Hoves – Round 2.2

As I promised here is the second update for the Hoves, if you want to read the first you could do it here.

Day 3

Dougie got up early Friday morning, it was not usual for him but his mother had caught some kind of stomach virus and was up throwing up all nights so he got her TS3W_2015-10-10_13-51-03-82some canned chicken soup to eat in bed and he sat at her desk eating leftover lime pie with his right hand and scrolling his facebook page with his left. He tried to hide it but he was very worried for his mother. He didn’t like her being sick, in her age anything could kill you… He knew that. He even offered to take her to the doctor but she refused. “It’s just a virus Dougey, everyone is having it. I have only twenty four hours of throwing up to look forward to… I just hope I don’t give it to the kids.” Dougie sighed. “I still think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see someone. Hannah could call that buddy of hers, Lysa‘ s brother…” “I said no Douglas.” His mother cut him off. He hated when she called him Douglas. “And stop using the computer while you are eating. You are getting crumbs everywhere.” He sighed closing the browser. “Fine. Did I tell you Mya called yesterday? Ollie needs tutoring and they called me.” Blair nodded quietly.  “We spend so little time with your sister… You should go, help the little boy.” “I just hope he takes after her, not his father.” He grinned but his mother was not so amused.  “It was a joke, ma.” “Yes and Benji is your sister’s husband and it’s not polite to insult him that way.” “Fine.” He said once more trying to change the subject. “You know what you should to mum? You should dye your hair.” It was true, his mother stopped dying her hair after his father passed away. “And you know what? You should pick some rad color! Do you want me to help?”TS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-37-31

The rest of the day, after his mother kicked him out of the room assuring him she just needed sleep, he spent in the garage. His inventing table was there and Dougey loved playing with it. He loved inventing ever since he was a child but it never grew into anything more than a hobby.

After he was done, he didn’t manage to make anything cool he found Kerry yelling after him: “Dougie, DTS3W_2015-10-10_13-29-38-94ougie…” Shooting his tiny little hands in the air. “What do you want, ha?” He asked the boy picking him tickling him as he did. Kerry laughed like crazy. “I wanna fly!” He squealed between laughs and Dougie picked him up and held him in the air the little boy flapping his hands in the air. It was a hilarious sight but Dougey really loved playing with his nephews, especially this little bugger. He was much smarter than a nearly three year old should be, you could just tell he will grow up a genius like his auntie Mya.

When Hannah got upstairs to get Kerry ready to bed he protested a bit but his eyes were already closing so Dougey placed him in his mothers hand and went to his room where another surprise waited. “And what are you up to stinky little menace?” He asked his niece who was using his computer and apparentlyTS3W_2015-10-10_14-15-08-96 checking out his facebook. “You are stinky Dougey!” Freddie replied not missing a beat. “I’m chatting with the lady from next door, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.” She added grinning at him. “Yeah? Latricia? She is also like thirteen. And I have a girlfriend. Back off.” He said closing his laptop. Freddie frowned. She didn’t like it when you opposed her. “You are a meanie Dougey!” “No you are a meanie, you know it’s not ok to touch other people’s stuff.” “Kerry touches my toys all the time!” She replied instantly. “And Kerry’s a baby. Are you a baby Freddie?” “No.” She concluded. Thankfully it seamed that was the end of that discussion since she stuck out her tongue at him and ran outside, next he heard Hannah yelling. “No running Freddie, you’ll wake your brother.” And he smiled. Another day another victory but those kids were TS3W_2015-10-10_14-32-55-39only getting more mischievous by the minute.

Before he went to bed he went to check up on his mum. She was a sleep and didn’t seem to have a fever. Concluding everything was in order he could get to sleep himself.

Day 4

The next morning he got up in his usual time  and that meant the kids were already in their parents’ bedroom watching cartoons. He could hear them laughing, Kerry’s little childlike lauTS3W_2015-10-10_14-05-27-37gh and Freddie’s loud, shrill one. The younger boy was sitting on the floor and his sister was on the bed, her head thrown backwards. “You have…to see… this… Dougey.” She managed to say still laughing so he listened to her and sat on the bed next to her picking up Kerry into his lap.

