The Prentiss – Round 1

After the Browns here is the update to the Prentiss. If you wish to know more about Tomas and Rita click on their names, Lena and Maja however didn’t get a proper introduction so they are gonna get a quick one now.

Lena Prentiss


Lena is absent-minded like her mum,she is growing faster than her twin Maja. She loves watching TV.

Sign: Libra

Traits: Absent-Minded, Artistic

Maja Prentiss


Maja is the smaller twin, and needs more attention than her sister. She can fall a sleep anywhere, even on the floor.

Sign: Scorpio

TraitsSlob, Virtuoso

I found Tomas and Rita in the pretty much same position as the Browns, Lena was watching TV, and Maja was stuck having her birthday so she is now younger then her twin sister… It was Friday, 4 A.M.

Day 1


Sleep is a luxury. Rita thought as she went to check on her daughters. It was 5 AM and both her and Tomas were up. And so where the girls. Lena was sitting watching TV. She was the quiet one, and easier to deal with she could position herself right in front of the TV and stay there, for hours. She would be ok. Rita thought and went upstairs to see Maja who was yelling her little lungs out.

Maja was on the floor, she must have fallen out of her crib. She ran to her and picked her up. She sat on the floor holding her tight to her chest, Maja did not stop crying and she felt like she could cry. Her little baby was hurting and she was a terrible mother, a terrible person. Minutes, that felt like hours, later Maja calmed herself and tried to wriggle herself out of her mother’s hands. Rita let her go gently and watched as her baby placed her tiny hands on the floor and started crawling. It was something Lena had been doing for months but Maja wouldn’t. They went to see a doctor about this and he told them there was nothing wrong with her. “She would crawl in her own time.” He told them but Rita was not convinced, she was ready to go to Tomas’ brother Andrew, who was a doctor and make him run some tests but Tomas said no. And so they didn’t. And so Rita blamed herself, her failure as a mother reflected on her little girl.

But now that little girl was crawling and she felt so giddy, so ecstatic. “Tommy! Tommy!” she yelled as she watched that tiny human move its way to the nursery room. Tomas ran up the stairs and when he saw his daughter clapped his hands over his mouth and then crouched on the floor. “Come to daddy Maja.Come.” And she did.

All the shrieking and yelling must have woken Yvonne up because she showed on the door of her room, Tomas’ old room, all in her uniform, her hair neatly tied in a bun behind her head.

“Oh Yvonne, I’m so sorry we woke you. But Maja, she is crawling.” Yvonne smiled, ever so weakly. “Nonsense Mrs. Prentiss, I need to start work anyway. You look exhausted, you should go rest. I’ll take care of Maja.” Rita nodded weakly. She kissed her daughter’s forehead lightly and went to bed.

She was so grateful they had Yvonne. Tomas’ father Harald hired her when Hannah, Tomas’ sister got married. They needed a woman in the house and since there were none in their lives they hired one, to cook, clean, dTS3W_2015-09-23_20-22-43-45o the laundry… When Tomas and Rita got married Yvonne was given notice by Tomas’ father but after he died they extended her contract, because they were a mess, people were constantly coming over, things needed to be done… Then Rita got pregnant, Rita had twins… And somehow Yvonne’s contract kept extending… Now she was a part of the household and Rita was happy for that.

Her mother of course offered to help, she did so every week since the girls were born, the last time only two days ago. But Rita didn’t want her here. They had arguments, not last time, but often, about how Rita shouldn’t rely too much on Yvonne, how she shouldn’t let another woman raise her children… In the heat of one of such arguments Rita told her that if she let her, her mother, come and help she would end up taking over and raising her children, it would be another woman, just not Yvonne. This hurt her mother and she had not mentioned Yvonne since.

The real reason Rita did not want her mother here was because she didn’t want her to see how much she failed. She was a terrible mother, she knew now, a year into motherhood. She was failing all the time. Her mother on theTS3W_2015-09-23_20-20-48-62 other hand, singlehandedly, for the most time, raised four children. And she, Rita, was not alone, she had her husband, who was a great, loving husband and constant support and still she struggled…

She fell asleep her head filled with
things like this. When she got up later she found Tomas in the living room playing with Lena. He was great with the girls. Her beautiful little daughter smiled at him.

Lena had her eyes, but they looked livelier on her. But her hair… When she was born and Rita saw the light little hairs on her tiny head she thought she would be blond like Tomas’ father, and one of his sisters but as she grew Rita noticed that her hair color was actually from her father. And that made her so uneasy. She confined to Tomas and he laughed. “It looks way better on her than on the old man Jesse.” But to Rita this was not funny and she couldn’t explain this to Tomas. She knew she had that man’s DNA, she knew how she got her skin tone but there was something wrong about her daughter reminding her of a man who abandoned both her and her mother. He would go gray. She told herself. Or bald. She would forget whom her daughter resembles.

She went to the kitchen. Yvonne was already making breakfast, TS3W_2015-09-23_20-21-43-18Maja was sitting in her high chair waiting. Things are getting better. Rita told herself and took the phone to call her friend Phoibe, it’s been a while since she talked to anyone and it surprised her to hear Phoibe had quit her job and was starting a new exciting career.

After breakfast she sat with Maja trying to teach her to talk. Maybe now everything would get to normal with her. Rita thought. She was in a more positive mood today than she had been in moths.

