Jill Mayor

Jill joined the army shortly after turning eighteen. She didn’t mind the danger, loved being outside and wanted to achieve as much as she could in the least time possible. She met Phaena during a Riam Gradle performance in one of the bases she was stationed. She worked with him on tour and she was amazed with how cool she was. They stayed up talking, and Phaena even played with her. Jill was enchanted. She requested to be stationed in Sunset Valley after a long distance relationship that had lasted a few years and they got married.

She knew Phaena was bisexual, and it didn’t bother her a lot, but she was a little intimidated by her two older kids that lived with her at the time, and Phaena’s reluctance to mention their father.  Nevertheless Jill did what she could to fit in and develop a relationship with those kids. Things were going great. Phaena was on tours a lot but Jill used the time to be with her lover Latoya who was stationed in the same base. Latoya was the reason she declined a job offer at the Science Facility.

One thing that Jill was missing was children. Phaena had two already, and wasn’t really a kids-person, whatever that meant, but Jill was very insistent and they adopted a lovely little girl called Lysa. Phaena however had a thing with greek names (preferably starting with the letter P) so they changed the child’s name to Lysistrata.

Everything should have been ok, they should have been a family but things were going worse Jill could see… She tried learning to play music, jamming with the neighbours, she tried getting into clubbing, because that was Phaena’s thing but it didn’t work… Their marriage was falling apart, she knew it…

That was probably why she fell for Jesse’s charms and what was supposed to be a simple heterosexual experiment ruined her marriage. She got pregnant. She tried to explain things to Phaena, tried to get her to understand… It didn’t work. Her marriage was over. She went to Jesse’s and she still lives there now. She and Phaena share custody over Lysa, but she is turning eighteen now and she doesn’t know who would she choose..

She gave birth to a son, they named him Ezekiel-Zeke for short. At Jesse’s she met another lonely man, Darrel, a recent widower and had a relationship with him. This did’t last either and she is now back to solely dating women. She did how ever get another child out of this affair, a little girl named Vanessa. After Vanessa’s birth she left the army, she figured being a fighter pilot is a too dangerous job for a mother of three and took a lousy job at the diner. Living at Jesse’s din’t turn out to be that bad, her kids love it there and she learned a lot about housework from Jesse’s daughter Krystal.

After all the relationship failures she wanted to finally do something concrete about her relationship with Latoya but then Nala Caliente, a beautiful, recently divorced woman asked her out and she said yes. (Immediately after she invited Dina, Nala’s ex to a party, because they are friends and wanted to make sure that stays the same way since Dina is a very important figure in town).

Jill loves to exercise when she is tired, she also drinks caramel flavored coffee. Like Nadine Jill was a “townie”, not pre-made and here are her stats:


Traits: Green Thumb, Ambitious, Schmoozer, Loves the Outdoors, Friendly

LW: Swimming in Cash

JobsFighter Pilot (188$/h), Ingridient Taster (47$/h)-current

Skills: Athletic (7), Charisma(7), Cooking(4), Gardening(2), Guitar(9), Handiness (5), Piano (6),Bass(5),Drums(4), Photography(6), Martial Arts(5)

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