After their mother came to pick them up to have breakfast and the children obediently left he called his girlfriend, Lysa. It was Saturday and TS3W_2015-10-10_14-20-52-46he figured they could go out tonight. “Oh Dougey I’m so sorry but count me out for tonight.” He hard his girlfriend take a deep breath and he knew she was mad. “I have to go back to Phaena’s tonight, so I have to pack and everything after I get home from work… I’m so sorry…”  “Don’t sweat it. See you tomorrow then?” “Definitely.” Lysa confirmed. “I love you.” She added before hanging up the phone. “Love ya too.” He murmured as he disconnected. He sighed. Lysa’s mothers were divorced, for… Well almost before the two of them were dating and she still had to move from one house to another. It was taxing on her, he knew and she preferred being at Jill’s than at Phaena’s and he knew a drink or two before going there would do her good but she had to pack… What was with that girl and packing? He thought to himself. He watched her pack once she was so meticulous, one would say she was preparing to move to the north pole, not just a street away. He would just throw those thing in a bag and be done with it but when he suggested it to her she threw him the meanest and coldest gaze he had ever gotten.

He looked at the phone thinking about calling someone else but the choice was limited. His best friend Luther started working at the Science Facility a while back and he was swamped lately, he had to stay overtime and all. Plus Luther had a kid now, Freddie’s age. Gonna were the days when two of them could party all Saturday and then play video games all Sunday. He sighed. It seems it’s PES night tonight. Woo!

Before getting downsTS3W_2015-10-10_14-27-12-75tairs to see  whathe could eat he glanced outside and saw his mother with Kerry. His jaw dropped in surprise. She had dyed her hair green, light green. He laughed so hard that both his mum and Kerry turned to him in surprise, he gave his mum two thumbs up and went downstairs, a smile still plastered to his face. He was so glad his mother listened to him. She was getting better every day and that made him happy too, he didn’t want her back to how she was when his father died. He missed his dad too, every day but he knew he would never want them trowing out their lives for him and he tried living his life in a way he knew his father would approve, making his mum happy was always number one on the list.

That afternoon Hannah was out, she had some big event at the school, Llama Hearding program was being extended, or something, he forgot soTS3W_2015-10-10_14-30-56-08 he and mum were stuck babysitting. His mum stayed with Kerry while he played tag with Frederica. She exhausted him like usual, he could never match a five year old’s energy, even if he wasn’t a tad overweight.

When Hannah returned that night it was already time to put the kids to bed and he made her join his game night, she had nothing better do to anyway since Junior was away and he knew his big brother would appreciate him for keeping her company. She was a little clumsy with the controls but she picked it up pretty fast and it turned out to be a fun night at home.


Hoves – Round 2.1

After the Browns and the Prentiss here is another round for the Hoves. Their story beings on Wednesday, around 9 a.m. (There was a bug with Junior, I couldn’t play until I moved him out so he is missing from this update, hopefully next time I play TS3W_2015-09-23_22-49-37-56he will be ok). If you missed round 1, you could read it here but it’s ok to skip and go on.

Also if you missed it the last time Blair is now an elder.

Day 1

In her nightmares she didn’t pass out, she was awake the whole time and she was going through the house searching for her children. Smoke was everywhere and she was unable to see anything so she called for them, inhaling the poisonous air, it hurt to breathe but she yelled and yelled: “FREDDIE!! KERRY!! WHERE ARE YOU??” But they didn’t respond. There wasn’t even a cry…

Hannah woke up all drenched in sweat. She wondered will the nightTS3W_2015-09-23_23-23-40-14mares ever stop? Both her brother, Andrew and her best friend Pegasus who were both doctors said they will. They said after that kind of trauma it was normal but Hannah wasn’t convinced… It had been two years and still she couldn’t get that terrible day out of her head.

She had been alone with the kids that day. Junior was at work, Blair was on a mission (the last one she would ever go on) and Dougie was out… Who knows where he had gone. Those days she had been so tired all the time, she had two toddlers, her part time job and still hadn’t given up her dream of finishing med school. She was cooking lunch and had gone upstairs to find Freddie, Kerry was in the living room watching cartoons. She found Freddie in Mya’s room and she sat on the bed to watch her play. She must have fallen a sleep.

