Browns – Round 1

Eager to see what’s up with the Browns? If you want to know more about Ebony, Harry and Hazel just click on each of their names. If you don’t it’s ok, you can just keep reading.

So I started playing the Browns Tuesday, around 5 am. And this is how I found them, all at home

Day 1


“There is no problem with the alarm, it must have been a stray or something that set it off.” Hazel told them. “It should be alright now.” Ebony nodded. They had all been awaken, pretty rudely by the sound of the alarm blaring an hour ago but according to what they could see, and what Hazel was saying there was no apparent problem.

“Whatever, I’m just going back to bed.” Harry mumbled and left. He was the first to run out and do an inspection of the house yelling at Hazel and Ebony to stay in his room but now he seamed mad at them for apparently making a big deal out of it all. Puberty. Ebony thought as he watched her son drag him self back to bed.

“I’m gonna start cooking today!” Hazel told her when Harry left. Hazel was always learning new skills, working on school projects… And she had promised him she would teach him to cook. She had been through this already with her daughters, Cocoa and Rita although that was more out of necessity, she had been away, working and she wanted her little girls to be able to take care of themselves.

They went to the kitchen and she watched Hazel as he made waffles helping him along the way. She made a mental note to clean the fridge once he is dTS3W_2015-09-23_18-52-30-42one. They ate the waffles outside, it was a warm morning, summer was coming in full swing, and talked about all kinds of stuff. Hazel was hoping to get on honor roll this year too, he was still in a happy relationship with his longtime boyfriend Donovan, he also told her Harry had given up on Sara Caliente and was now pursuing Summer, her younger sister.

By the time they were finished Harry emerged, still sullen. He brought a plate and sat at the same place Ebony had occupied moments ago. Hazel joined him with another serving of waffles. Hazel always enjoyed food but Ebony guessed he just wanted to spend some more time with his big brother, whom he loved a lot, and who was a good kid, Ebony knew it, but was becoming a very moody teenager. Ebony guessed it had to do with puberty and the loss of his father but is still worried her a little, she did not want her boys fighting. She also worried about Hazel’s weight, he had put on even more pounds then he did last year and she wondered how this would affect his health. Should I make him do more exercise? I’m meddling, she told herself, I always meddle in my children’s lives. I need to stop. So she took up her phone and called her old friend, and colleague Tori Kimura who still worked in the City Hall. She would often call Tori to hear all the new gossip going around.TS3W_2015-09-23_19-05-08-64


After breakfast the boys were off to school, it was almost the end of the school year so they would just be slacking off, Ebony knew, but nevertheless, Harry’s mood did not improve. After they were gone she was all alone so she decided to do some cleaning. It wasn’t easy being a mother to two teenage boys… Laundry became Ebony’s most hated job, especially since she had to pick up clothes all around the house. While she cleaTS3W_2015-09-23_19-08-15-48ned she thought about what she heard from Tori that morning, Dina and Nala were getting a divorce. She could hardly believe that. She knew Dina for ages, she was who got her in to politics and their marriage was the strongest one she knew, it withstood so many challenges. How could it be over? She had heard other rumors of course, of Dina and Mortimer Goth but they had to be rumors…This all made her sad so after she was done cleaning up she called Rhett. He was a young guy who she was seeing but he was way younger then her so it never grew into anything serious, her boys didn’t even know about him. By the time she finished the phone call the boy were back. Hazel got on the honor roll and Harry was in an even worse mood then this morning.TS3W_2015-09-23_19-10-13-67  She was glad to hear Harry talking on the phone to Hannah. If anyone could cheer him up it would be her, Hannah was once Ebony’s step-daughter but they had stayedTS3W_2015-09-23_19-11-51-21 close even after Ebony divorced her and Harry’s father. And she knew she was Harry’s favorite sibling, the only one, apart from Hazel, he kept in constant touch.

Hazel decided he would cook this time too so she helped him make mac and cheese. After they ate she was ready to go lie TS3W_2015-09-23_19-12-09-41down a little, she was up since before dawn. Her agent called talking to her about entertaining sick kids at the hospital but she barely registered anything since she was drifting to sleep. The last thing she heard was Hazel talking to Donovan on the phone in the bathroom and Harry banging on the door for him to get out.

Day 2

Ebony got up very early the next day. She went straight to the bathroom to wash her teeth. She always had a bit of OCD, she had to brush her teeth twice but this morning she tried to stop at one. It worked. The boy were still in bed and she got out to pick up yesterday’s paper which still lay in front of the door. Ebony had been really unhappy lately, ever since she quit politics. She missed having some meaning in her life, getting up, going to work… She was old, she knew she was, she didn’t need money, she had saved enough, and she knew even if it run out she could count on her kids’ help. But she needed to be able to still take care of herself, at least while she wTS3W_2015-09-23_19-15-33-89as still healthy.

So she picked up the paper to see if there was anything new and interesting in the jobs section. There was an add for a ghost hunting job and Ebony sighed, it was probably the best thing a woman her age could score. It saddened her but it was the way it was. There was no interview for this position, all she had to do was call and say:  “I’m in!” They would then provide her with an uniform and adequate “Banshee Banisher”  Whatever thTS3W_2015-09-23_19-16-40-10e hell was that. She wrote down the number hoping she wouldn’t use it.

