Sunset Valley – Round 3

Tomorrow I’ll probably start on Sunset Valley Round 3 updates. Basically the rules are the same as last time, four days, about three years later in the story, two posts per family.

The families are the same as last time plus the new Caliente’s: Nina, Rosie, Latricia and Branden. Also I’m not sure what I will do about Jill and her family since they no longer live with Jesse but their living solution doesn’t seam to be permanent this time either so I might skip them for this round but we’ll see..

As rest go there are plenty surprises for the Browns, both good and bad, you finally found out about the outcome of Rita’s pregnancy, Junior’s back home…

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Branden Caliente

Branden Caliente was born out of his mother Nina’s relationship with Darrel Coates. He is his mother’s first and currently only son. He is being raised by his mum and two older sisters and is a great joy to all of them. He loves playing his xylophone and listening to his mother play the guitar.

And Branden’s stats are:

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Latricia Caliente

Latricia is a child of two musicians, Nina Caliente and Riam Gradle. Her parents are no longer together and she has no relationship with her father, she was raised by her mother and older sister Rosie. Latricia was always a lovable child, loved by her family, loved by her teachers..

She likes sports, and is a rabid Llama’s fan, a passion she doesn’t share with her mother and sister who couldn’t care less about sports. Her best friend in elementary school was Chiquita Fegel but in high school she spends more time with Vanessa Mayor.

She has a little crush on her neighbor Tomas Prentiss but always thought her first kiss would be with Walter Vivi who was hanging out around her and Vanessa but he started dating Vanessa and despite herself she is a little jealous.

As a teenager she developed an irrational fear of drowning so she is doing her best to stay clear of any larger body of water.

And here are Latricia’s stats:

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Rosie Caliente

Up until her parents split Rosie had a nice childhood, although she did at times feel a little overprotected. Since she could remember she was aware of how much she meant to her parents, Nina and Dave, always listening to stories about the children her parents lost, their daughters, her sisters… She did enjoy the attention but sometimes she would feel a tad under pressure, to be the perfect daughter to both her parents.

After her parents died she ended up spending some time with her mother and some with her father, at least until her father remarried and left. She never got completely over it, and she blamed herself for her father leaving.

She was always aware she is far from the daughter her mother would want, she likes playing computer games, or just lazying around watching TV while her mother is more outgoing and fun and spends hours dressing up and Rosie finds all this a bit tedious but she still tries, for her mother’s sake.

When her sister was born it fell to her to take care of her most of the time and they grew up very close, despite the age difference but sometimes she gets a little jealous of Latricia and how pretty she is. Now that Branden is here she knows she has to go trough all of it again, dirty diapers, homework, etc.

Her best friend is Sara Caliente, her cousin. They had been close all their lives. She also hangs out with Donovan Alto, her gay friend from work. She knows Penelope Belgen likes her and she kind of strings her a long even though she herself isn’t sure why. Recently she started sleeping with an athlete, Leighton Sekemoto.

Like her mother she prefers chai to coffee. She once tried to fix her computer and got electrocuted but she doesn’t mind a bit of danger in her life.

Rosie’s stats:

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Nina Caliente

/*To fellow simmers: Nina is based on Nina Caliente from Sims 2( I didn’t know there was a Sims 3 version until I checked this wiki). I made her and her sister when I wanted do recreate my Sims 2 Pleasantview, I gave that town up a while ago but I like my versions of Dina and Nina so much I added them to my Sunset Valley.*/

Nina moved to town with her older sister Dina, while Dina was all about getting rich and famous Nina’s goals were seemingly simpler: She wanted what girls want-to have fun. Nina’s interests included drinking, partying, playing bar games (she is rather good at those). She loves to gamble, even with important life decisions and when the dice doesn’t roll her way she uses her good looks to get away with things, like she had been doing her whole life.

She could never see herself tied to one person her whole life, like Dina did with Nala, she loved her sister, and liked her new wife but that life was just not for her. when they first moved to town she dated the cute guy who came to fix their plumbing, Clark Sauer, but she broke it up the minute she felt it was getting serious. Then she had a non committal thing with Clyde Belgen, the mother of his son found out about it and left him but it was nothing to Nina.

