Blair Hoves

Blair Hoves was actually born Blair Wainwright. Despite her childish ways and her youth she is actually a rather smart and capable woman so by the time she met Freddie Hoves she was already a lieutenant in the Sunset Valley police department. Even though she was his boss and he was much older than her, a widower with two children, the two of them fell in love. She moved in with him shortly after. She helped him around the house, cooked for his whole family, at that time it was Freddie, his brother Jesse, and his two kids, Freddie Junior and Mya. Freddie’s kids liked her a lot, Blair is just that kind of person, everyone she meets likes her.

Their life together was a happy one, Freddie was much different then all the other cops Blair knew, he was a kind and bookish person and was very much in love with Blair, the way no one else had been, not her ex Cycl0ne Sw0rd nor her experimental girlfriend Ayesha Ansari. After years of living together Blair and Freddie had a son, Douglas whom everyone just called Dougie. Once Dougie was born Freddie and Blair started disusing marriage. But at the same time another one of Jesse’s affairs forced them to put their plans on her hold.

This time Jesse got involved with a married woman, mother of four and former councilwoman and destroyed her marriage by getting her pregnant, the woman, Elena Prentiss having no where to go moved into Jesse’s room above their garage. After a premature birth only one of Elena and Jesse’s twins survived, a little girl they named Krystal who joined the Hoves family.

For a while things were pretty hectic, with two toddlers, Dougie and Krystal running around and then Jesse and Elena announced they would be moving out after a big wedding that was to be held in the Hoves’ house. But it wasn’t until the big day that Jesse and Elena decided they aren’t ready to get married after all, of course the guest have arrived and everything was ready for a wedding and Blair and Freddie decided to be spontaneous and married instead. It was a lovely ceremony and a beginning of a long and happy marriage.

Both Blair and Freddie continued their police work with Blair being more successful than her husband. During the years she had spent many time working undercover, which became kind of her specialty and as a consequence she and Freddie never had anymore kids, only Dougie. She had been offered different jobs but she kept sticking too what she knew and loved.

Blair’s life was a happy one, up until her husband died. This threw Blair in a state of depression and loneliness and although it was not his work what killed Freddie, she is pretty adamant not to allow their only son to join the force like Freddie’s other kids, Junior and Mya had done.  She cherishes her, now already grown boy since he is all she has left from her beloved husband.

She doesn’t wish to date anyone and is completely dedicated to her job, which is how she became an International Super Spy, and completed her lifelong dream. She also recently became a step-grandmother, when Junior’s wife Hannah gave birth to a little girl they chose to name Frederica.

Blair loves butterflies and video games, she also does not mind cooking or gardening work. Here are some of Blair’s stats:

Sign: Capricorn 

Traits: Loner, Genius, GoodHopeless Romantic, Childish

LW: International Super Spy

Jobs: International Super Spy(468 $/h) -current

Skills: Athletic (7), Cooking(10), Fishing (5), Gardening(7), Handiness (6), Piano (5),Logic (5),Bass(3),Drums(1), Martial Arts(6)

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