly, for the most time, raised four children. And she, Rita, was not alone, she had her husband, who was a great, loving husband and constant support and still she struggled…

She fell asleep her head filled with
things like this. When she got up later she found Tomas in the living room playing with Lena. He was great with the girls. Her beautiful little daughter smiled at him.

Lena had her eyes, but they looked livelier on her. But her hair… When she was born and Rita saw the light little hairs on her tiny head she thought she would be blond like Tomas’ father, and one of his sisters but as she grew Rita noticed that her hair color was actually from her father. And that made her so uneasy. She confined to Tomas and he laughed. “It looks way better on her than on the old man Jesse.” But to Rita this was not funny and she couldn’t explain this to Tomas. She knew she had that man’s DNA, she knew how she got her skin tone but there was something wrong about her daughter reminding her of a man who abandoned both her and her mother. He would go gray. She told herself. Or bald. She would forget whom her daughter resembles.

She went to the kitchen. Yvonne was already making breakfast, TS3W_2015-09-23_20-21-43-18Maja was sitting in her high chair waiting. Things are getting better. Rita told herself and took the phone to call her friend Phoibe, it’s been a while since she talked to anyone and it surprised her to hear Phoibe had quit her job and was starting a new exciting career.

After breakfast she sat with Maja trying to teach her to talk. Maybe now everything would get to normal with her. Rita thought. She was in a more positive mood today than she had been in moths.

Tomas walked TS3W_2015-09-23_20-23-56-19in as she was saying: “Can you say politics? That was what your grandmother got herself into.” He laughed. “Maybe you should try simpler words honey. Like dad. Can you say daddy Maja?” Maja spread her arms towards him and he picked her up. “Phaena Santoro called.” He told Rita. “Well actually her agent. There is a party at Phaena’s and they invited us. A big formal event.” “You should go.” Rita said with a smile. “You never go anywhere.” Which was true, after Tomas lost his job he barely left the house. “I was thinking both of us should go. ” He continued. “And leave both of the girls with Yvonne? That is cruel even for you…” “Yeah, but maybe we could call your mum…” “No.” Rita said coldly and Tomas sighed. He knew better then to try and persuade her now. “Ok, fine, then maybe Hannah or Andrew?” “Baby, they have their own children, Eduardo is barely older than Lena and Maja and Frederica is the same age, they have a handful believe me.” Tomas sighed. “It won’t be the same without you…” “I know.” She smiled and kissed him lightly.


Later that night she and Tomas were in bed and he was telling her how it went at Phanea’s party. “Badly. One word is enough. Honestly Rita.” He said as she laughed. “The two of us are totally incompatible. We could never be friends.” She smiled again. Phaena was a big shot in their town, she was the manager to Riam Gradle, the rock star. “But I learned she is also a scout, she is looking for new talents. Maybe I could point her to that brother of yours? He is a real prodigy.” “Hazel doesn’t want to be a rockstar, he wants to be a composer. But that is thoughtful of you. I think I’m gonna sleep now. Goodnight.” She kissed him and drifted to sleep.

Day 2


The next day Rita’s good mood persisted. She got up early, the girls were in bed, Tomas was in bed and she decided she was going to make breakfast. She was not as good cook as her mother, or even her older sister but she knew how to make good pancakes.

After breakfast she got out to the garden and harvested some applTS3W_2015-09-23_20-30-46-58es. I could at least be a good wife, and a good housewife she told herself while she learned gardening. While she was out Tomas took Lena to the potty. He wanted the girls potty trained as soon as possible.


Afterwards he ran outside to tease Rita and play with the sprinklers. There were a little things her husband enjoyed more than playing outside and she had to laugh looking at him being a complete child.

