Sunset Valley – Round 2

Sunset Valley Round 2 updates are ready! For this round I have decided to spend four days with each of the families, since three day updates were already a bit long I will post two posts for each of the families, each one for the two days. Story wise this updates will be set three years later than round 1.

The order will be the same as for the first round, Browns, Prentiss and Hoves (click on each family name will take you to the previous post if you missed it or want to recall anything). Only this time there will be one more family, another Hoves family, Jesse’s family and if you want to meet the people living there you can click on each of their names: Jesse, Nadine, Jill, Krystal, Laquita, Zeke, Irene and probably Vanessa.

(I know I promised more families but I didn’t get the time, another one will probably be ready for round three)

That’s it for now, thank you again for all your likes and follows. 🙂

P.S Maybe you noticed I made some changes to the layout, the menus and stuff so it might be easier to navigate.

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