Hoves – Round 2.2

As I promised here is the second update for the Hoves, if you want to read the first you could do it here.

Day 3

Dougie got up early Friday morning, it was not usual for him but his mother had caught some kind of stomach virus and was up throwing up all nights so he got her TS3W_2015-10-10_13-51-03-82some canned chicken soup to eat in bed and he sat at her desk eating leftover lime pie with his right hand and scrolling his facebook page with his left. He tried to hide it but he was very worried for his mother. He didn’t like her being sick, in her age anything could kill you… He knew that. He even offered to take her to the doctor but she refused. “It’s just a virus Dougey, everyone is having it. I have only twenty four hours of throwing up to look forward to… I just hope I don’t give it to the kids.” Dougie sighed. “I still think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see someone. Hannah could call that buddy of hers, Lysa‘ s brother…” “I said no Douglas.” His mother cut him off. He hated when she called him Douglas. “And stop using the computer while you are eating. You are getting crumbs everywhere.” He sighed closing the browser. “Fine. Did I tell you Mya called yesterday? Ollie needs tutoring and they called me.” Blair nodded quietly.  “We spend so little time with your sister… You should go, help the little boy.” “I just hope he takes after her, not his father.” He grinned but his mother was not so amused.  “It was a joke, ma.” “Yes and Benji is your sister’s husband and it’s not polite to insult him that way.” “Fine.” He said once more trying to change the subject. “You know what you should to mum? You should dye your hair.” It was true, his mother stopped dying her hair after his father passed away. “And you know what? You should pick some rad color! Do you want me to help?”TS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-37-31

The rest of the day, after his mother kicked him out of the room assuring him she just needed sleep, he spent in the garage. His inventing table was there and Dougey loved playing with it. He loved inventing ever since he was a child but it never grew into anything more than a hobby.

After he was done, he didn’t manage to make anything cool he found Kerry yelling after him: “Dougie, DTS3W_2015-10-10_13-29-38-94ougie…” Shooting his tiny little hands in the air. “What do you want, ha?” He asked the boy picking him tickling him as he did. Kerry laughed like crazy. “I wanna fly!” He squealed between laughs and Dougie picked him up and held him in the air the little boy flapping his hands in the air. It was a hilarious sight but Dougey really loved playing with his nephews, especially this little bugger. He was much smarter than a nearly three year old should be, you could just tell he will grow up a genius like his auntie Mya.

When Hannah got upstairs to get Kerry ready to bed he protested a bit but his eyes were already closing so Dougey placed him in his mothers hand and went to his room where another surprise waited. “And what are you up to stinky little menace?” He asked his niece who was using his computer and apparentlyTS3W_2015-10-10_14-15-08-96 checking out his facebook. “You are stinky Dougey!” Freddie replied not missing a beat. “I’m chatting with the lady from next door, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.” She added grinning at him. “Yeah? Latricia? She is also like thirteen. And I have a girlfriend. Back off.” He said closing his laptop. Freddie frowned. She didn’t like it when you opposed her. “You are a meanie Dougey!” “No you are a meanie, you know it’s not ok to touch other people’s stuff.” “Kerry touches my toys all the time!” She replied instantly. “And Kerry’s a baby. Are you a baby Freddie?” “No.” She concluded. Thankfully it seamed that was the end of that discussion since she stuck out her tongue at him and ran outside, next he heard Hannah yelling. “No running Freddie, you’ll wake your brother.” And he smiled. Another day another victory but those kids were TS3W_2015-10-10_14-32-55-39only getting more mischievous by the minute.

Before he went to bed he went to check up on his mum. She was a sleep and didn’t seem to have a fever. Concluding everything was in order he could get to sleep himself.

Day 4

The next morning he got up in his usual time  and that meant the kids were already in their parents’ bedroom watching cartoons. He could hear them laughing, Kerry’s little childlike lauTS3W_2015-10-10_14-05-27-37gh and Freddie’s loud, shrill one. The younger boy was sitting on the floor and his sister was on the bed, her head thrown backwards. “You have…to see… this… Dougey.” She managed to say still laughing so he listened to her and sat on the bed next to her picking up Kerry into his lap.

After their mother came to pick them up to have breakfast and the children obediently left he called his girlfriend, Lysa. It was Saturday and TS3W_2015-10-10_14-20-52-46he figured they could go out tonight. “Oh Dougey I’m so sorry but count me out for tonight.” He hard his girlfriend take a deep breath and he knew she was mad. “I have to go back to Phaena’s tonight, so I have to pack and everything after I get home from work… I’m so sorry…”  “Don’t sweat it. See you tomorrow then?” “Definitely.” Lysa confirmed. “I love you.” She added before hanging up the phone. “Love ya too.” He murmured as he disconnected. He sighed. Lysa’s mothers were divorced, for… Well almost before the two of them were dating and she still had to move from one house to another. It was taxing on her, he knew and she preferred being at Jill’s than at Phaena’s and he knew a drink or two before going there would do her good but she had to pack… What was with that girl and packing? He thought to himself. He watched her pack once she was so meticulous, one would say she was preparing to move to the north pole, not just a street away. He would just throw those thing in a bag and be done with it but when he suggested it to her she threw him the meanest and coldest gaze he had ever gotten.

He looked at the phone thinking about calling someone else but the choice was limited. His best friend Luther started working at the Science Facility a while back and he was swamped lately, he had to stay overtime and all. Plus Luther had a kid now, Freddie’s age. Gonna were the days when two of them could party all Saturday and then play video games all Sunday. He sighed. It seems it’s PES night tonight. Woo!

Before getting downsTS3W_2015-10-10_14-27-12-75tairs to see  whathe could eat he glanced outside and saw his mother with Kerry. His jaw dropped in surprise. She had dyed her hair green, light green. He laughed so hard that both his mum and Kerry turned to him in surprise, he gave his mum two thumbs up and went downstairs, a smile still plastered to his face. He was so glad his mother listened to him. She was getting better every day and that made him happy too, he didn’t want her back to how she was when his father died. He missed his dad too, every day but he knew he would never want them trowing out their lives for him and he tried living his life in a way he knew his father would approve, making his mum happy was always number one on the list.

That afternoon Hannah was out, she had some big event at the school, Llama Hearding program was being extended, or something, he forgot soTS3W_2015-10-10_14-30-56-08 he and mum were stuck babysitting. His mum stayed with Kerry while he played tag with Frederica. She exhausted him like usual, he could never match a five year old’s energy, even if he wasn’t a tad overweight.

When Hannah returned that night it was already time to put the kids to bed and he made her join his game night, she had nothing better do to anyway since Junior was away and he knew his big brother would appreciate him for keeping her company. She was a little clumsy with the controls but she picked it up pretty fast and it turned out to be a fun night at home.

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