It was a nice moment which was interrupted with Tomas’ phone ringing. He picked up and instantly his face frowned. “It was the FusioTS3W_2015-09-23_20-35-44-90n Lounge.” Apparently after Phaena’s party they want me to go there and order a drink. It would help business if I was seen there.” “Will you go?” She asked. “I said I will but…” That was her husband, unable to say no… “But what? They will pay, won’t they?” “They will but you know that isn’t how I want to make money…” And she did. Tomas wanted to be a scientist. And he was, he was actually a pretty famous scientist, with a big discovery behind him. But then there was an accident at the lab he was working, it was not his fault but something exploded and he got hurt. Third degree burns, on the side of his arm. Their lawyer made them sue the Science Facility and they did. They settled for a big sum of money but the bosses did not want Tomas working there anymore and he had been miserable ever since.

Rita did not know how to console him, she knew it was his dream job, what he wanted to do and now he lost it… All she could say was: “Someday it will get better… People in the facility will call you back, they will need you… You would get another job…” All lame excuses. Today she was spared having to think up one since it was time for her to go to work. To go to her “dream job”, hooray for the Day Spa!

Before she got to work however she got a call, she was invited to Riam Gradle’s party! She phoned TomTS3W_2015-09-23_20-43-08-61as and he laughed. “It’s your turn now I guess.” She went to the party alone and she realized as she got up to the hill on which the Gradle manor was that it was a great call. She had completely forgotten but Riam’s daughter in law was TS3W_2015-09-23_20-45-30-98Tomas’ ex, Mya. And to make things more ironic she ended up spending most of the time talking to one of her daughters, Marty (or was it Eevee? She constantly mixed them up). She even introduced her to her grandfather, the big man himself, Riam Gradle. Rita tried not to appear to starstruck, but she was so tired already, after getting up early, and work so she felt she did come up pretty weird…

Day 3

Next morning she was surprised by great news. Maja was talking! And Lena was just a few steps from walking on her own Tomas assured her. She felt a little lame for missing out on MTS3W_2015-09-23_20-47-42-91aja’s first word, which Tomas swears was “Mommy”.

She did get to hear it later though and she felt happy that entire day, she even went to work happy, something that didn’t happen for her for a long, long time. And that night she and Tomas had a peaceful dinner, that of course Yvonne made. And she could concentrate on the mundane things like tTS3W_2015-09-23_20-59-25-26he sturdy bookshelf she got from the manufacturer and she wanted Tomas to get rid of.

That night as she brushed her teeth before going to bed she finally felt that things were going to be ok. Maybe she isn’t such a bad mum after all. Maybe she had stopped failing.


When I started I thought this would be way longer than the Brown’s. Turned out Day 3 was pretty uneventful.  The update for the Hoves might take a while since I still can’t decide whose point of view I will use… Thank you for reading, hoped you liked it. Any feedback is welcome. 🙂

Browns – Round 1

Eager to see what’s up with the Browns? If you want to know more about Ebony, Harry and Hazel just click on each of their names. If you don’t it’s ok, you can just keep reading.

So I started playing the Browns Tuesday, around 5 am. And this is how I found them, all at home

Day 1


“There is no problem with the alarm, it must have been a stray or something that set it off.” Hazel told them. “It should be alright now.” Ebony nodded. They had all been awaken, pretty rudely by the sound of the alarm blaring an hour ago but according to what they could see, and what Hazel was saying there was no apparent problem.

“Whatever, I’m just going back to bed.” Harry mumbled and left. He was the first to run out and do an inspection of the house yelling at Hazel and Ebony to stay in his room but now he seamed mad at them for apparently making a big deal out of it all. Puberty. Ebony thought as he watched her son drag him self back to bed.

“I’m gonna start cooking today!” Hazel told her when Harry left. Hazel was always learning new skills, working on school projects… And she had promised him she would teach him to cook. She had been through this already with her daughters, Cocoa and Rita although that was more out of necessity, she had been away, working and she wanted her little girls to be able to take care of themselves.

