Nadine Fong

Nadine dreamed of being a pianist. She had that dream ever since childhood but sadly it never worked out, she ended up bar tending in a dance club for the most of her adult life. That is how she met Jesse. She knew he was a player the moment she saw him but Nadine never was easy. She managed to get Jesse to commit to her before she slept with him. She thought she had won.

Once she got pregnant, the first time, she was living in a shabby looking apartment outside of town, earning barely enough not to starve. She couldn’t even pay for the abortion, and wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted one. So the day her daughter was born she dumped her on Jesse’s doorstep. She knew it was his and was sure he would know too. He took her in, no questions asked, named her Laquita and gave her a far better life Nadine ever could.

She had know all along that Jesse was not faithful but every time he would wander into her dance club her spirits would rise and she never did give up on him. When she was pregnant for the second time she was a little better off, and she wanted to keep this child to herself, a part of Jesse could be with her constantly… Jesse never even heard about Irene.

She was still a bartender, and her hair was already gray when Jesse asked her to marry him, that same day! And so they did, in a small private ceremony and she, Jesse, Laquita and Irene became a family at last.

Nadine was the last sim, to join the mix, so I have nothing more to say about her, I didn’t make her, she was a “townie”. If you are interested, here are Nadine’s stats (also there is a picture of Nadine in the Hoves – Round 1, she is the one bar tending when Blair goes out).


TraitsVirtuosoNeat, Excitable, Loves the OutdoorsGood Sense of Humor

LW: One-Sim Band

Skills: Cooking(4), Piano (10), Mixology(10),Bass(2)

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