When Dina implied she did not like her life choices, going in and out of bars and parties and not making any money she decided to try music. That is when she met Dave Ramsay

Dave worked in the music industry as well and they hooked up, another fling, or so Nina thought but then she got pregnant… After a while, considering all her options she decided to keep the baby and when she broke the news to Dave (she wouldn’t do it but Dina and Nala made her) he insisted he should move in and help and before she knew it that was happening.

Things were slowly spiraling more and more from Nina’s control but then it took and even darker turn. Her daughter was born with a congenital disorder and didn’t live longer than a few days. They were to name her Tanya…

It broke her heart, more then she could know but Dave was there. He tried to cheer her up and even persuade her to try again. It was the same with Sandy… How Nina got to want a child that badly and how she got pregnant the third time she doesn’t know herself, but she knew if anything happened to this baby her heart would just brake and she would die. Luckily her third born daughter Rosie was born perfectly healthy.

A year or so later Dina and Nala decided to adopt a baby girl and for a while (until Dina and Nala’s new house was finished) they all lived together happily and blissfully,  in a fit of madness Nina even agreed to marry Dave.

The spell ended sometimes after Dina and her family left. Nina realized she was over her head, Dave was making big wedding plans, he quit the music career to try and get into professional sport, they fought a lot and eventually split.

For a while they shared custody over Rosie but then Dave remarried and disappeared and mother and daughter were left to them selves. Rosie is not exactly the ideal daughter Nina would want to have but she loves her with her whole heart.

After braking up with Dave however she got back to old habits, she dated Harald Prentiss, after his marriage fell apart, two guys named Lauren… Her musical career really kicked off, she decided for a classical branch, and played for the Sunset Valley symphony at one part of her life but now she mostly composes music instead of actually playing it. Thanks to her career path she got exclusive access to many parties around town and met interesting people, had her biography published, became rather famous. That is how she ended up with the famous rockstar, Riam Gradle.

She and Dave never really figured out whose genes were causing their daughters to die but she went to see a gene therapist Andrew Prentiss who gave her an experimental treatment that was supposed to fix whatever it was she was possibly caring around. So her fourth pregnancy, result of her relationship with Riam, passed without complications and she had another daughter, one she named Latricia.

She and Riam broke up rather fast, she knew it wasn’t serious, that is what got her into it and for a while she got back to her old ways, leaving Rosie to take care of her little sister. She took better care of herself this time and by the time she got pregnant again, Latricia was almost in her teens. Her third living child, one she got with Darrel Coates, is her first and only son, Branden Caliente. She and Darrel are officially still together but Nina is already trying to find ways to end it. Relationships never were her thing.

Nina prefers chai to coffee, she is a great patron of the arts, and loves donating to the local Art Gallery. Her latest hobby is gardening.

If you are interested in Nina’s stats go on:

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Hoves (Jesse) – Round 2.2

The second part is ready, hope you enjoy it. 🙂 If you want to read the previous one you could to it here.

Day 3

It was still strange for Jesse to wake up every morning to the same person, it has been years since he experienced something like that, well it was back when Zeke was born and for a while he and Jill were still together. And now that woman was Nadine, his wife. Even years into his marriage it still sounded weird to him, even as a thought.

She was still asleep, his wiTS3W_2015-10-10_15-28-22-05fe, snoring softly beside him. She deserved rest, it had been a big night for her. Jesse used his friendship with Nina Caliente to get her a gig at the park. A Nadine Hoves live performance! The kids did’t care much for it though, they stayed home watched some crappy movie but he went and listened to the whole thing. Nadine could really play well, and had a sweet voice, sweeter than her snoring. And to play out in the open (thankfully the rain had stopped by then), that was always her dream. Jesse hoped they would like it enough to make it a regular, at least give her a summer performance but that was all up to Nadine.

But she was so happy last night, and Jesse loved that, he loved making her happy. I do love her. He said to himself, like he had done many times before, but still he wasn’t sure… Somehow for all his years that emotion remained a mystery. Of course he had loved his brother, he loved his kids. But that magic they spoke about in songs or movies, probably even in books, (if Freddie were alive he would ask him about  it, Jesse himself was never a reader) Jesse never found it. And he had been with a lot of different women but none ever woke anything so profound in him.

