Hannah Hoves

When Hannah’s family moved into their new house in Sunset Valley she was only a child, and back then her name had been Hannah Prentiss. She was not her parent’s only child, she had three siblings, she was not their only daughter, she had an older sister Alyssa, she was not the oldest child, nor the youngest, that was her brother Tomas. Her and Andrew were right in the middle of it, with Andrew at least having the title of the oldest son.

The life in the Prentiss family back then was strictly ordered, the children were supposed to do their homework as soon as they got home, the girls were supposed to participate in all the household chores, cooking, cleaning, etc. Hannah’s sister, Alyssa was always eager to participate, eager to put more work but Hannah simply never had it in her, she tried to avoid any work she possibly had which led to many fights with her sister, the two of them could hardly find common ground but Hannah was very close to Andrew, and later Tomas. And even though her parents were strict, they tried to be a happy family, and for a while they all did.

One thing Hannah always liked was fishing. It was her escape from a full house, and all of life troubles. It is something she always did, alone, even from childhood. In all the rest she was always surrounded by people, she is a kind of person that is always in the spotlight, even though she never tried hard for it, and even though she never thought of herself pretty, especially next to Alyssa. Once she hit puberty she started gaining weight, but she never let it effect the way she felt about herself, even though her father had strict rules about how they should dress, she always put on makeup, despite the yelling she got if her father saw her like that.

In high school she started dating Junior, a cool, older guy and she was very happy, and not just because he was so handsome and popular, but the way he made her feel, like she was truly special. She had been so happy she almost didn’t notice how cold her sister became.

But Hannah life was not all boys and fishing, she dreamed about being a doctor and even though she knew her father thought that women should never leave the kitchen she dreamed of the day she would defy him and go to study medicine but that day never came… First her sister left, then her parents divorced and she was left the only woman in the house and as such her role was to take care of the men that stayed, especially after even Andrew, her greatest support was driven away by her father.

Those days she would live out her dream only through her best friend Pegasus who did go on to become a doctor but she would never give up. She would get up early and fish, then she would sell all the fish she caught keeping her money in store so one day she could go on and become a doctor, all by herself, and no one, not even her father would be able to stop her.

But there was also one more factor to consider, and that was Junior, and in time he got tired of waiting for her and she had no choice but to go on and tell her father she was leaving, even though it was only a house away. To her surprise he was honestly happy and proud, she was the first of his kids to marry, at least in the way he approved, Andrew had been married to Hoster for years already, and she went on to live with her husband, and started medical school as well but then her husband’s father died and her father died and she got pregnant. And now once again her dreams are on hold because she has to take care of her little girl, Frederica.

Hannah likes to own books, and now she is working in the bookstore, part-time, when somebody else can watch her daughter, she also has a talent, and a love for bar games, which she even passed to her husband. She is bonding with her step-mother-in-law, Blair, by practicing martial arts, she won an orange belt. She once stared in a commercial but afterwards mean-spirited people around town started spreading rumors she likes to rummage through other people’s trashcans.

For more on Hannah, here are her stats:


TraitsSlob, Star Quality, Perceptive, Clumsy, Daredevil

LW: World Renowned Surgeon

Jobs: Freshwater FishermanOrgan Donor (22$/h), Cash Register Specialist (30$/h) -current

Skills: Athletic (5), Charisma(8), Cooking(8), Fishing (10), Gardening(8), Guitar(5),Handiness (1), Piano (7),Logic (5),Bass(4),Drums(6), Martial Arts(3)

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