Krystal Hoves

Krystal and her twin sister Esperanza were born prematurely and only Krystal lived long enough to leave the hospital. Her parents Jesse and Elena lived with her father’s brother and his family at that time and she spent the first few years of her life there, growing up with her cousin Dougie with whom she is still close. Once they moved to a new house her mother was still very depressed and her father had to work so they made her participate in many different activities, swimming, going to the library, going to the park…

As she grew they did get more involved in her life. Her mother taught her to cook and do housework and her father taught her to play chess. To this day it remains one of her favorite things in the world, playing chess with her dad. As a kid she dreamed of being rich and famous but she is no longer so immodest.

Since her teenage years she had been taking care of others, first Laquita, her younger sister, then Zeke, Vanessa and now Irene. But she doesn’t mind. She loves children and that is why she took a teaching job after finishing school. Her mother had just died and her father encouraged her to be whatever she wanted but she decided education of others was what made her feel most fulfilled.

Recently she had been hit by the biggest loss since losing her mother. Her best friend from school, Kari Frail had died.

Krystal is stronger than she appears, both physically and mentally. She also likes walking around the house in her underwear.

Here are Krystal’s stats:


TraitsLoner, Disciplined, Excitable, Inappropriate, Bookworm

LW: Illustrious Author

Jobs Substitute Teacher(29$/h)-current

Skills: Athletic (4), Charisma(3), Cooking(5), Gardening(2), Piano (4), Logic(8), Painting(1), Bass(6),Drums(4),Martial Arts(5)

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