When she woke up the fire alarm was blaring. It must be broken was her fist thought as she opened her eyes. But then she felt the heat and saw smoke rising from the kitchen. She panicked. Freddie was siting right there her little face pale from fear. She picked her up, and whispered soothing words in her ear. “It would be alright baby… ” She repeated all over even though her own heart was attempting to escape her chest. She run down the stairs, the living room had not caught fire yet, at this time it was only in the kitchen. She only looked at the open door and saw the flames dancing everywhere, scared more than ever she ran outside and placed her daughter on the front lawn. She kissed her forehead gently and whispered: “Mummy will be right back… I need to find your brother.Stay here.” Freddie didn’t say anything and she ran inside. Where was Kerry? She ran upstairs again but by that time the house was full of smoke. She coughed and coughed and at some point of her frantic running she passed out.

She woke up and saw Hoster, Andrew’s spouse. He was a fireman and when she saw him all in uniform she thought: Thank God. We are saved. “Hannah, are you ok?” He asked. She nodded. “The paramedics are outside, can you walk?” She nodded, her throat hurt, she couldn’t speak. “My children…” She managed to say in a thin whisper. “They will be fine, we must go…” She followed him outside, by that time the living room was on fire she saw when she had gotten down the stairs, another fireman, Clyde Belgen, she knew him as well, was putting out the fire. My children… She thought. She was so scared.

It was Hoster who fouTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-24-09nd Freddie. She had not listened to her, and when she went back inside she ran to the other side of the house, to the pool. Her father had been teaching her to swim so she thought she would get in the pool, because fire could not find her there. Luckily Hoster found her before she jumped in and got her to safety.

And what saved her baby boy was nothing but luck. He was in the living room watching cartoons when the fire broke out and by some instinctTS3W_2015-09-27_14-17-50-43, or whatever ruled the decisions of a of a one year old he hid under the stairs, behind the TV and Clyde managed to put out the fire before it was too late. He found her son and carried him outside. He had inhaled a lot of smoke and had to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation but he was alive and well in no time.

The nightmares began immediately, followed by the terrible guilt of nearly killing her children, Hannah was a mess. Andrew got her to see a therapist but it was only the support of her husband and family that got her out of this terrible place she was… What was the worst for Hannah however was the fact her own daughter had been having this nightmares as well, and not only that she had been so traumatized she stoppTS3W_2015-10-01_20-40-16-56ed talking.

Throw in a state of despair Hannah could not do anything for her daughter and fell on the rest of the family to help the poor toddler. Blair retired from the force as soon she got back and she was there, all the time, and everyone else at the house chipped in as well. But it was Hannah’s sister Alyssa who got Freddie to talk at last. Hannah would never now how she did it, and would never care, the important thing was that Freddie was recovering…

She was in tears when she thanked Alyssa, the two of them werenTS3W_2015-10-10_13-18-55-45‘t close, they fought constantly as teenagers and later never rebuilt the relationship but Hannah would never forget what she did for her, like she would never what Hoster and Clyde did, even though it was their job.

Back to the present she went downstairs to get started on some chores. When she got back to her room Dougey was there already watching cartoons with the kids.

He held Kerry in his arms and Freddie sat on her bed. She smiled at Dougey who was yawning loTS3W_2015-10-10_13-13-36-05udly and she felt a wave of gratitude. The whole family took such good care for those kids and she was so lucky to have them.

The rest of the day was peaceful, assured by Blair and Dougey that they have it all covered she went to work, she still worked part-time at the bookstore and afterwards went fishing, enjoying the peacefulness she couldn’t find anywhere else… It was recommended by her therapist to go back to fishing and he was right, it helped, it also helped she brought home some perfect anchovies.

Day 2TS3W_2015-10-10_13-32-00-62

Getting up the next day and seeing Dougey in the living room playing video games brought back memories to the day after the fire. She got downstairs that day only to a similar image, Dougey sitting on the floor surrounded by ashes and debris, completely ignorant of everything around him playing his damn video game.

Sometimes she really admired that boy, his ability to adapt to what life threw at him, facing it all with a smile, as long as he could had his PS, other times sheTS3W_2015-10-10_13-34-38-98 felt he was being too babied by his mother. He was a man, well into his twenties and all he ever did was party and play. He was great to her kids though, they loved uncle Dougey, but she hoped her own son won’t be like that.