Tomas walked TS3W_2015-09-23_20-23-56-19in as she was saying: “Can you say politics? That was what your grandmother got herself into.” He laughed. “Maybe you should try simpler words honey. Like dad. Can you say daddy Maja?” Maja spread her arms towards him and he picked her up. “Phaena Santoro called.” He told Rita. “Well actually her agent. There is a party at Phaena’s and they invited us. A big formal event.” “You should go.” Rita said with a smile. “You never go anywhere.” Which was true, after Tomas lost his job he barely left the house. “I was thinking both of us should go. ” He continued. “And leave both of the girls with Yvonne? That is cruel even for you…” “Yeah, but maybe we could call your mum…” “No.” Rita said coldly and Tomas sighed. He knew better then to try and persuade her now. “Ok, fine, then maybe Hannah or Andrew?” “Baby, they have their own children, Eduardo is barely older than Lena and Maja and Frederica is the same age, they have a handful believe me.” Tomas sighed. “It won’t be the same without you…” “I know.” She smiled and kissed him lightly.


Later that night she and Tomas were in bed and he was telling her how it went at Phanea’s party. “Badly. One word is enough. Honestly Rita.” He said as she laughed. “The two of us are totally incompatible. We could never be friends.” She smiled again. Phaena was a big shot in their town, she was the manager to Riam Gradle, the rock star. “But I learned she is also a scout, she is looking for new talents. Maybe I could point her to that brother of yours? He is a real prodigy.” “Hazel doesn’t want to be a rockstar, he wants to be a composer. But that is thoughtful of you. I think I’m gonna sleep now. Goodnight.” She kissed him and drifted to sleep.

Day 2


The next day Rita’s good mood persisted. She got up early, the girls were in bed, Tomas was in bed and she decided she was going to make breakfast. She was not as good cook as her mother, or even her older sister but she knew how to make good pancakes.

After breakfast she got out to the garden and harvested some applTS3W_2015-09-23_20-30-46-58es. I could at least be a good wife, and a good housewife she told herself while she learned gardening. While she was out Tomas took Lena to the potty. He wanted the girls potty trained as soon as possible.


Afterwards he ran outside to tease Rita and play with the sprinklers. There were a little things her husband enjoyed more than playing outside and she had to laugh looking at him being a complete child.

It was a nice moment which was interrupted with Tomas’ phone ringing. He picked up and instantly his face frowned. “It was the FusioTS3W_2015-09-23_20-35-44-90n Lounge.” Apparently after Phaena’s party they want me to go there and order a drink. It would help business if I was seen there.” “Will you go?” She asked. “I said I will but…” That was her husband, unable to say no… “But what? They will pay, won’t they?” “They will but you know that isn’t how I want to make money…” And she did. Tomas wanted to be a scientist. And he was, he was actually a pretty famous scientist, with a big discovery behind him. But then there was an accident at the lab he was working, it was not his fault but something exploded and he got hurt. Third degree burns, on the side of his arm. Their lawyer made them sue the Science Facility and they did. They settled for a big sum of money but the bosses did not want Tomas working there anymore and he had been miserable ever since.

Rita did not know how to console him, she knew it was his dream job, what he wanted to do and now he lost it… All she could say was: “Someday it will get better… People in the facility will call you back, they will need you… You would get another job…” All lame excuses. Today she was spared having to think up one since it was time for her to go to work. To go to her “dream job”, hooray for the Day Spa!

Before she got to work however she got a call, she was invited to Riam Gradle’s party! She phoned TomTS3W_2015-09-23_20-43-08-61as and he laughed. “It’s your turn now I guess.” She went to the party alone and she realized as she got up to the hill on which the Gradle manor was that it was a great call. She had completely forgotten but Riam’s daughter in law was TS3W_2015-09-23_20-45-30-98Tomas’ ex, Mya. And to make things more ironic she ended up spending most of the time talking to one of her daughters, Marty (or was it Eevee? She constantly mixed them up). She even introduced her to her grandfather, the big man himself, Riam Gradle. Rita tried not to appear to starstruck, but she was so tired already, after getting up early, and work so she felt she did come up pretty weird…

Day 3

Next morning she was surprised by great news. Maja was talking! And Lena was just a few steps from walking on her own Tomas assured her. She felt a little lame for missing out on MTS3W_2015-09-23_20-47-42-91aja’s first word, which Tomas swears was “Mommy”.

She did get to hear it later though and she felt happy that entire day, she even went to work happy, something that didn’t happen for her for a long, long time. And that night she and Tomas had a peaceful dinner, that of course Yvonne made. And she could concentrate on the mundane things like tTS3W_2015-09-23_20-59-25-26he sturdy bookshelf she got from the manufacturer and she wanted Tomas to get rid of.

That night as she brushed her teeth before going to bed she finally felt that things were going to be ok. Maybe she isn’t such a bad mum after all. Maybe she had stopped failing.


When I started I thought this would be way longer than the Brown’s. Turned out Day 3 was pretty uneventful.  The update for the Hoves might take a while since I still can’t decide whose point of view I will use… Thank you for reading, hoped you liked it. Any feedback is welcome. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Prentiss – Round 1

  1. I don’t think Rita is a bad mom, she loves her daughters and looks after them as best as she can! Tomas seems like a great and caring dad!
    Enjoyed this post! 😀

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