Prentiss – Round 2.2

Like I promised we are going back to the Prentiss… This time with Rita. If you missed part 1 you can read it here.

Day 3

TS3W_2015-10-03_23-18-09-08It was Monday and Rita had the day off. She had a long day in front of her, but she didn’t mind it She started the day by baking a cake. It was to be a birthday cake for her girls and she was not going to let Yvonne do it.

Today Maja and Lena turned five. Tomas didn’t want a party, not so soon after his brother’s spouse had died and she agreed but there was no reason for the girls not to have a cake. And later that day she would have a talk with Tomas… She thought about that all morning, trying to think up of the right way to say it, find the right words… Just the thought filled her stomach with butterflies.

Tomas was out for the most of the day. He had to pick up the girlTS3W_2015-10-03_23-53-26-75s’ birthday present and he went to check up on his brother. Andrew needed him more than ever, Rita knew, her own sister Cocoa had been through the same thing a few years back and still she hadn’t fully recovered…

By the time Tomas got back Rita had already finished the cake, did the laundry and all she could think of to kill the time. She had gone over the words she was going to say, and the way she was going to say it numerous times and she changed it every time. She thought of the last time she had such news for Tomas. His father had just died and they were cleaning the house. She remembered how broken up he had been and how much had he his face lightened… ShTS3W_2015-10-03_23-22-34-96e hoped this time it would bring him joy as well.

She couldn’t wait any longer and when she heard the door opening she run to greet him in the hallway. It was cold outside, autumn was in full swing and he was all flushed. He was in distress, she knew the moment she laid eyes on his face. His brother must have been worse than he expected him to be. She just looked him and he knew what she was asking so he nodded weakly.

“It’s really bad Rita. He is so broken up… And that poor boy…” She didn’t say anything. She couldn’t find the words. Poor Andrew she thought. He was always so strong. He was her sister’s best friend, she knew him since childhood and always admired him. He was the rock for all his siblings, it must have been though for Tomas too, watching his brother go through all that… “He says he is going to move out, him and Eduard, he can’t stay at Clyde’s any more…” Tomas stopped. “I told him he could come here. I know I didn’t ask you but… I hope you won’t mind.” He concluded and just looked at her.

And Rita could not help wondering how on Earth did she get a husband so sweet and compassionateTS3W_2015-10-03_23-23-44-23. She moved towards him and gently placed her hands on the his head, running her fingers trough his hair. It was uncharacteristic for her, this sudden displays of emotion and for a moment she could see the surprise in her husbands eyes but he accepted it fast and placed his hands on her hips. “I love you Tomas.” She whispered to him. “And your brother can come and stay here as long as he wants.” She saw relief on his face and he tried to kiss her but she stopped him. “Look Tomas… There is another thing I need to tell you…” She took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.”

His whole face lit up. Just like the last time. He smiled and she smiled back at him. “I love you Rita.” He said his voice barely stronger then a whisper. He pulled her closer and kissed her. This time she did not stop him.

A little later they went to the kitchen, Rita got the cake out of the fridge and Yvonne brought the girls. It was their turn to shriek in amazement when they saw the cake. ToTS3W_2015-10-03_23-37-47-92mas placed five candles and they blew them out together. Lena immediately sat to eat the cake and Maja was jumping up and down asking where is their present.

Rita smiled and looked at Tomas. “Alright, alright.” He said to his daughter. He walked to the backdoor and opened them.  “It’s right there.” He said pointing his hand outside. Rita watched the shock and delight mixed on her daughters face right before she ran for it. “Come Lena.” She called her other daughter and she rose up gently, and almost tripping ran outside after her sister. She and Tomas stood on the porch and watched the twins discover their present. Tomas wrapped his arm around her and she smiled leaning her head on his shoulder. Watching her daughters happy made the day perfect.

Both Lena and Maja loved to draw so Tomas had two matching easels made. He found a nice spot in the garden to place them and he got all sorts of coloTS3W_2015-10-03_23-48-12-20rs, water colors, crayons, colored pencils… The girls were thrilled. “I’m going to draw right now!” Maja exclaimed happily. “It’s a little late honey.” Rita said from the porch. “It’s ok mum. I’m going to draw vampires! You can’t draw them during the day.” Both Tomas and Rita laughed and let the girls go to bed a little later that night.

Yvonne cleaned up and did the dishes so Rita and Tomas could go to bed right after their daughters. TTS3W_2015-10-03_23-25-56-28hey lay in each others arms and talked about the baby they were going to have. “I hope it’s a boy this time.” Rita told her husband. And she really did. She knew Tomas loved Lena and Maja but she hoped she could give him a little boy too. One that had his hair and his smile, and his kind heart. “I wouldn’t mind another girl.” Tomas said. “The ones I have are all so beautiful.” He added with a smile. “As long as it’s healthy…” Rita said. “And it’s not twins.” Tomas added and they both laughed.