It was noticeable, especially at times like this when her husband was away (this time it was the International Forensics seminar and he was invited to speak as a renowned Dynamic DNA Profiler) that there was no man of the house. Hannah was raised in a family where that was of paramount importance. A man of the house was to be relied on in all matters, and should have a say in all decisions, but TS3W_2015-10-10_13-45-15-23with Dougey as the man of the house it all fell to her and Blair and she felt he was barely less a child then her boy Kerry, the only difference being Dougey could be relied on to go to the bathroom by himself, and was able to feed himself. Just the other day Blair had to call the repairman to fix their computer, Junior would never allow that, not unless he got at it fist but Dougey didn’t really care, as long as the Play Station was working…

But it was not Hannah’s place to complain. After all she owed so much to Dougey and Blair and just tTS3W_2015-10-10_13-43-45-43hat night, thanks to their babysitting she could find the time to go to a party, where she would meet Nala Caliente, the famous movie composer, and get her autograph as well.

She wished her husband was here to share this with him she thought as she headed home… She would call him in the morning but it was not the same. He worked so much lately. He had even missed Freddie’s last birthday. She hoped he wouldn’t to the same to Kerry…

She knew the kids were young but they noticed this things. She remeTS3W_2015-10-10_13-56-58-67mbered how bad Freddie felt that day and even though catching bad guys was important, so was family. She was determined to remind her husband of that and she almost called him that evening but decided against in the last minute. He was probably tired for talks like that… It could wait till the morning she assured herself, but as she was drifting a sleep she already knew what will she be telling herself tomorrow, it could wait until he gets back…

Hope you liked this one, a little more throwback than actual events but the present was not so fun. Don’t miss part 2. 🙂

Thank You Teacup Talk for the Blogger Recognition Award!

First of thank you Teacup Talk for nominating me for this award, I’m super happy and very honored to receive this award, especially from you because I really love reading your blog. Wow! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing people actually like something that comes out of your head…

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Ok I’m pretty knew to blogging and this site so but still I was able to discover some pretty cool blogs, so here they are (in alphabetical order):

How this blog came to be:

I’m not sure myself 🙂 I have always loved writing but I never actually shown any of it to anyone and as a result I never finish anything I write. So I decided to experiment a bit by starting this blog, mostly related to my sims 3 stories, because they are easiest to write, mostly as an exercise and a way to show people at least a bit of what I have going on in my head.

My advice for new bloggers:

Being pretty new to all of this myself I’m not sure I’m really qualified to give any advice. Feel free to explore other blogs, you can find amazing reads and meet some amazing people from all over the workd. If you like what you are writing about don’t stop doing it, having fun should be your primary objective, and also don’t think of it as an obligation, post as much as you like, as often as you like. That’s about it, I’m still really stunned by being nominated in the first place so I have a hard time finding the right words. 🙂

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Prentiss – Round 2.2

Like I promised we are going back to the Prentiss… This time with Rita. If you missed part 1 you can read it here.

Day 3

TS3W_2015-10-03_23-18-09-08It was Monday and Rita had the day off. She had a long day in front of her, but she didn’t mind it She started the day by baking a cake. It was to be a birthday cake for her girls and she was not going to let Yvonne do it.

Today Maja and Lena turned five. Tomas didn’t want a party, not so soon after his brother’s spouse had died and she agreed but there was no reason for the girls not to have a cake. And later that day she would have a talk with Tomas… She thought about that all morning, trying to think up of the right way to say it, find the right words… Just the thought filled her stomach with butterflies.

Tomas was out for the most of the day. He had to pick up the girlTS3W_2015-10-03_23-53-26-75s’ birthday present and he went to check up on his brother. Andrew needed him more than ever, Rita knew, her own sister Cocoa had been through the same thing a few years back and still she hadn’t fully recovered…

By the time Tomas got back Rita had already finished the cake, did the laundry and all she could think of to kill the time. She had gone over the words she was going to say, and the way she was going to say it numerous times and she changed it every time. She thought of the last time she had such news for Tomas. His father had just died and they were cleaning the house. She remembered how broken up he had been and how much had he his face lightened… ShTS3W_2015-10-03_23-22-34-96e hoped this time it would bring him joy as well.