They went to the kitchen and she watched Hazel as he made waffles helping him along the way. She made a mental note to clean the fridge once he is dTS3W_2015-09-23_18-52-30-42one. They ate the waffles outside, it was a warm morning, summer was coming in full swing, and talked about all kinds of stuff. Hazel was hoping to get on honor roll this year too, he was still in a happy relationship with his longtime boyfriend Donovan, he also told her Harry had given up on Sara Caliente and was now pursuing Summer, her younger sister.

By the time they were finished Harry emerged, still sullen. He brought a plate and sat at the same place Ebony had occupied moments ago. Hazel joined him with another serving of waffles. Hazel always enjoyed food but Ebony guessed he just wanted to spend some more time with his big brother, whom he loved a lot, and who was a good kid, Ebony knew it, but was becoming a very moody teenager. Ebony guessed it had to do with puberty and the loss of his father but is still worried her a little, she did not want her boys fighting. She also worried about Hazel’s weight, he had put on even more pounds then he did last year and she wondered how this would affect his health. Should I make him do more exercise? I’m meddling, she told herself, I always meddle in my children’s lives. I need to stop. So she took up her phone and called her old friend, and colleague Tori Kimura who still worked in the City Hall. She would often call Tori to hear all the new gossip going around.TS3W_2015-09-23_19-05-08-64


After breakfast the boys were off to school, it was almost the end of the school year so they would just be slacking off, Ebony knew, but nevertheless, Harry’s mood did not improve. After they were gone she was all alone so she decided to do some cleaning. It wasn’t easy being a mother to two teenage boys… Laundry became Ebony’s most hated job, especially since she had to pick up clothes all around the house. While she cleaTS3W_2015-09-23_19-08-15-48ned she thought about what she heard from Tori that morning, Dina and Nala were getting a divorce. She could hardly believe that. She knew Dina for ages, she was who got her in to politics and their marriage was the strongest one she knew, it withstood so many challenges. How could it be over? She had heard other rumors of course, of Dina and Mortimer Goth but they had to be rumors…This all made her sad so after she was done cleaning up she called Rhett. He was a young guy who she was seeing but he was way younger then her so it never grew into anything serious, her boys didn’t even know about him. By the time she finished the phone call the boy were back. Hazel got on the honor roll and Harry was in an even worse mood then this morning.TS3W_2015-09-23_19-10-13-67  She was glad to hear Harry talking on the phone to Hannah. If anyone could cheer him up it would be her, Hannah was once Ebony’s step-daughter but they had stayedTS3W_2015-09-23_19-11-51-21 close even after Ebony divorced her and Harry’s father. And she knew she was Harry’s favorite sibling, the only one, apart from Hazel, he kept in constant touch.

Hazel decided he would cook this time too so she helped him make mac and cheese. After they ate she was ready to go lie TS3W_2015-09-23_19-12-09-41down a little, she was up since before dawn. Her agent called talking to her about entertaining sick kids at the hospital but she barely registered anything since she was drifting to sleep. The last thing she heard was Hazel talking to Donovan on the phone in the bathroom and Harry banging on the door for him to get out.

Day 2

Ebony got up very early the next day. She went straight to the bathroom to wash her teeth. She always had a bit of OCD, she had to brush her teeth twice but this morning she tried to stop at one. It worked. The boy were still in bed and she got out to pick up yesterday’s paper which still lay in front of the door. Ebony had been really unhappy lately, ever since she quit politics. She missed having some meaning in her life, getting up, going to work… She was old, she knew she was, she didn’t need money, she had saved enough, and she knew even if it run out she could count on her kids’ help. But she needed to be able to still take care of herself, at least while she wTS3W_2015-09-23_19-15-33-89as still healthy.

So she picked up the paper to see if there was anything new and interesting in the jobs section. There was an add for a ghost hunting job and Ebony sighed, it was probably the best thing a woman her age could score. It saddened her but it was the way it was. There was no interview for this position, all she had to do was call and say:  “I’m in!” They would then provide her with an uniform and adequate “Banshee Banisher”  Whatever thTS3W_2015-09-23_19-16-40-10e hell was that. She wrote down the number hoping she wouldn’t use it.