Day 4

The next day Rita got up early. Her husband was still sleeping so sTS3W_2015-10-03_23-55-32-15he slipped out of the room quietly. She went straight to the bathroom and there observed her own image in the mirror. Her stomach was still not showing, it would still be weeks before she noticed any change but there was a little person living there… It was tough with the girls but they did a good job… Every day when she looked at them she was more sure about it.

It wasn’t easy. She didn’t delude herself. And she knew it won’t be easy with this baby either but the girls had brought them so much joy. More then she could ever imagine. And this little fellow he would too. She was sure of it just looking at her stomach. I do hope it’s a boy..TS3W_2015-10-03_23-29-21-18. She told herself and got out of the bathroom but as she did she heard strange noises. It sounded like a chair scraping on wood and she glanced to the half-open door of her husband father’s study. That room was strictly of limits, she remembered, when she and her mother were living there and it barely saw any use now but unmistakably a light was on in there. Rita did not believe in ghosts, despite how her mother earned for a living these days so she went to the door.

It was only Maja sitting at her late grandfathers desk using the computer. “Maja, what are you doing up so early?” She asked. Maja turned around, aTS3W_2015-10-03_23-59-32-66 smile on her face. “I was just talking to grandma she said pointing at the screen. Rita had no idea Maja could use the computer, let alone skype. Probably noticing the surprised look on her mother’s face Maja continued: “Grandma gets from work in the morning and then goes to sleep. This is the best time to talk to her. I wanted to tell her about the birthday and the present.” Rita frowned. She would hear it from her own mother now, not inviting her over, even though there was no party… “You shouldn’t use the computer on your own Maja. How do you even know how to use it?” “Daddy thought me!” “Well he should have told you then, you can’t use it any time you want. Now go back to bed. ” “But I’m not sleepy anymore.” Maja protested. “Fine.” Rita said. “Go to your room and play. Just don’t wake your sister.” “Can I go outside and draw?” Her daughter asked excitedly. “Later.” Rita said. The girl sighed and ran out the door.

Rita went to the computer and checked the screen. It seemed Maja was indeed telling the truth. She sighed. That was being a parent. It seamed as they grew there was even more things you had to protect them from. There was no letting your guard down. And what the hell was her mother thinking? Asking Maja to call her this early in the morning?

As much as Rita TS3W_2015-10-03_21-59-02-56kept her distance from her mother she could never get her to comply. She did love those girls, Rita knew and she tried to spend as much time she could, as much as her crappy job allowed her, with them. Especially with Maja. She was always the smaller, more frail twin and everyone gave her more attention. Especially Rita’s mum. Rita’s own theory was that her mother always blamed Rita for everything that they thought was wrong with Maja and she tried to correct it. Tomas insisted this wasn’t the case, and whatever it was they still had that special bond. Rita sighed again as she exited the room and turned off the light. She would talk about this with both Tomas and her mother.

The rest of the day was peaceful. Rita set to doing the chores, she had another day off. The girls were outside drawing and Tomas was watching them with a blissful look on his face. She wondered how would she tell them about their new baby brother or sister, how would she tell her mother… And then the phone rang.

It was her friend, Rhaenys. She loved talking to her, she was a fun woman, a scientist like TS3W_2015-10-03_23-42-11-77Tomas had been and always full of interesting stories and gossip. She didn’t disappoint this time either. “Look Rita I have a juicy new hookup to tell you about! Wanna hear about it or is it too much for your old and married ears?” Rita laughed. That was Rhaenys alright. “This old married ears wouldn’t mind a juicy story.” She replied. “Well… ” Rhaenys took a deep breath. “Where to begin? Well first of, it’s not just a hookup… I have a new boyfriend and I really like him Rita.” Rita smiled. “Well I’m glad. So who is the lucky fellow?” “Now… That’s the deal…” Rhaenys continued her voice strangely serious. “You know the guy… And…Well.. It’s your brother…” “Harry?? You are seeing Harry??” Rita noticed she was yelling but she couldn’t stop herself. “Rhaenys… He’s just a boy.” “I know, I know. But he is such a sweet boy. And Rita… I do like him.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing… The first thing she thought was. God, does mum know? She liked Rhaenys, she really did, she was good, and kind, and smart. She was good with kids, she worked with troubled teens and was a great supporter of female rights but her love life was this constant mess… She was in a long engagement that she had broken up suddenly, with no explanation, she had a child with a man she was living with who was in her words, just a friend now, and had even said to Rita that she loved him like a brother and laughed when she saw her disgusted face, and just a few months back she told Rita she liked her ex, Mortimer… And now Harry… Rita and her brother weren’t that close but she didn’t want him dragged into this mess… Should she tell her mother? What was she to do?

That’s it for now as far as Prentiss are concerned.  Thank you all for reading 🙂

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