She couldn’t wait any longer and when she heard the door opening she run to greet him in the hallway. It was cold outside, autumn was in full swing and he was all flushed. He was in distress, she knew the moment she laid eyes on his face. His brother must have been worse than he expected him to be. She just looked him and he knew what she was asking so he nodded weakly.

“It’s really bad Rita. He is so broken up… And that poor boy…” She didn’t say anything. She couldn’t find the words. Poor Andrew she thought. He was always so strong. He was her sister’s best friend, she knew him since childhood and always admired him. He was the rock for all his siblings, it must have been though for Tomas too, watching his brother go through all that… “He says he is going to move out, him and Eduard, he can’t stay at Clyde’s any more…” Tomas stopped. “I told him he could come here. I know I didn’t ask you but… I hope you won’t mind.” He concluded and just looked at her.

And Rita could not help wondering how on Earth did she get a husband so sweet and compassionateTS3W_2015-10-03_23-23-44-23. She moved towards him and gently placed her hands on the his head, running her fingers trough his hair. It was uncharacteristic for her, this sudden displays of emotion and for a moment she could see the surprise in her husbands eyes but he accepted it fast and placed his hands on her hips. “I love you Tomas.” She whispered to him. “And your brother can come and stay here as long as he wants.” She saw relief on his face and he tried to kiss her but she stopped him. “Look Tomas… There is another thing I need to tell you…” She took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant.”

His whole face lit up. Just like the last time. He smiled and she smiled back at him. “I love you Rita.” He said his voice barely stronger then a whisper. He pulled her closer and kissed her. This time she did not stop him.

A little later they went to the kitchen, Rita got the cake out of the fridge and Yvonne brought the girls. It was their turn to shriek in amazement when they saw the cake. ToTS3W_2015-10-03_23-37-47-92mas placed five candles and they blew them out together. Lena immediately sat to eat the cake and Maja was jumping up and down asking where is their present.

Rita smiled and looked at Tomas. “Alright, alright.” He said to his daughter. He walked to the backdoor and opened them.  “It’s right there.” He said pointing his hand outside. Rita watched the shock and delight mixed on her daughters face right before she ran for it. “Come Lena.” She called her other daughter and she rose up gently, and almost tripping ran outside after her sister. She and Tomas stood on the porch and watched the twins discover their present. Tomas wrapped his arm around her and she smiled leaning her head on his shoulder. Watching her daughters happy made the day perfect.

Both Lena and Maja loved to draw so Tomas had two matching easels made. He found a nice spot in the garden to place them and he got all sorts of coloTS3W_2015-10-03_23-48-12-20rs, water colors, crayons, colored pencils… The girls were thrilled. “I’m going to draw right now!” Maja exclaimed happily. “It’s a little late honey.” Rita said from the porch. “It’s ok mum. I’m going to draw vampires! You can’t draw them during the day.” Both Tomas and Rita laughed and let the girls go to bed a little later that night.

Yvonne cleaned up and did the dishes so Rita and Tomas could go to bed right after their daughters. TTS3W_2015-10-03_23-25-56-28hey lay in each others arms and talked about the baby they were going to have. “I hope it’s a boy this time.” Rita told her husband. And she really did. She knew Tomas loved Lena and Maja but she hoped she could give him a little boy too. One that had his hair and his smile, and his kind heart. “I wouldn’t mind another girl.” Tomas said. “The ones I have are all so beautiful.” He added with a smile. “As long as it’s healthy…” Rita said. “And it’s not twins.” Tomas added and they both laughed.

Day 4

The next day Rita got up early. Her husband was still sleeping so sTS3W_2015-10-03_23-55-32-15he slipped out of the room quietly. She went straight to the bathroom and there observed her own image in the mirror. Her stomach was still not showing, it would still be weeks before she noticed any change but there was a little person living there… It was tough with the girls but they did a good job… Every day when she looked at them she was more sure about it.

