Irene Hoves

Irene was raised by her mother Nadine who worked nights as a bartender in a dance club so she got used to being alone. She didn’t even mind the shitty apartment, she was just a child and that was the best she knew. And then one day her life changed. It was her mother’s day off but she went out, Irene was at home, playing with her dolls when she ran in shrieking. She got married, to Irene’s father no less. Irene had never met the man, and she didn’t know it but he learned of her existence that very day.

And just like that mother and daughter packed and moved in with her dad, Jesse. That day Irene met her siblings as well and now her whole life is upside down…

Here are Irene’s stats:


Traits: Evil, Slob, Loner

Grade: C

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