Prentiss – Round 2.1

Welcome to another installment of the Prentiss family adventures! If you have read Round 1, or have no interest in reading it go on, if you want to you could do so here. This post will cover two days of the hectic life in the Prentiss family, the one that I will post later (probably tomorrow) will cover another two days. Enjoy!

Day 1

It was 6 a.m on a Saturday. The girls were no longer babies but both Tomas and his wife were already used to their daughters unpredictable schedule so they would get up early anyway. They already had coffee and breakfast and now Tomas was sneaking up to the nursery to take TS3W_2015-10-03_22-36-13-43a peek at his lovely angels. Maja was still asleep sprawled in her crib but Lena was sitting up and looking at her tiny hands.

Tomas sighed. On Monday was the girls’ fifth birthday, they would move them from the nursery to his sisters’ old room. Yvonne had already cleared it and deemed it livable. Tomas could not believe that time had flown so fast. It seamed that only yesterday Rita was teaching Maja to walk and now both of them were running aroundTS3W_2015-10-03_22-41-50-80 racing down the stairs and he had to sneak into their rooms early in the morning to catch them being still.

It was hard work raising the girls but he was sure they did a good job. Only time would tell he guessed but it could have been worse… A lot worse. And it’s not like they had been alone, they had Yvonne and of course Rita’s mum.

Ebony would come at least once a week, simply to ask if they needed anything. And Tomas loved his wife, he really did, more than anything in the world, but he would get seriously mad when he would see how coldly she treated her mother. He loved when he was home when Ebony came so he could rush in and great her before Rita did, just a while back Ebony showed up on their door in that horrible uniform she was forced to wear and he got to invite her to dinner and he could swear he saw Rita blush, as uncharacteristic as thTS3W_2015-10-03_21-52-19-02at was for his wife.

He enjoyed spending time with Ebony, she had plenty of stories from her new job as as Seance Holder and she could always make you laugh. And she really loved her granddaughters and they loved her, she really did have a way with kids, probably coming from the fact she had four of her own. After dinner she would even sneak into the bathroom and do the dishes before he or Rita could stop her.TS3W_2015-10-03_21-56-30-59

He couldn’t understand why Rita didn’t want her around… What he would give for his mother to walk in the door and see her beautiful granddaughters… There was no sense in dreaming of ghosts but you should never waste the time you had to spend with the living, he could not stress this enough to Rita…

The rest of his day was uneventful. Rita went to work and he played chess with Yvonne. She asked about the present he had gotten the girls and he was happy to chat away about it. That was about the only thing that made his days stand out of the mundane. He was still unemployed, For a while he thought to get into the education field, teaching the young minds the way of science waTS3W_2015-10-03_22-43-06-57s very appealing… For a time… All he could get was a lousy playground monitor job and that was as entertaining as shooting yourself in the foot so he gave it up pretty soon. He wondered what would his father say about that… Him staying with the girls and Rita working… But that was another ghost, one he was not anxious to provoke…

Day 2

The next day he allowed him self to get up a little later. Rita had made pancakes, her specialty, and he expected them to eat them together but RitaTS3W_2015-10-03_22-57-53-28 just sat next to him a cup in her hand. “Is there something wrong with the pancakes?” He asked teasingly. His wife who wasn’t usually the most talkative and could just get lost in thought at any moment seamed even more off this morning. “Huh?” She said as she turned to him. “Why don’t you have some?” He asked gesturing to his full plate. “Oh, they should be ok I’m just… Not feeling that well actually, but nothing to worry about, I made tea.” She said lifting the hand that held the cup. He knew better than to ask any further. Rita would take care off herself, even when she was sick so he just started eating the really delicious pancakes.

Still he couldn’t help feeling at least a little concerned so he went upstairs to check on his wife later and found her in the nursery reading a book with Maja. They both seamed fine and for a while he just watched them a smile on his lips listening as his little one asked a milliTS3W_2015-10-03_23-00-36-38on questions. It seamed like yesterday that they got excited about her first word…

That night Rita had to stay a bit longer at work so he went to a lousy party by himself. There he ran into Jill Mayor a fellow nature enthusiast who managed to mention her engagement to Nala Caliente in a conversation about the optimal distance between tomato seedlings. He smiled and thought about how he and Rita would laugh about this afterwTS3W_2015-10-03_23-10-11-00ards.

That night however when he got back home his wife was already in bed so he just slipped in next to her, doing his best not to wake her. However as he laid his head on the pillow he felt his wife snuggle next to him. He smiled as he closed eyes.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it. 🙂 Next part comes out today and if you like this one make sure to read the next one too, big things are happening. 🙂

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