Eventually he concluded it was all a lie. He cared for Nadine, she could make him laugh, she had that dark sense of humor that came from just experiencing too much, and she had born him two children, more then any other woman, which meant she had the capacity too put up with his crap. He appreciated that. That is why he married her, he was old, he was retired, it was time. He got out of the covers slowly, careful not to wake his wife up, but she barely stired and just continued snoring.

The kids were out and Jill was sleeping herself so he set out to call Nina and thank her for arranging everythingTS3W_2015-10-10_15-15-03-31. He did owe her one. “Did it work?” Nina asked on the other end. “It put me in a fine advantage, thank you.” “Any time old man, any time.” She hung up and he thought, now that is a woman who understands. He only told Nina this, in order to get her on board, but the reason he put this all together for Nadine was well… As strangely is it was for Jesse, feeling guilty. That weekend he had been a bit too flirty with Maddison Van Watson at Ramon Ayres party and this town was a gossiping one… If that ever got out… Well he would need some extra points.

Jesse hated retirement, the rest of the day he was just idling about, he watched TV, even tried one of Zeke’s video games and didn’t quite find any enjoyment. He went TS3W_2015-10-10_15-21-05-69upstairs when he heard Jill playing.

“Not bad.” He said leaning at the door frame. Jill smiled, but he noticed it hardly reached her eyes. “What’s bothering you?” He asked walking inside and closing the door. There was another good side of Nadine, she didn’t mind him living with his ex, even if she was a lesbian again. Jill lowered her guitar and looked at him with those brown eyes of her, his son had those same eyes he thought. “I had a talk with Vanessa yesterday…” “A sex talk? Well it was about time, she is what, fourteen?” Jill looked him coldly and then flashed her shiny engagement ring in his face. “This talk.” “Oh… You didn’t tell her earlier?” “No.” She replied exhaling loudly. “I was so excited about it at first… I mean Nala Caliente… She is famous as well as gorgeous…But now… Telling everyone just makes it to real…” Jesse walked up to her and gave her a hug. “I know, I know…” And he was telling the truth, if anyone knew anything about reluctance for marriage it was Jesse Hoves. “I ran into things with Phaena too fast.” Jill continued talking. “And I’m afraid I’ll do it again, and it’s not just me anymore… I have kids…” The power of motherhood… Jesse thought to himself, she was once a hotshot fighter pilot chic and she gave it all up because she had kids, for what? For a crappy job cooking at the diner… And now she would give up, a little aging, but still hot chic for them? He had ran out of advice. “You know best.” He said neutrally as they pulled apart from their hug and she nodded. He left her standing there engrossed in her thoughts and went to look for his wife.

He found NadinTS3W_2015-10-10_16-39-19-01e in the kitchen and went up to her. “Morning sleepyhead. Well rested?” “Oh yes. Thanks for letting me sleep in.” “Oh you deserved it my little Chopin.” Nadine smiled blushing lightly. She wasn’t very little, in any way but Jesse knew she loved to hear it. “You never did thank me properly… For last night… And the kids are in school…” Nadine giggled catching his drift…

The rain didn’t stop that whole day and the kids came home complaining loudly which was a clear sign for Jesse and Nadine to get out of bed. “I think I’m gonna learn to make falafel.” She said out of nowhere as she pulled her tunic over her head. “Do you think the consignment store has the recipe?” He just shrugged. She was handling retirement way better then him, she always found new hobbies to pursue. He spent the rest of the day moping around, he and Nadine had lunch (leftover pancakes) with Laquita and Vanessa , Irene had a friend over. As usual Laquita  dominated the conversation with questions about pTS3W_2015-10-10_17-25-34-07olitics. He never noticed she was interested in those kinda things but now she seemed determined to know all there was to know about it.