The boys got up, Hazel made pancakes, he and Harry ate outside Hazel watching Harry’s expression all the time wanting his reaction, his approval. After Harry ate it all as fast as he could, he ran to his room to finish his homework, that was typical Harry…

The boy left for school, TS3W_2015-09-23_19-19-55-32running late and she went across the street to visit her daughter and her two granddaughters. She was a little worried about Maja, she seamed to be growing slower then her twin but she was worried about Rita too. She knew motherhood was no easy feat, especially with twins. And now there was the added stress of Tomas losing his job…

It took awhile for Rita to open the door. Ebony’s phone rang, it was the army base, they wanted her in a drummline and she promised to considerTS3W_2015-09-23_19-20-49-88.When Rita finally came to the door she saw the bags under her eyes. “Oh, it’s you!” Rita said when she saw her, “I thought it was Tomas, he went to the store.” She let Ebony in to the living room and then after asking would she have a cup of coffee. “Why are you here mum?” “I was worried.” Ebony replied, “I know what kind of mess you are in and I…” “I don’t need your help.” Rita replied coldly. She had always been like that Ebony knew, ever since she was a child, determined and self sufficient. But she had also been absent minded, especially when tired, which she confirmed only minutes later when she got back to the room to ask which coffee Ebony wanted, even though she just told her.

She didn’t know when things got bad between her and Rita, it all happened when she was on the height of power, during her tenure as mayor. Before that they were very close, or as close you could get with Rita but then they grew distant, and sometime during her campaign for reelection Rita announced she was moving out to live with her boyfriend, Mortimer. After that she married Tomas and had children, Ebony lost the election and they never got back to how they were. They had coffee, she asked about the girls, about Tomas, about his work, about her work, Rita worked part-time at the spa. Rita asked about Harry and Hazel. Harry called sometime during that stay and talked about going to France for the summer, she told him they would talk about it since this was the first time she heard hopefulness, and something resembling happiness in his voice for a long time. When she got home she knew what she had to do.

Hazel made sTS3W_2015-09-23_19-24-27-02alad today and told her he had already eaten and went straight to his room to finish some homework. She and Harry ate in the living room. They talked about France and this program he was applying for and she was happy for him, happy he was more like that little boy she knew. Afterwards she started getting ready for work, they told her she could start today and immediately sent the terrible uniform she wore. Harry was so happy about this France thing he even helped her do the laundry. Later they both walked into Hazel dancing in the living room and they laughed together. She was happy. She knew now taking this job was the right thing. Anything that could make her boy happy was worth it. TS3W_2015-09-23_19-26-14-63

She had two assignments this first night, first was in the same street, at Edmund Frail’s old house and the second was at Andrew Prentiss’ home. It was not hard but it was tiresome and when she got back she was exhausted. She ate some of the leftover salad and found a note in Hazel’s neat handwriting: “Been to the bookstore, got two books. Learned a new guitar composition, played for tips, got 515$! Donovan was there but also a bunch of people! Harry did the garden! Love Hazel.” She smiled when she read this. It TS3W_2015-09-23_19-28-49-05was great that Hazel was so good at so many things, it didn’t surprise her the slightest he was making that much money.  They’ll be ok she told herself, even when I’m not around.

She went to her bedroom and just wanted to lie down and rest but then she saw herself in the mirror, her stupid uniform and all and so she stood there practicing a speech, like she did back when she worked at City Hall and she felt TS3W_2015-09-23_19-35-49-77great, she felt confident again…

Day 3

Ebony bought new shoes, she needed something comfy since her job took her all around town. She had been very tired the previous day so she got up late, the boys were already in school and by the time she was back with her new shoes they were home. Hazel was playing the piano, which sounded wonTS3W_2015-09-23_19-42-47-20derful and she was not surprised when he told her he had mastered it.

