Something personal, something from the news

I know I said right there in my about post this blog is all about happy things, my sims my stories and I meant it that way, I never meant it to be personal but this post might be. I don’t know if anyone is going to read this, and if somebody is reading I don’t know who you are or where you live and what you see in the news there but probably in this age we see most of the same things. What I see and what I want to write about are the refugees fleeing from war torn countries to Europe. If that is something you don’t want to read about anymore stop right here.

Also you can call me a hypocrite right now and stop reading because up until the moment I’m writing this I myself have not done anything to help these people, there was a fundraising in my county just a week or so ago but I was away, enjoying my vacation. And also my country is not one of the countries these people chose to come, they avoid it as many of the people here are trying to do.  So you can say I have no right to talk about it and stop reading here. 

If you still want to read on this post will be about war and ordinary people caught in the horror we call by that name.  For most people that are probably reading this war is nothing but a picture in the news, something that troubles us but we can always change the channel, something we read about and then drop the book when it gets too heavy and go on with our lives but unfortunately for many people living on our planet it is not so easy to escape. Those who do get lucky to get a chance to escape are those people we see on the news, huddled up on train stations, walking for miles, being smuggled in boats and trucks… That is their escape… Not so easy as it is for the rest of us.

I wasn’t even three when the war started in my country. In a way I was lucky, well extremely lucky that I am alive today, that most of my family is alive. But I was lucky to not have any memories of the time before the war started. And I couldn’t miss all the things that I would not have for many years, things that now most of you readers (me included) take for granted, like electricity, running water, food, glass on windows…

I could go on about growing up in a city under siege but won’t. My parents tried very hard for me and my younger brother to have a childhood as normal as possible, we could not go and play outside, we had to run to the basement from the fifth floor when we would hear the sound of grenades and carry water up the stairs to the fifth floor when there was water to be had and we absolutely had to stay away from the windows but for us it was a way things are, we were kids and like I said could not imagine it being any different….

Now, twenty years later I can look back and see what we missed and understand what war really is, and I would never wish it upon anyone, friend or foe. And I understand what these people are running away from, they just want to live, they want their children to live, to have a chance for tomorrow, for a normal childhood… They don’t want to live in fear anymore and they don’t want their children to grow up in fear… It is only human to wish that, it is only human to fight against all odds to achieve it…

I cannot speak for these people. I do not know them. I cannot tell you they are all good people, and they will make good neighbors, but they are people escaping from a horror those who have not seen war, those who did not feel war cannot imagine… Whatever happened to them I don’t think they deserved it, least of all their children…

And I cannot look upon the faces of those children and not think that in a different time it could have been me, I cannot look upon the pained faces of their mothers and think this could have been my mother…

I don’t want to tell you what to do, I can’t tell you what to do… I’m just asking you to understand that this people want to escape… They want what we have and take for granted…

They want their lives back,

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