Vanessa Mayor

Vanessa’s parents weren’t actually married, or even in a relationship when she was born, they were both just lonely and found comfort in each other. Her father, Darrel, was recently widowed and her mother Jill was recently was divorced. They both lived in Jesse’s house and it was easy to have their little affair. After her mother got pregnant they ended it and her father got a real girlfriend and moved away.

Even though she likes people she prefers being alone but that is very hard in a house as overcrowded as the one Vanessa grew up in. Since childhood she had dreamed of her, her mother and her older brother Zeke moving out and one day when her mother told her to pack her bags she was so excited until she learned she was going alone. Mum and Zeke were staying behind. Jesse was getting married and there was no room for her so she was to spend some time with her father and his family. It was the last thing Vanessa wanted, however she said ok, like any good girl would…

Here are Vanessa’s stats:

Sign: Sagittarius

Traits: Good, Friendly, Loner, Lucky

Grade: D

Skills: Writing(1), Painting(1), Piano (1)

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