Afterwards they had gone to work in the garden, Hazel watered the plants and she harvested the apples. Harry stayed inside tonight reading a book. Later she discovered it was “Cooking Vol 1.” She was about to go to work when Hoster, Andrew’s spouse called. He wanted to thank her on the work she did for them yesterday and told her they were hosting a little party and they both would love if she would attend.

She thought about it a little, she had a new job and she didn’t wTS3W_2015-09-23_19-45-59-71ant to screw it, but then she thought it was just one night… She would make it up tomorrow and instead of the dreadful uniform she wore a nice little dress and went to the party.

She was really surprised to see Blair there so she had to come up to her first. Blair was an old friend of her who had recently lost her husband and was terribly depressed, at least according to Hannah who was her daughter in law. And Ebony herself had not seen her out in ages. Well, Ebony thought, it is time to cheer Blair up. And it worked for a while, they were both having a great time, Ebony was always good at making people laugh and Blair herself had been easy to share a smile with, at least the old Blair was.  With new Blair it was hard to avoid talking about her dead husband.

“I’m really sorry that you have to go through this Blair… Death… It is never easy to those who stay behiTS3W_2015-09-23_19-47-51-00nd, but you are young, you have your children, and grandchildren… And maybe one day somebody else would come along…” “Oh Eb, you have no idea.. FTS3W_2015-09-23_19-48-10-28reddie was my soulmate, he was all I had… But don’t worry, I can make it on my own.” She finished giving a weak smile. Soon after that she had gone home and Ebony saw Tori and gossiped with her a little before heading home herself.

She came home riddled with thoughts about soulmates and death. Both Harry and Hazel were already asleep. She checked everything, the stove and every facet and then went to bed herself.


This ends the first round of the Browns. Hope you liked it, and thanks for reading. 🙂

Any suggestions and/or criticism feel free to comment. The Prentiss – Round 1 will probably come out tomorrow so if you want me to change anything in the format speak up. I don’t know if all three days in one post is too much, if it is easier to read I can post it day by day, also if it is too much/too little screenshots feel free to speak about that too.

Questions, pt 1

Phoibe woke up and her head was splitting, her throat was parched. “I’m hungover…” She realized as she opened her eyes. She moaned loudly and turned to the side. For the first time she regretted having her whole top floor done in glass, the sun was blaring into her face and she had to get up swearing loudly all the time.  She had a shower, drank a gallon of water and made herself coffee.She sat at the table on her roof where she always had coffee overlooking the whole town, it should have been a great morning, only if her head wasn’t about to explode… Luckily she had today off, she could not picture herself going to the spa, smiling at customers and worse she could not face Shirley today…

Thinking of Shirley made her feel so embarrassed, she behaved crazily yesterday and it was no wonder she got so freaking drunk last night. “You’ll have to face her…” She said to herself as she took another sip of coffee, of course for Shirley it wouldn’t be that odd, or so Phoibe hoped, she had been acting weird, but she couldn’t do what she intended and Shirley could not, thankfully, read her mind. And what Phoibe absolutely didn’t want to do was ruin her friendship with Shirley, it was at least currently, the most important thing in her life.

Phoibe and Shirley met at school, well actually back in elementary school Phoiebe’s best friend in the entire world was Shirley’s older sister, Melody Gradle. Melody and Phoibe both wanted to save the world, protect the environment and giggle about the boys. And then Melody developed a crush on Phoibe’s brother. Pegasus was a few years older than Phoibe, and he was always her greatest support, Ever since they moved to town it was just the two of them against the world. Their mother was completely and utterly uninterested in raising children, she was all about following her dream and being a famous guitarist so the two of them had been left on their own for the most of the time. It was Pegasus who helped Phoibe get to school, who made her breakfast and lunch, when Phoibe decided to stop eating meat Pegasus would always make something vegetarian for her and she loved him more than anything and wanted nothing more than for him to be happy but when he and Melody started dating she was so jealous. She knew she shouldn’t be, but hated the fact that now it was the two of them and she was the third wheel. She felt like she had lost them both.

