Latricia Caliente

Latricia is a child of two musicians, Nina Caliente and Riam Gradle. Her parents are no longer together and she has no relationship with her father, she was raised by her mother and older sister Rosie. Latricia was always a lovable child, loved by her family, loved by her teachers..

She likes sports, and is a rabid Llama’s fan, a passion she doesn’t share with her mother and sister who couldn’t care less about sports. Her best friend in elementary school was Chiquita Fegel but in high school she spends more time with Vanessa Mayor.

She has a little crush on her neighbor Tomas Prentiss but always thought her first kiss would be with Walter Vivi who was hanging out around her and Vanessa but he started dating Vanessa and despite herself she is a little jealous.

As a teenager she developed an irrational fear of drowning so she is doing her best to stay clear of any larger body of water.

And here are Latricia’s stats:

Sign: Capricorn

Traits: Athletic, Lucky, Friendly, Hydrophobic

Grade: B

SkillsGuitar(2), Logic(4), Bass(2),Handiness(1),  Charisma(1)

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