“And you won Ms. Balistrieri’s reward certifcate for your charisma skill? Right dad? How did you do it. You know all politicians must be charismatic… I wish I was more like you.” Laquita sighed. “You certainly talk enough to be a politician.” Jesse said with a smile. “And you could be better then me, if you wanted to.” He smiled at her. And she smiled back. “Now, another topic… What’s with all that makeup?” He frowned. “We are going out tonight.” Laquita replied instantly. “Where?” She rolled her eyes at him. “Do you have to know everything?” “I am your father.” He said calmly. “And it’s a school night.” “We won’t stay long.” Was all that Laquita said dropping her plate in the sink. Vanessa hastily followed, her mouth still full of food. He sighed. She was a politician already it seamed. He was thinking weather or not to persist on this matter when his phone ring. It was his other daughter.  “Dad could you please pick me up?” Krystal asked. “Where are you?” He asked checking his watch. It was well past her working hours. “I am at school. I wouldn’t bother you but it’s awful out there and I don’t even have an umbrella…”

She was right. He could barely drive through the storm and it took him a while to get to the school even though it wasn’t very far away. He was worried Krystal would be mad but she wasn’t, Lucky would maybe have a thing or two to say but not Krys. She was sitting outside, covered by the roof reading a book. He had to knock loudly on the windTS3W_2015-10-10_15-48-27-46ow to get her to notice him. She grabbed her belongings and ran to the car. “Thanks dad.” She said seriously as she buckled her seat belt. Always responsible that one. “You know I wouldn’t bother you but I couldn’t walk through this…” “Don’t mention it pumpkin. I wasn’t doing anything worth mentioning anyway.” It was the truth ever since he left the force his life was a constant monotony but that was Krystal she never asked anyone for anything. She was so like her mother, with those green eyes and black hair always tied so neatly, sometimes he would really miss Elena… “Why didn’t you wait inside?” He asked. “The cleaning ladies threw me out…” She sighed. “They said it was well past last call.” He frowned. “Still… It’s a freaking storm out there… And what were you doing there this late anyway?” “Well for one thing, I never noticed the time, I was grading papers… And it took a while.” “Look pumpkin, I know you are an elementary teacher this year, and being your first year and all it ain’t easy, but you can’t overwork yourself…” He sometimes wished Krystal was more like Laquita, she was young, she should be having fun, chasing boys but she did nothing but work, at the school or around the house. “I had to grade those papers dad. And my teacher’s aide… Well he is new too, newer than me, and I didn’t want to overburden him either…” He sighed disapprovingly. “It’s true dad, but he is a nice fellow, Benji.” “Benji Gradle?” He asked in surprise. He knew him alright, he was his niece Mya’s husband. An entitled son of a rock star. Krystal nodded but then she noticed his expression and added: “It’s late dad. We are both tired. Can’t we drop this?” He did as she told him. He always listened to Krystal. His little voice of reason.

Day 4

The next morning he found out he should have been more strict with the girls. Vanessa was driven home in a police car. At least it wasn’t my TS3W_2015-10-10_16-53-44-15daughter… He thought but still it easily could have been.  He found this out from Zeke and Irene, the two troublemakers were still asleep when he got up. “And may I ask for details?” He turned to his son and to his little daughter. “Irene can you let me talk to Zeke please?” “I’m eating!” she protested her mouth full. He wished Nadine would have told him about Irene earlier, she was an unruly child. “Please Irene.” he said and she gave him the meanest look and left to the living room taking her sandwich with her. Jesse should have stopped her. Krystal would go berserk if she knew someone was eating in the living room but he really wanted to hear what Zeke had to say. When she finally closed the door behind her Zeke placed his coffee mug on the table, he seamed conflicted between betraying his sisters or his father but he decide to speak. “It seams Vanessa snuck in to the Public Pool with some boy from her class, Walter I think. The police thought they were going to skinny dip so they brought them in, Nessa swears that is not true that they were just hanging out. ” He finished the tale and picked up his mug again. “And Lucky?” Jesse asked. “She was not with them, she came home earlier.” He was relieved. Jill’s daughter, Jill’s problem… He thanked his son and went upstairs to wake the girls up. They were gonna be late for school.

When they were out he looked for Jill. He did want to now how she was handling this situation. If she punishTS3W_2015-10-10_16-49-18-21ed Vanessa enough than probably Laquita would avoid getting into similar situations, not that she ever would, she was a good girl, but still it didn’t hurt to be warned.

