Laquita Hoves

Laquita was raised by her father Jesse Hoves since her mother could not afford to support her but mostly it was her older sister Krystal and her mother, Jesse’s ex girlfriend, Elena who took care of her. Laquita hates living in a full house, with no space for herself so any chance she gets she goes out, mostly with her best friend Eevee Gradle. When she is stressed she goes out to the sports bar, where they can get drinks and just watch TV.

Now when she is almost eighteen her parents, Jesse and Nadine are married and her family is together at last and it’s very strange to her, especially meeting yet another sister, little Irene.

She gets a lot of attention from the boys at her school but she can’t bring herself to decide between them.  She knew that Bradley Frail had a crush on her ever since elementary school and she felt very sorry for him when his sister died so she spent more time with him and even asked him out on one occasion. Recently however rumors started going out in school about Bradley making out with Summer Caliente in her hot tub while her parents were away.

After hearing this Laquita decided to go out with Jerome Gradle and make out with him behind the abandoned warehouse. She also has a crush on the new guy in school, Ahmed Kerrie.

Laquita’s stats:

Sign: Gemini 

Traits: Couch Potato, Savvy Sculptor, Good, Virtuoso 

Grade: C

Skills: Charisma(5), Cooking(1), Gardening(1), Handiness (4), Logic(3), Painting(1), Bass(5),Drums(3)

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