Playing Sunset Valley

I started with an empty town of Sunset Valley and then expanded it by adding families, community lots, now there is a bunch of sims there, I don’t even know how much, I could count them but that information is probably not so relevant. So the way I play it is that I decide beforehand the number of days I will spend with each family and then start playing each family in turn until I have visited them all.

The life span is set to epic otherwise they would all age up on me before I finish one turn. 😀

I was planning to finish one of this turns and by the time it’s over introduce you to all of the sims I’m currently playing there but it turned out that was to ambitious since I spent more time playing then writing. 🙂

So I had to change the plan, now I’m going to update you on the families I did introduce (all three of them :P), the Browns (Ebony, Harry and Hazel) , The Prentiss’ (Tomas, Rita and their twin girls I did not actually introduce since they were just babies the last time I was there and there was nothing to say about them), and the Hoves (Blair, Junior, Hannah, Dougie and Frederica). After that I will continue introducing the rest, I hope that I will finish three families this time as well, if things go according to plan that will be another Hoves family, and the two Caliente families.

(Only it will probably be a couple of days before I get a chance to play 😦 )

In the end a big thank you to all of you who are reading, liking, following. If nothing writing this blog helped me discover some great blogs that I follow and really enjoy, some sims related, some not sims related but all really great.

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