It wasn’t easy. She didn’t delude herself. And she knew it won’t be easy with this baby either but the girls had brought them so much joy. More then she could ever imagine. And this little fellow he would too. She was sure of it just looking at her stomach. I do hope it’s a boy..TS3W_2015-10-03_23-29-21-18. She told herself and got out of the bathroom but as she did she heard strange noises. It sounded like a chair scraping on wood and she glanced to the half-open door of her husband father’s study. That room was strictly of limits, she remembered, when she and her mother were living there and it barely saw any use now but unmistakably a light was on in there. Rita did not believe in ghosts, despite how her mother earned for a living these days so she went to the door.

It was only Maja sitting at her late grandfathers desk using the computer. “Maja, what are you doing up so early?” She asked. Maja turned around, aTS3W_2015-10-03_23-59-32-66 smile on her face. “I was just talking to grandma she said pointing at the screen. Rita had no idea Maja could use the computer, let alone skype. Probably noticing the surprised look on her mother’s face Maja continued: “Grandma gets from work in the morning and then goes to sleep. This is the best time to talk to her. I wanted to tell her about the birthday and the present.” Rita frowned. She would hear it from her own mother now, not inviting her over, even though there was no party… “You shouldn’t use the computer on your own Maja. How do you even know how to use it?” “Daddy thought me!” “Well he should have told you then, you can’t use it any time you want. Now go back to bed. ” “But I’m not sleepy anymore.” Maja protested. “Fine.” Rita said. “Go to your room and play. Just don’t wake your sister.” “Can I go outside and draw?” Her daughter asked excitedly. “Later.” Rita said. The girl sighed and ran out the door.

Rita went to the computer and checked the screen. It seemed Maja was indeed telling the truth. She sighed. That was being a parent. It seamed as they grew there was even more things you had to protect them from. There was no letting your guard down. And what the hell was her mother thinking? Asking Maja to call her this early in the morning?

As much as Rita TS3W_2015-10-03_21-59-02-56kept her distance from her mother she could never get her to comply. She did love those girls, Rita knew and she tried to spend as much time she could, as much as her crappy job allowed her, with them. Especially with Maja. She was always the smaller, more frail twin and everyone gave her more attention. Especially Rita’s mum. Rita’s own theory was that her mother always blamed Rita for everything that they thought was wrong with Maja and she tried to correct it. Tomas insisted this wasn’t the case, and whatever it was they still had that special bond. Rita sighed again as she exited the room and turned off the light. She would talk about this with both Tomas and her mother.

The rest of the day was peaceful. Rita set to doing the chores, she had another day off. The girls were outside drawing and Tomas was watching them with a blissful look on his face. She wondered how would she tell them about their new baby brother or sister, how would she tell her mother… And then the phone rang.

It was her friend, Rhaenys. She loved talking to her, she was a fun woman, a scientist like TS3W_2015-10-03_23-42-11-77Tomas had been and always full of interesting stories and gossip. She didn’t disappoint this time either. “Look Rita I have a juicy new hookup to tell you about! Wanna hear about it or is it too much for your old and married ears?” Rita laughed. That was Rhaenys alright. “This old married ears wouldn’t mind a juicy story.” She replied. “Well… ” Rhaenys took a deep breath. “Where to begin? Well first of, it’s not just a hookup… I have a new boyfriend and I really like him Rita.” Rita smiled. “Well I’m glad. So who is the lucky fellow?” “Now… That’s the deal…” Rhaenys continued her voice strangely serious. “You know the guy… And…Well.. It’s your brother…” “Harry?? You are seeing Harry??” Rita noticed she was yelling but she couldn’t stop herself. “Rhaenys… He’s just a boy.” “I know, I know. But he is such a sweet boy. And Rita… I do like him.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing… The first thing she thought was. God, does mum know? She liked Rhaenys, she really did, she was good, and kind, and smart. She was good with kids, she worked with troubled teens and was a great supporter of female rights but her love life was this constant mess… She was in a long engagement that she had broken up suddenly, with no explanation, she had a child with a man she was living with who was in her words, just a friend now, and had even said to Rita that she loved him like a brother and laughed when she saw her disgusted face, and just a few months back she told Rita she liked her ex, Mortimer… And now Harry… Rita and her brother weren’t that close but she didn’t want him dragged into this mess… Should she tell her mother? What was she to do?