He found Jill in the downstairs bathroom up to her knees in water. He hesitated walking in so he spoke from the threshold. “Jill? Everything alright?” “Yup.” She replied a little too aggressively. “Just trying to fix this damn washing machine. You’ve seen how terribly Krystal struggles with it. I don’t understand why we don’t buy a new one, we certainly have the money.” Jesse sighed. “It was her mother’s. Elena bought it shortly after we moved in here.” “So it’s twenty years old? That explains a lot.” “It was top notch back in the day.” Jesse said with a shrug. He didn’t dare bring up her daughter when he saw what mood was Jill in. Besides he didn’t want to discuss serious matters with that big wrench so close to her hand. “You know the upstairs tub faucet is leaking too…” Jill continued. “Oh I’ll check that!” Jesse replied quickly, trying both to be polite and to get out of there. “Nah, I’ll do it. I have time to kill.” Jill told him. I have time to kill too… He thought, loads and loads… But he said nothing and left.

The rest of the day he spent browsing the internet. He decided to get tattooed.  He had one tattoo from a long time ago, before he even came to Sunset Valley. It was time for a new one he decided. According to the forums there was one place that he could maybe get one. The Sharma Day Spa. Well there was no way I’m going there… He decided. It was an ok place, clean and all but his daughter worked here, his oldest, Rita… He hadn’t been in touch with Rita for years, he knew she was married, had kids even but he two didn’t have a relationship. He tried it once, making up for lost years but Rita didn’t buy it. At least she wasn’t with that punk any more, Mortimer Goth was nothing but trouble, he could tell even then…

He was almost ready to give up, he couldn’t deal with the possibility of being on the receiving end of Rita’s icy stare and then he saw one poster talking about a girl who did tattoo’s illegally and she lived… Right across the street!

He knew the woman, Holly was her name. She was hard not to notice, she dressed in a way he would never approve from his own daughters but for a woman with such legs… It would have been a shame not to show them. STS3W_2015-10-10_17-08-42-74he had a daughter, Zeke’s age he thought but was not sure. He decided to pay them a visit.

She had a cool motorcycle, the woman, and he regretted not having one himself. When he explained the reason of the visit she let him in, her house was… Well weird for Jesse’s taste but he was polite enough not to comment, he made small talk about her yard. He was right about her daughter’s age, she looked a lot like her mother but that constant frown she wore, did not suit her pretty face. Teenage girls, Jesse thought, tell TS3W_2015-10-10_17-12-37-76me about it…

The tattooing table she kept in the back porch which overlooked a nice little pond, her source of income, she told him. She was an angler but she did tattoo’s for a little side money, she now needed some to buy a new dishwasher. The process hurt more than he could remember. “It’s the white shading.” she told him later. “I had to use more needles to get it straight. But I’m sure you are gonna love it.”

After they were done she charged him only 50, since they were neighbors and all. And she even treated him with homemade warm cookies with ice cream. “Mum puts ice cream on pretty much anything.” The sulky teen whispered to him when she saw his amused look.

He hid the tattoo when he got home he wasn’t ready to share it with everyoTS3W_2015-10-10_16-04-58-77ne at home. He found Zeke alone in the living room. “The girls sleeping?” He asked his son. “Umhm.” Zeke replied, he was trying to play one of his silly shooting games. “Look son, why don’t you go out with your girl? You are still dating that same girl right?”  He got another “Umhm”. “Well her name maybe escapes this old mind of mine but she is older right?” “Umhm”. “Well then you should work harder to keep her son, assuming you like her.” Zeke sighed loudly dropping the controller.  “Yes dad I like her.” “Well then take her out dancing. She must love dancing.” “I don’t know how to dance.” Zeke said annoyed. “Well I’ll teach you, get up.”