The boys got up, Hazel made pancakes, he and Harry ate outside Hazel watching Harry’s expression all the time wanting his reaction, his approval. After Harry ate it all as fast as he could, he ran to his room to finish his homework, that was typical Harry…

The boy left for school, TS3W_2015-09-23_19-19-55-32running late and she went across the street to visit her daughter and her two granddaughters. She was a little worried about Maja, she seamed to be growing slower then her twin but she was worried about Rita too. She knew motherhood was no easy feat, especially with twins. And now there was the added stress of Tomas losing his job…

It took awhile for Rita to open the door. Ebony’s phone rang, it was the army base, they wanted her in a drummline and she promised to considerTS3W_2015-09-23_19-20-49-88.When Rita finally came to the door she saw the bags under her eyes. “Oh, it’s you!” Rita said when she saw her, “I thought it was Tomas, he went to the store.” She let Ebony in to the living room and then after asking would she have a cup of coffee. “Why are you here mum?” “I was worried.” Ebony replied, “I know what kind of mess you are in and I…” “I don’t need your help.” Rita replied coldly. She had always been like that Ebony knew, ever since she was a child, determined and self sufficient. But she had also been absent minded, especially when tired, which she confirmed only minutes later when she got back to the room to ask which coffee Ebony wanted, even though she just told her.

She didn’t know when things got bad between her and Rita, it all happened when she was on the height of power, during her tenure as mayor. Before that they were very close, or as close you could get with Rita but then they grew distant, and sometime during her campaign for reelection Rita announced she was moving out to live with her boyfriend, Mortimer. After that she married Tomas and had children, Ebony lost the election and they never got back to how they were. They had coffee, she asked about the girls, about Tomas, about his work, about her work, Rita worked part-time at the spa. Rita asked about Harry and Hazel. Harry called sometime during that stay and talked about going to France for the summer, she told him they would talk about it since this was the first time she heard hopefulness, and something resembling happiness in his voice for a long time. When she got home she knew what she had to do.

Hazel made sTS3W_2015-09-23_19-24-27-02alad today and told her he had already eaten and went straight to his room to finish some homework. She and Harry ate in the living room. They talked about France and this program he was applying for and she was happy for him, happy he was more like that little boy she knew. Afterwards she started getting ready for work, they told her she could start today and immediately sent the terrible uniform she wore. Harry was so happy about this France thing he even helped her do the laundry. Later they both walked into Hazel dancing in the living room and they laughed together. She was happy. She knew now taking this job was the right thing. Anything that could make her boy happy was worth it. TS3W_2015-09-23_19-26-14-63

She had two assignments this first night, first was in the same street, at Edmund Frail’s old house and the second was at Andrew Prentiss’ home. It was not hard but it was tiresome and when she got back she was exhausted. She ate some of the leftover salad and found a note in Hazel’s neat handwriting: “Been to the bookstore, got two books. Learned a new guitar composition, played for tips, got 515$! Donovan was there but also a bunch of people! Harry did the garden! Love Hazel.” She smiled when she read this. It TS3W_2015-09-23_19-28-49-05was great that Hazel was so good at so many things, it didn’t surprise her the slightest he was making that much money.  They’ll be ok she told herself, even when I’m not around.

She went to her bedroom and just wanted to lie down and rest but then she saw herself in the mirror, her stupid uniform and all and so she stood there practicing a speech, like she did back when she worked at City Hall and she felt TS3W_2015-09-23_19-35-49-77great, she felt confident again…

Day 3

Ebony bought new shoes, she needed something comfy since her job took her all around town. She had been very tired the previous day so she got up late, the boys were already in school and by the time she was back with her new shoes they were home. Hazel was playing the piano, which sounded wonTS3W_2015-09-23_19-42-47-20derful and she was not surprised when he told her he had mastered it.

Afterwards they had gone to work in the garden, Hazel watered the plants and she harvested the apples. Harry stayed inside tonight reading a book. Later she discovered it was “Cooking Vol 1.” She was about to go to work when Hoster, Andrew’s spouse called. He wanted to thank her on the work she did for them yesterday and told her they were hosting a little party and they both would love if she would attend.

She thought about it a little, she had a new job and she didn’t wTS3W_2015-09-23_19-45-59-71ant to screw it, but then she thought it was just one night… She would make it up tomorrow and instead of the dreadful uniform she wore a nice little dress and went to the party.

She was really surprised to see Blair there so she had to come up to her first. Blair was an old friend of her who had recently lost her husband and was terribly depressed, at least according to Hannah who was her daughter in law. And Ebony herself had not seen her out in ages. Well, Ebony thought, it is time to cheer Blair up. And it worked for a while, they were both having a great time, Ebony was always good at making people laugh and Blair herself had been easy to share a smile with, at least the old Blair was.  With new Blair it was hard to avoid talking about her dead husband.

“I’m really sorry that you have to go through this Blair… Death… It is never easy to those who stay behiTS3W_2015-09-23_19-47-51-00nd, but you are young, you have your children, and grandchildren… And maybe one day somebody else would come along…” “Oh Eb, you have no idea.. FTS3W_2015-09-23_19-48-10-28reddie was my soulmate, he was all I had… But don’t worry, I can make it on my own.” She finished giving a weak smile. Soon after that she had gone home and Ebony saw Tori and gossiped with her a little before heading home herself.

She came home riddled with thoughts about soulmates and death. Both Harry and Hazel were already asleep. She checked everything, the stove and every facet and then went to bed herself.


This ends the first round of the Browns. Hope you liked it, and thanks for reading. 🙂

Any suggestions and/or criticism feel free to comment. The Prentiss – Round 1 will probably come out tomorrow so if you want me to change anything in the format speak up. I don’t know if all three days in one post is too much, if it is easier to read I can post it day by day, also if it is too much/too little screenshots feel free to speak about that too.

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