Sunset Valley – Round 3

Tomorrow I’ll probably start on Sunset Valley Round 3 updates. Basically the rules are the same as last time, four days, about three years later in the story, two posts per family.

The families are the same as last time plus the new Caliente’s: Nina, Rosie, Latricia and Branden. Also I’m not sure what I will do about Jill and her family since they no longer live with Jesse but their living solution doesn’t seam to be permanent this time either so I might skip them for this round but we’ll see..

As rest go there are plenty surprises for the Browns, both good and bad, you finally found out about the outcome of Rita’s pregnancy, Junior’s back home…

And one more thing, I started yet another blog, a bit different than this one, you can visit it here, any feedback is welcome, there or here.

Once again thank you all for visiting hope you liked this so far!

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