Lysistrata Santoro

Lysistrata Santoro was named Lysa by her mother before she abandoned her at the orphanage where she had spent the first years of her life. She dreamed of her adoption, like all the kids do but deep in her hear she never really believed it, she was resigned with her faith of forever being abandoned and then one day it all changed. Two women came to her orphanage and met several kids, her included. Only a few months later she learned she was going to be adopted. That was the happiest day of her life. One of her new mums, Phaena, had a real thing for Greek names so she suggested to change her name from Lysa to Lysistrata and she said sure, everything to get out of that place.

Adopted life however turned far differently than she thought. Phaena was a musician, and she was away on tours most of the time and even when she was home she didn’t pay her much mind. Jill on the other hand was much nicer but being a soldier she was also not so present in her upbringing. She had two older siblings too, Pegasus and Phoibe, with whom she shared a room. They were nice to her but they were real siblings, and much older so she never developed a bond with them like the one they already had.

She would be very miserable, as much as back in the orphanage almost if it wasn’t for Holly Fegel. She was her cool neighbor who rode a motorcycle and wore cool clothes. Holly was also an orphan and knew what she was going through so she had been there for her those earlier years in Sunset Valley. During that time Lysistrata wanted to grow up as cool as Holly, Holly had purple hair so Lysa dyed her own hair dark blue. But soon Holly would have a baby of her own and get to busy for Lysa so she would expel her from her life. At that time she started hanging out with Jared Prentiss and he became her best friend.

And then another thing happened to Lysa. Phaena and Jill got a divorce. This scared her more than she believed possible, she thought they were going to send her away, send her back and she grew desperate, she realized how used she had gotten to this new life. She had friends, a boyfriend even, Dougie Hoves, whom she is still seeing, she didn’t want to have to go back…

Luckily nobody wanted her too. Phaena and Jill got joint custody over her, so she had to spend some time home, and some time at Jill’s. she dreaded having to go to Jill’s overcrowded new home, she thought it would feel like back in the home she grew up in. Luck struck again as it turned out this place was nothing like it and soon she would love spending time at Jill’s more than at Phaena’s. At Jill’s there were more girls her age, like Krystal and Laquita and she soon befriended them.

Krystal taught both her and Jill to clean and do housework, they didn’t have a maid like Phaena did but she didn’t mind it. She really liked it there, and she wanted them to be her family. At Phaena’s however she only counts day to go back to Jill. Phoibe, her sister moved out, Phaena remarried and things are different and not much better. She spends most of her time there meditating, playing the piano or doing schoolwork. She was an honor roll student, and also excelling at her job at the spa. Now that she had graduated it is time to make important life choices and she is totally stuck…

Here are her stats:

Sign: Gemini

Traits: Hotheaded, Schmoozer, Perfectionist, Computer-Whiz, Easily Impressed

LWThe Tinkerer

Grade: B

Jobs: Fitting Room Guard (44$/h) -current

Skills: Athletic (3), Piano (3), Logic(4), Painting(1), Martial Arts(6)

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