Browns – Round 2.2

It’s time for another round with the Browns: days 1 and 2 you can read here. I thought I would write this from Hazel’s POV but it seams more happened to Harry so it’s Harry once again. Enjoy!

Day 3

When Harry got to the kitchen the next morning his mother had been a sleep and Hazel was working out in the living room, an empty plazma juice can on the counter. “Too much hot dogs last night?” He asked his brother and laughed. Hazel couldn’t even repTS3W_2015-10-03_21-34-49-64ly, as he was completely out of breath but he didn’t stop his workout. Harry had no doubt Hazel would lose the weight. The perfect boy always got what he wanted.

He walked to the counter and found a note from his mother, since she started the ghost hunting job she worked nights and slept during the day so they wouldn’t spend as much time together, that is why they started communicating in this little notes. It was Hazel that started it, he couldn’t do a day without talking to mum but it kinda caught on.

I got the Spooky Award! It’s a big thing in this business and apparently I’ve been doing something right, there will be a ceremony at the City Hall this weekend. Come and support your old mother!
The Piano Digest named you the Pianist of The Year! Congrats baby. They even sent the certificate, it is in my room.
I’m sorry hun, but Ayesha is in the hospital. She is very sick, you should go and visit…

Of course Hazel got another award, it would be a surprise if he didn’t… And Ayesha is sick… Only bad news for me, Harry thought. Ayesha was a bartender at a sports bar Harry sometimes ventured. Neither his mother or Hazel really liked sports or knew anything about it and since his father died there was nobody he could really talk about it so when there was a game on he would watch it at he bar and afterwards comment on it with Ayesha, she knew her stuff. And know that would probably be gone… Harry sighed.

He couldn’t deal with that right now and went to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. He noticed he had a bit of a stubble going on and decided not to shave, he looked older with a beard, Rhaenys would probably like TS3W_2015-10-03_21-37-53-94that. He was about to step out of the bathroom when the phone rang. The caller ID said: Cocoa and he smiled. He really did want to talk to his sister, however he did not expect what happened… “YOU REGISTERED AS A PAINTER? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND YOU IDIOT?” His jaw literally dropped at this point and before answering he made yet another mental note, to talk to his mum… “What are you talking about?” He asked. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t really yell… I’m a little on edge right now. Listen, I think that is a very bad idea.” “Why?” He managed to ask still pretty shocked. He heard his sister take a deep breath. She was a painter for years he knew, and she was pretty good, she earned some money, had a nice little house and was pretty well known in certain circles. “I do sound like a hypocrite don’t I Harry? But look it is a nice hobby but one day you will have a family too and you would have to support them and the chances are you will found yourself broke and without any useful skills for surviving in this cruel world.” This didn’t sound like his sister at all, something was wrong. “Cocoa is everything alright?” She now sounded on the verge of tears. “No… Everything had been awful since Skip died… I’m all alone, I can’t handle the girls, I can’t paint… I barely have any money left. But listen, don’t tell mum a thing?” He promised he wouldn’t and hung up the phone feeling halfhearted.

He went to his rooTS3W_2015-10-03_21-45-30-30m debating what to do know and it exhausted him so he took another nap. Before he fell a sleep however he texted Rhaenys to meet him for drinks that night. When he woke up he found that she had replied telling him she finishes work at half past two. His heart was pounding as he read her reply and he called her asking to meet at the Fusion Lounge around six. He was there just last night and he really liked the place, it seamed like a kind a place you could take a woman like Rhaenys Targeryen. She showed up in a short red dress and he was amazed the minute he saw her. She wore a little too much makeup, she was beautiful even without it but he was content to be in such company nevertheless.

They talked about everything, he told her about his painting ambitions, and she had been very supportive, she knew a lot about arts and he thought he shoTS3W_2015-10-03_21-46-04-41uld have taker her to the Art Gallery first. She talked about her work in the Science Facility and her political ambitions, her little boy who wasn’t even three yet. And she had been so flirty all the time and when he leaned to kiss her Harry was sure that for the first time in
his life he had not misread the signs because she returned the kiss with such passion he had not felt ever in his whole life.

