Nina Caliente

/*To fellow simmers: Nina is based on Nina Caliente from Sims 2( I didn’t know there was a Sims 3 version until I checked this wiki). I made her and her sister when I wanted do recreate my Sims 2 Pleasantview, I gave that town up a while ago but I like my versions of Dina and Nina so much I added them to my Sunset Valley.*/

Nina moved to town with her older sister Dina, while Dina was all about getting rich and famous Nina’s goals were seemingly simpler: She wanted what girls want-to have fun. Nina’s interests included drinking, partying, playing bar games (she is rather good at those). She loves to gamble, even with important life decisions and when the dice doesn’t roll her way she uses her good looks to get away with things, like she had been doing her whole life.

She could never see herself tied to one person her whole life, like Dina did with Nala, she loved her sister, and liked her new wife but that life was just not for her. when they first moved to town she dated the cute guy who came to fix their plumbing, Clark Sauer, but she broke it up the minute she felt it was getting serious. Then she had a non committal thing with Clyde Belgen, the mother of his son found out about it and left him but it was nothing to Nina.

When Dina implied she did not like her life choices, going in and out of bars and parties and not making any money she decided to try music. That is when she met Dave Ramsay

Dave worked in the music industry as well and they hooked up, another fling, or so Nina thought but then she got pregnant… After a while, considering all her options she decided to keep the baby and when she broke the news to Dave (she wouldn’t do it but Dina and Nala made her) he insisted he should move in and help and before she knew it that was happening.

Things were slowly spiraling more and more from Nina’s control but then it took and even darker turn. Her daughter was born with a congenital disorder and didn’t live longer than a few days. They were to name her Tanya…

It broke her heart, more then she could know but Dave was there. He tried to cheer her up and even persuade her to try again. It was the same with Sandy… How Nina got to want a child that badly and how she got pregnant the third time she doesn’t know herself, but she knew if anything happened to this baby her heart would just brake and she would die. Luckily her third born daughter Rosie was born perfectly healthy.

A year or so later Dina and Nala decided to adopt a baby girl and for a while (until Dina and Nala’s new house was finished) they all lived together happily and blissfully,  in a fit of madness Nina even agreed to marry Dave.

The spell ended sometimes after Dina and her family left. Nina realized she was over her head, Dave was making big wedding plans, he quit the music career to try and get into professional sport, they fought a lot and eventually split.

For a while they shared custody over Rosie but then Dave remarried and disappeared and mother and daughter were left to them selves. Rosie is not exactly the ideal daughter Nina would want to have but she loves her with her whole heart.

After braking up with Dave however she got back to old habits, she dated Harald Prentiss, after his marriage fell apart, two guys named Lauren… Her musical career really kicked off, she decided for a classical branch, and played for the Sunset Valley symphony at one part of her life but now she mostly composes music instead of actually playing it. Thanks to her career path she got exclusive access to many parties around town and met interesting people, had her biography published, became rather famous. That is how she ended up with the famous rockstar, Riam Gradle.

She and Dave never really figured out whose genes were causing their daughters to die but she went to see a gene therapist Andrew Prentiss who gave her an experimental treatment that was supposed to fix whatever it was she was possibly caring around. So her fourth pregnancy, result of her relationship with Riam, passed without complications and she had another daughter, one she named Latricia.

She and Riam broke up rather fast, she knew it wasn’t serious, that is what got her into it and for a while she got back to her old ways, leaving Rosie to take care of her little sister. She took better care of herself this time and by the time she got pregnant again, Latricia was almost in her teens. Her third living child, one she got with Darrel Coates, is her first and only son, Branden Caliente. She and Darrel are officially still together but Nina is already trying to find ways to end it. Relationships never were her thing.

Nina prefers chai to coffee, she is a great patron of the arts, and loves donating to the local Art Gallery. Her latest hobby is gardening.

If you are interested in Nina’s stats go on:


TraitsCommitment IssuesGreat Kisser, Flirty, Star QualityParty Animal

LW: Heartbraker

Jobs: Hit Movie Composer (375$/h) 

Skills: Athletic (3), Cooking(10), Fishing (2), Gardening(7), Guitar(9), Piano(4), Logic(6), Bass(4), Drums(5)

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