After the dancing lessoTS3W_2015-10-10_16-44-52-68n he went for a little run,covering his newly tattooed arm before he left, he knew it wasn’t smart, it was getting late, his arm hurt but he needed to clear his mind. When he came back he went to the room he shared with Nadine. He noticed her rubbing her neck as she was getting ready to bed. “Need some help love?” He asked from the door. “I wouldn’t mind it…” His wife said and he proceeded to massage her. “Listen Nadine… There is something I need to tell you…” TS3W_2015-10-10_17-24-27-54He inhaled. “I’m going back to the police force.” “She turned around her eyes growing huge. “But you are retired… And you love it…” “No Nadine, you love it, I personally hate it, I feel so useless… I want to go back doing what I love, and don’t worry I’ll get into it slowly, desk work mostly… What do you think?” She was concerned, he saw it on her face. She cared for him, she probably loved him. He thought but he knew there was nothing she could say to dissuade him. “Fine.” She finally said. “But take care Jesse.” He smiled and kissed her lightly. The next morning he was on the phone with his former partner Justine. “Guess who’s coming back”.

Wow this one is even longer. 🙂 I guess I needed space to introduce Jesse’s family. Hope you could spare the time to read it. 🙂 Tomorrow it’s a new round of introductions so stay tuned.

Hoves (Jesse) – Round 2.1

Here is the first post for this part of the Hoves family, hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

Day 1

Vanessa thought she wouTS3W_2015-10-10_14-45-45-72ld be more exited with the prospect of going back home but as she walked up to the front lawn she realized she wasn’t eager to go back to this dysfunctional hellhole any more then she was to leave it. Still it was the house she grew up in filled with people she grew up with and that kind of made it home, at least more then her father’s house where she had spent the last year and a half.

After her father had broken up with his girlfriend things got complicated and Vanessa’s mum figured it was best if she returned home. Vanessa agreed, like she had agreed when her mother told her she had to go live with her father for a while but she still held a resentment for her mother for pushing her away like that. She had to have her thirteenth birthday and her first period while living with her father. That sucked.

And coming here would probably suck she suddenly realized. At least Lysa wouldn’t be here she tried to comfort herself. She actively disliked her adopted sister, she hated the way she treated her, she would often start yelling over the stupidest of things, like Vanessa borrowing her sweater and then later she would pretend as if nothing had happened. Vanessa could not do that. Luckily however Lysa was the one that got the boot this time, she was sent to her other mother, Phaena.

Vanessa took a deep breath and walked to the door, she still had the TS3W_2015-10-10_16-06-46-18key so she opened them. As she opened the door she was greeted with the sound of the old washing machine, it was old years ago, and she heard that now it had only gotten louder. She sighed quietly, it was Sunday morning, she assumed everyone would be in bed and she will somehow be able to sneak in without anyone making a fuss about it.

She followed the sound into the first floor bathroom and saw Krystal battling to steady the machine enough so she can pull out the load of clean laundry. And of course she was in her undies. Nothing really changed around here Vanessa thought to herself.

“Need any help?” She asked and Krystal turned to her almost dropping the laundry she was so desperately pulling out of the machine. She stared at her in surprise for a moment, like she forgot who she was and Vanessa wondered did her mum even bother telling everyone she was coming. “Hi Vanessa.” She said in her serious voice. “No, no, I’m good.” It was the answer Vanessa was expecting so she just nodded and left the bathroom. “See you around.”

Upstairs it was quietTS3W_2015-10-10_14-55-58-36. The door to the bedroom the five of them shared was closed and she assumed everyone inside was sleeping. She dropped her bags in the study and for a while just idled around looking at everything, unsure what to do. I should have insisted on helping Krystal she thought but then she remembered she had homework and decided she would get on that.

She didn’t get far with her calculus however since the door that connected the study to the children’s room opened suddenly and a thin bushy haired girl appeared. “NESSA!” Laquita yelled from the door and Vanessa got up to run to her embrace. “Mornin’ Lucky.” She told her best friend as they hugged. “Could you two pleeease SHUT UP?” A groggy voice belonging to her brother came from the still open bedroom. Somehow Vanessa could not help it, she smiled and at that moment she couldn’t believe she spent half the morning fantasizing about running away. This was home. A place where she could see Lucky just rolled out of bed, and where they got to annoy Zeke together.

“What ya doin’? Laquita asked walking to the table. “Homework…” Vanessa replied grumpily. “Take it downstairs, we’ll be there in a minute, I just need to get dressed.” She said with a wicked smile. She then turned around and banged loudly on the bedroom door. “ZEKE, IRENE, BREAKFAST!” She then grinned back at Vanessa and ran to the bathroom.  “WHAT’S WITH THE YELLING LAQUITA? JILL IS SLEEPING.” Krystal yelled back from downstairs.

