Junior Hoves

Junior Hoves was named after his father, Frederic Jr. Hoves but everyone just called him Junior, and everyone called his father Freddie. He moved to Sunset Valley as a teenager. After the death of his mother his father grief stricken decided it was time for a change and move to Sunset Valley with Junior and his little sister Mya. His uncle Jesse tagged along. He would tell everyone it was a big adventure but Junior knew he was going with them to keep an eye on his father.

Both his father Freddie and his uncle Jesse were cops back home so when they got to Sunset Valley they joined the Sunset Valley police department. Junior knew, even back then he would be a cop too but as a teenager he worked part-time at the graveyard.  That was in part because he needed money, when he first started the money was supposed to be for guitar lessons, later it would be something else, in part that after his mother’s death he had a little fixation on the death and the morbid and in part because Junior was always a show off and he wanted people to see him as brave and fearless.

Junior was always good around ladies, something he felt he had inherited from his uncle Jesse so it was no surprise he found a girlfriend very soon after the move to Sunset Valley. His first girlfriend was Bebe Hart and they spent all of their weekends together, since Junior was so busy with work and school but thanks to his job he could take Bebe to fancy lunches at the Little Corsican Bistro or to a make out session in the  mausoleum.

It was a great relationship while it worked but it didn’t last and Junior was single once again, this time he had his sights set on Alyssa Prentiss, one of his pretty classmates, Alyssa was his first door neighbor but they barely spent time together until they had to work together on some school projects. He asked her out, and did his best to woo Alyssa but she was too cold and serious and gave up pretty quickly.

Luckily for him something good did come off his chase for Alyssa Prentiss, he got to meet her little sister Hannah. Hannah was never as pretty as Alyssa, but there was something very special about her, at least for Junior, she was fun and had a strong personality and Junior was really drawn to that so he fell in love like never before.

Hannah never turned down his advances and pretty soon they were dating and he was happy, his whole family fitted well in to the new town. His father met a young woman, Blair who moved into them. Although Blair was cool, cooler then any woman he could picture for his father he could never accept her as a mother, but as time went on they became good friends, and she was like a bigger sister to him. And Blair even gave him another sibling, a little brother, Dougie whom Junior would always be protective off.

Time passed, and things changed, his uncle Jesse moved out with another woman he was seeing, claiming he was ready to settle down at last (he wasn’t – to this day he remains unmarried), Junior finished school and did join the police force, like he always wanted, he stayed with Hannah and was happy. Then one day he received a call from none other than Alyssa, Hannah’s older sister. They met on the beach and Alyssa told him she loved him, and that she wanted him to leave Hannah and be with her. He was stunned but refused and left her in tears… Years later he would still ask himself weather it was his fault, the things that happened to Alyssa later on… They would meet again, when Alyssa joined the force and Junior is now actually her boss, but the idea of a romantic relationship never occurred to any of them ever again.

After his uncle, the next to leave the house was his little sister, Mya. She moved in with her boyfriend Benji Gradle, they married and had tree kids (not exactly in that order) and Junior stayed with his father, Blair and Dougie moving in his uncle’s room above the garage. He was good at his job and had decided in a profession in forensics, and now he works as a Dynamic DNA Profiler. He is trying hard never to be a dirty cops even though there were plenty of opportunities.

After years of waiting for Hannah to take care of her father they decided to get married finally. Their first year of marriage was marked by the death of Junior’s father Freddie, and then the death of Hannah’s father Harald. They have a little girl they named Frederica and all of them still live with Blair and Dougie.

Junior is very physically fit and he works on his body constantly, he likes swimming and jogging. He is a carefree person and prefers eating out. While he was still a traffic cop he had a band with Ebony Brown, “Red, Yellow, Green” but that never went anywhere. People spread rumors about him being aggressive but violence was never his thing. He likes fixing stuff and is pretty good with kids, especially his little daughter.

Here are some of Junior’s stats:

Sign: Aquarius 

TraitsAthletic, Unlucky, Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Vehicle Enthusiast

LW: Physical Perfection

Jobs: Epitaph Writer (101$/h), Dynamic DNA Profiler(404$/h) -current

Skills: Athletic (10), Cooking(1), Fishing (3), Gardening(5), Handiness (9), Piano (4),Logic (10), Painting(3),Bass(7),Drums(7), Martial Arts(4)

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