That was when she started looking for a new best friend and found Rita Brown and with Rita came her best friend, Shirley Gradle. And soon the three of them would become inseparable, they would talk on the phone for hours and spend time together as much as they could, they even all got the job at the spa so they could work together after school. None of them had really wanted to stay there as long as they did though, Rita wanted to go to space, she always had a fascination with stars, Shirley wanted to be a musician, like her dad only even more versatile and Phoibe wanted to be a scientist that would find a way to save the environment. However, somehow, years later they were still smiling and offering overpriced spa packages

Shirley and Phoibe became very close when Rita started dating Mortimer Goth. This was different then Pegasus and Melody, but still she was glad for her good friend but there was also that nagging feeling, why not me, why her. She did not like Mortimer in particular, he had a wicked sense of humor and would always have something to say about her vegetarianism in a mocking way but she wanted to meet someone to sweep her off her feet.

After Rita and Mortimer started dating she would often find herself in front of the mirror examining her own face. She was not as pretty like Shirley, Shirley was absolutely gorgeous, with her long brown hair and light blue eyes the color of the sky, not as pretty like Rita with her mysteriously deep green eyes and beautiful light skin but she wasn’t bad looking either. She was passionate about things for sure, she wasn’t as smart as her soon-to-be-doctor big brother but she was not stupid either. That said she had to wonder why no boy had taken a liking to her but it was something she kept to herself and instead smiled at Rita and asked her for juicy details of her dates with Mortimer.

But the one good thing that came out of all that was her and Shirley getting close, in part it was because no matter how much Rita tried to keep things between them as they were she had to sacrifice her time with them to be with her boyfriend and it made her and Shirley spend more time alone, in part it was because shortly after all that began Shirley confided in her telling her she too liked Mortimer and in that part of your life confinding secrets like that was what makes a friendship strong.

She always found Shirley pretty, I mean who wouldn’t, she really had all the best features of both her parents but she was never attracted to her in a way she would get attracted to a boy but none of them had a boyfriend in high school so they experimented with each other. It started as a way for them to learn how to kiss so they would be ready once they finally met The One but after a while they would always end up making out when they would get drunk alone.

It was just their fun, pastime activity that ended sometimes after high school and never interfered with their friendship but recently things started to change. Rita got married, not to Mortimer Goth, thankfully, but she had a nice husband, a nice house and twin daughters. Phoibe went to her house, held her little girls in her arms and was, she really was, happy for her friend but inside she was eating herself up. She too had a nice house but she lived alone, and was still very much single, still stuck at her crappy spa job and then her brother who had been so depressed after the hospital cut him loose after his residency knocked on her door and with the biggest smile she had ever seen on his round face told her he finally proposed to Melody.

“Why isn’t this happening to me?” Phoibe would ask herself at night, alone in the bathroom. But she went on with her life as she always did, never losing hope that one day it would happen to her as well. Yesterday was Monday, she always had Monday’s and Tuesday’s off so she would go to the park and play her bass. She started taking music lessons with Shirley and she was pretty good at it. On nice days like yesterday she would go to the park and play her bass to  raise money for various environment and animal protection organizations.

Yesterday she was playing pretty absorbed in her music when she heard the clang of change being dropped in her jar and a voice she knew so well, soft and melodic: “Keep up the good work Miss.” She lifted her gaze and saw Shirley’s big blue eyes looking up at her. She had to smile and stop playing. “Don’t stop.” Shirley said making a sad face, it was a sweet song. “It’s too hot.” She complained. “I could have a cup of coffee though.” “Always a step ahead.” Shirley smiled pulling a plastic tray with two plastic coffee containers.  Phoibe flashed her a big smile and they sat on a bench talking about everything and nothing, like it always is with longtime friends and as she looked at Shirley Phoibe thought about a man he brought home the other night.