Dougie Hoves

Douglas Hoves is the only child of Blair and Freddie Hoves. He was born before his parents were officially married but he was never bothered by that, they had a loving relationship and he had a good childhood even though they were both cops growing up there was always someone there for him, be it his parents or his older half-brother and half-sister, Junior and Mya who both lived with him for most of his childhood. From his mother he got his love for video games since he watched her play when he was growing up and video games were what he and his best friend Luther did for most of the time in school. Still Dougie, as everyone calls him, was an honor roll student and in childhood he dreamed of being a doctor, not a cop like the rest of his family but he never confided his wishes to anyone and gave that up. He grew up wishing to be an illustrious author (like half of the town it seams) and after his father died his mother has been his biggest supporter, she would do anything for him not to join the police force because he is all she has left. Dougie was always a good kid, and in school he kept to all his obligations, and now that he sees his mother is having a hard time he decide to stay at home with her and to try his luck as a gardener, so he wouldn’t have to go anywhere. His hobby is inventing, he has a knack for it and has been doing it since childhood. He is dating a younger girl, Lysa Santoro, a relationship that started while he was still in school and he strongly dislikes Penelope Belgen. He and Luther still hang out, but now it’s parties instead of playing video games on the couch.

And here you can see some of Dougie’s stats:

Sign: Aquarius 

Traits: Slob, Over-Emotional, Brave, Athletic

LW: Illustrious Author

Jobs: Cucumber Smasher -current

Skills: Inventing(4),Athletic (8), Gardening(2), Guitar(4),Handiness (1), Piano (4),Logic (6),Bass(3),Drums(4), Writing(2), Martial Arts(2)

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