Vanessa heard her brother muttering disapproving sounds into his pillow and a little girl appeared in the doorway. Laquita’s sister couldn’t have been more than seven and Vanessa didn’t now her that well, she moved in after Vanessa left to live with her dad. The girl looked at her surprised but only said “Hello.” and left the same way Laquita did.

Downstairs Vanessa tried to concentrate on her homework while LaquitTS3W_2015-10-10_15-04-14-58a just gossiped away. “And do you know what Summer’s big sister is doing for a living? Fishing. She fishes. Isn’t that hilarious?”

“Umhm.” Vanessa muttered in reply. She didn’t actually find fishing funny but Lucky was her best friend so she had to support her. She wasn’t usually the mean gossiping type, she only disliked Summer Caliente because she was seeing Bradley Frail, and he had a crush on Laquita for ages but was now totally ignoring her when Summer was around.

“I don’t have to listen to you bad mouthing your classmates.” Zeke said getting up abruptly. Laquita looked at him and Vanessa could see she was feeling a little guilty but she had nothing to say to stop him and Zeke left. Vanessa was a little relieved, she wanted to spend time with her brother too but she wanted to talk to Lucky alone, she wanted to tell her about her new crush, Walter and she couldn’t do it in front of Zeke. However Laquita was not done with talking about Summer. “Well I guess I will get the same reaction from you soon enough… Now that she is gonna be your sister and all…”

For a moment Vanessa thought she misheard something so she just turned to Laquita and stared at her trying to figure out what she didn’t understand. She noticed as the older girls face went from slightly confused to completely surprised. “You don’t know? You seriously have no idea?” What? I don’t know what? Tell me! Vanessa wanted to yell at her best friend but somehow words escaped her. She just sat there mutely staring as Laquita got more and more uncomfortable. “Shit. Shit. Shit and more shit.” Laquita repeated. “I messed up… I thought you knew… I…” “Just tell me.” Vanessa said wanting it to be over. “Your mum… She got engaged… To Summer’s mum, Nala.” She got abruptly, her heart was beating. She couldn’t believe her mother didn’t tell her this. She got engaged and what forgot to include her in this family news? She obviously told Zeke, she probably told Lysa… She even told Laquita… Just not her. “Nessa…” She heard Laquita calling her but she had to go. She just had to leave.

She ran upstairs. Not sure whereTS3W_2015-10-10_15-05-06-53 she was going, weather to her mum, or to Zeke, or just to be alone, she couldn’t think… She ran to the bedroom but she stooped abruptly at the study doors. They were open and she saw Jesse and Krystal playing chess.  But it wasn’t the sight of father and daughter playing chess, or the fact that Krystal had bothered to dress that made her stop it was the bit of conversation she overheard. “It’s still your house Krystal and you have a say…”

It was obvious to her what they were talking about – her. Krystal must have complained to her father about her being here and he was giving her leave to kick her out. She needed air. She finally realized what was it that filled her with dread, not the fact that her mother neglected to share important news with her but the nagging question at the back of her head: What will happen with me? Her mother already tried to get rid of her once, what was to stop her from doing so again, now when she gets married and starts a new happy life…

She ran outside pass little Irene who was chatting with their neighbor TS3W_2015-10-10_14-56-34-46Penelope Belgen only overhearing part of their conversation: “And what about dangerous chemicals, can you make poisons out of them?” The little girl had asked her brown eyes opened wide in amazement.

She hid in the garage and cried her eyes out wishing nobody would ever find her, wishing she would just stay here forever, forgotten, until she turned into a mummy.

When Laquita and Zeke finally found her it was already getting dark outside. When Zeke saw her tear stained face he seamed on the verge of tears himself but he just stood in front of her crossing his arms uncomfortably. It was clear for her he would let Laquita do the talking. She sat next to her on the cold, concrete floor paying it now mind. “Look Nessa… I know this must be hard on you…” Hard? Vanessa thought, hard was when I think Walter likes Latricia and not me. This… This is a whole new level… But she said nothing, she knew Lucky only wanted to help, and Zeke too. Encouraged by her silence Laquita went on. “It was hard on Zeke too, it still is. When your mother moves he would be leaving his father, and all of us… And…” She sighed. “Look guys, the important thing here is for your mother to be happy? Am I right?”

