Zeke Mayor

Zeke was born Ezekiel Mayor, son of Jill Mayor and Jesse Hoves. At the time of his conception however his mother was married to somebody else and his father was… Well his father’s relationship statuses were always complicated… Somehow still he and his mother ended up in his father’s house. Zeke grew up a quiet boy in a house filled with women. He learned to read very young so he can entertain himself.

Now that his father is retired from the police force he spends more time with him, he is his only son and he doesn’t want him and his mother leaving. Zeke himself had gotten used to living with his half-sisters. They did help him win over his long time crush, Marty Gradle.

Here are Zeke’s stats:


Traits: Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Brave, Virtouso

LW: Star News Anchor

Grade: C

Skills: Athletic(3), Charisma(5), Cooking(1), Guitar(1), Logic(5), Bass(5),Drums(3), Writing(1),

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