After the kissing she led him to the dance floor, Harry never was much of a dancer and he concentrated so hard not to step on her toes which made her laugh. It was a nice laugh. “I would dance all night just to listen to you laugh.” He told her and she smiled. “You are such a sweetie Harry.” She replied and kissed him sweetly. “We should go upstairs.” Harry suggested, “They have a VIP section, the drinks up there  must be bitchin’.” She laughed at this too and they went to the elevator. It was empty but the two of them and Harry suddenly had an idea. He watched the doors close and as the elevator started moving he playfully pressed the stop button. Bursting with confidence after everything that hadTS3W_2015-10-03_21-49-30-22 happened tonight he approached Rhaenys lightly, this time completely misinterpreting the look on her face.

It turned out the elevator did not start moving after all and the force Rhaenys pushed him off her at the TS3W_2015-10-03_21-49-50-96same time pressing the open door button made him land out of the elevator not so gently.

As he sat on the floor still sore he could only watch as those pretty legs carried his date out of the Lounge’s door.

Day 4

After last night’s disaster Harry did in the end go to the VIP section and got blindingly drunk on his own. He didn’t even remember getting home. But slowly as other memories returned to him he felt like the biggest ass on the planet. He had a date with a beautiful woman and he ruined everything by pushing things too far. Sometimes he really hated himself.

He got out of bed really late, hangover and defeated. Hazel was in the living room reading, what seamed to be a really interesting, book since he barely lifted his gaze to watch Harry’s pacing around the kitchen. With every other option exhausted he texted Rhaenys saying he was really sorry and pleading for her forgiveness . After he did it he stood TS3W_2015-10-03_22-11-01-30in the middle of the kitchen for a few minutes just staring at his phone. Feeling stupid he finally slipped the phone in his pocked and went to the marital academy to break some wooden boards and release all the negative energy that was filling him whole. This time meditation would not be of assistance, he needed to make things splinter into pieces.

After who knows how many broken boards he decided to check his phone hoping against hope for a single message… And yes! the light was blinking. He open the message taking a deep breath and wow it was Rhaenys. Lucky for you I’m all about second chances. Redo at the Lounge, same time?

He could barely breathe once he had read the message. Next thing he did was check the time. He didn’t have much left. He replied: YES as quickly as he could type it and ran to the basement thankful the Academy had a shower room. He had to run to the Fusion Lounge but he had another stroke of good luck, it was all downhill.

Rhaenys was waiting outside the lounge, wearing the same little red dress. She really was not TS3W_2015-10-03_22-13-05-99kidding about a do-over Harry thought. She even smiled when she saw him, like nothing really happened but as they stood there, she making small talk about the weather Harry felt stiff, and like an utter fool… What was he thinking coming here? He had no idea how to make things right again.

Luckily for him that night Rhaenys decided to take charge. She complained about a terrible day at work, and how she felt all stiff from sitting at the table finishing some weekly reports so he offered to give her a massage. This physical contact she did not refuseTS3W_2015-10-03_22-14-14-80 and he got to it immediately.

Afterwards she suggested Harry to go get them drinks and he happily obliged once again. He was ready to do anything to put yesterday’s terrible date behind them.

After the drinks they had dinner downstairs and he couldn’t help admiring how unearthly beautiful she was and how lucky he was to even get to go out with such a great woman and not only that to be given a second chance…TS3W_2015-10-03_22-15-36-70

Thinking only how he managed to last the night without blowing anything he got in the same elevator with Rhaenys once again. “I had a lovely evening.” He told her. “Thank you again… For giving me another chance… For, well, everything…” She laughed that pretty laugh of hers once again as she moved closer to him. “You are sweet Harry Prentiss…” She whispered in his ear as she pressed the stop button this time. Before he knew it she was kissing him and he was pulling down the straps of her dress…TS3W_2015-10-03_22-18-28-35

Once they got out of the Lounge it was already midnight. He suggested they go skinny dipping in the public pool but she refused him with a smile. “Another time honey, I’m just gonna catch a cab.” She kissed him on the lips as they said goodbye and Harry went home as happy he could be.

That’s all for the Browns for now. Hope you enjoy it.

Next up: Tomas and Rita!

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