“She is right Nessa.” Zeke finally spoke. Vanessa never noticed how his voice had changed, it was much deeper, manlier. “Mum loves us. And she will, always no TS3W_2015-10-10_15-11-27-24matter what. She wants what’s best for us and we should want the same for her. As for why she didn’t tell you, she probably wanted to do it in person…” Now she felt stupid, and childish, she shouldn’t have let them see her this way. She nodded weakly and Zeke helped them both get up. The rest of the evening they spent together. Laquita was practicing her bass playing and she tried to finish her darned homework before Monday morning rolls in.

Day 2

The next day Vanessa got up early, only Krystal was up beTS3W_2015-10-10_15-27-49-12fore her. She went straight to the fridge and picked out some leftover salad. Her stomach was growling, a nagging reminder she had nothing to eat the previous day. “Hey, I’m making waffles!” Krystal told her. “I’m on a diet.” Vanessa replied feeling slightly guilty, but she simply could not wait a minute longer. Krystal said nothing more, only got back to the waffles.She could have at least put a shirt on, Vanessa thought but remained silent eating her salad.

It wasn’t long before one by one the rest of the children dragged themselves down the stairs. Vanessa watched them all eat Krystal’s waffles and babble on about what awaited each one of them in school. She hoped her mother would join them but she was working the afternoon shift at the diner this morning so she was absent from breakfast, as were Jesse and Nadine but they were probably enjoying sleeping in, retired married couple style.

Her day at school passed rather fast, her attention was devised between anticipation of the talk she was to have with her mother and Walter Vivi. Her heart jumped up and down when he came to her and Latricia in the hallway and said “Hi.” And she couldn’t get his lovely red hair out of her head at least not until the bus ride home.

She sat her face pressed against the glass, her doubts back to her. What if her mother does send her away? Where would she send her? Back to dad’s? What will happen to dad, will he even stay in Sunset Valley? Maybe she will have to move…

“Thank God I don’t have bass practice today! I’m so beat, and look it’s raining!” Laquita spoke suddenly from the seat next to her. Vanessa moved away from the glass and noticed that it was in fact raining. She was about to say something but Laquita wasn’t done. “Look it’s Dina Caliente!” She said pointing to a poster on a telephone pole. “I’m going to forget she is Summer’s mum for a while and go ahead and say it.. That woman is amazing!” Laquita said leaning back in her seat. “If she wins this election she is gonna be the Leader of the Free World! Imagine that! I want that!”

Vanessa stayedTS3W_2015-10-10_15-43-06-27 silent the whole ride and when she finally got home, eager to get rid of her bag stuffed with even more calculus homework she saw her mother in the kitchen. She was already in uniform, mixing a drink before work it seamed and Vanessa walked right in front of her. “Why didn’t you tell me you are getting married?” Her mother appeared both flustered and embarrassed and for a while even lost for words but then she took a deep breath and looked at Vanessa sadly. “I should have told you baby… I really wanted to, I planned to take you all out for dinner and talk to you, but I was so busy at work and you were going through a lot anyway with your dad… I didn’t want to drop this on you too.”

Vanessa was not content. “You should have told me. And what happens now?” She asked dreading the answer already. “Well ,there would be a wedding. You will all attend and then we will get a new place, the three of you, me and Nala. How does that sound?” She smiled but Vanessa couldn’t. “If that is what you want…” Her mother continued. “If you want to go back to your father…” “No.” Vanessa replied shortly. “I’m happy with you and Zeke.” She finally smiled and her mother walked over and hugged her.

That night it rained even harder, she decided to drop her hTS3W_2015-10-10_15-47-28-17omework and watch a movie with Zeke, Laquita and Irene but all the time she fantasized about this new house, and new life they that awaited, maybe I’ll even have my own room she thought and smiled to herself.

Sorry this one ran a bit too long, I even had to remove some parts, leave them for some future installment. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!