That’s it for now as far as Prentiss are concerned.  Thank you all for reading 🙂

Prentiss – Round 2.1

Welcome to another installment of the Prentiss family adventures! If you have read Round 1, or have no interest in reading it go on, if you want to you could do so here. This post will cover two days of the hectic life in the Prentiss family, the one that I will post later (probably tomorrow) will cover another two days. Enjoy!

Day 1

It was 6 a.m on a Saturday. The girls were no longer babies but both Tomas and his wife were already used to their daughters unpredictable schedule so they would get up early anyway. They already had coffee and breakfast and now Tomas was sneaking up to the nursery to take TS3W_2015-10-03_22-36-13-43a peek at his lovely angels. Maja was still asleep sprawled in her crib but Lena was sitting up and looking at her tiny hands.

Tomas sighed. On Monday was the girls’ fifth birthday, they would move them from the nursery to his sisters’ old room. Yvonne had already cleared it and deemed it livable. Tomas could not believe that time had flown so fast. It seamed that only yesterday Rita was teaching Maja to walk and now both of them were running aroundTS3W_2015-10-03_22-41-50-80 racing down the stairs and he had to sneak into their rooms early in the morning to catch them being still.

It was hard work raising the girls but he was sure they did a good job. Only time would tell he guessed but it could have been worse… A lot worse. And it’s not like they had been alone, they had Yvonne and of course Rita’s mum.

Ebony would come at least once a week, simply to ask if they needed anything. And Tomas loved his wife, he really did, more than anything in the world, but he would get seriously mad when he would see how coldly she treated her mother. He loved when he was home when Ebony came so he could rush in and great her before Rita did, just a while back Ebony showed up on their door in that horrible uniform she was forced to wear and he got to invite her to dinner and he could swear he saw Rita blush, as uncharacteristic as thTS3W_2015-10-03_21-52-19-02at was for his wife.

He enjoyed spending time with Ebony, she had plenty of stories from her new job as as Seance Holder and she could always make you laugh. And she really loved her granddaughters and they loved her, she really did have a way with kids, probably coming from the fact she had four of her own. After dinner she would even sneak into the bathroom and do the dishes before he or Rita could stop her.TS3W_2015-10-03_21-56-30-59

He couldn’t understand why Rita didn’t want her around… What he would give for his mother to walk in the door and see her beautiful granddaughters… There was no sense in dreaming of ghosts but you should never waste the time you had to spend with the living, he could not stress this enough to Rita…

The rest of his day was uneventful. Rita went to work and he played chess with Yvonne. She asked about the present he had gotten the girls and he was happy to chat away about it. That was about the only thing that made his days stand out of the mundane. He was still unemployed, For a while he thought to get into the education field, teaching the young minds the way of science waTS3W_2015-10-03_22-43-06-57s very appealing… For a time… All he could get was a lousy playground monitor job and that was as entertaining as shooting yourself in the foot so he gave it up pretty soon. He wondered what would his father say about that… Him staying with the girls and Rita working… But that was another ghost, one he was not anxious to provoke…

Day 2

The next day he allowed him self to get up a little later. Rita had made pancakes, her specialty, and he expected them to eat them together but RitaTS3W_2015-10-03_22-57-53-28 just sat next to him a cup in her hand. “Is there something wrong with the pancakes?” He asked teasingly. His wife who wasn’t usually the most talkative and could just get lost in thought at any moment seamed even more off this morning. “Huh?” She said as she turned to him. “Why don’t you have some?” He asked gesturing to his full plate. “Oh, they should be ok I’m just… Not feeling that well actually, but nothing to worry about, I made tea.” She said lifting the hand that held the cup. He knew better than to ask any further. Rita would take care off herself, even when she was sick so he just started eating the really delicious pancakes.

Still he couldn’t help feeling at least a little concerned so he went upstairs to check on his wife later and found her in the nursery reading a book with Maja. They both seamed fine and for a while he just watched them a smile on his lips listening as his little one asked a milliTS3W_2015-10-03_23-00-36-38on questions. It seamed like yesterday that they got excited about her first word…

That night Rita had to stay a bit longer at work so he went to a lousy party by himself. There he ran into Jill Mayor a fellow nature enthusiast who managed to mention her engagement to Nala Caliente in a conversation about the optimal distance between tomato seedlings. He smiled and thought about how he and Rita would laugh about this afterwTS3W_2015-10-03_23-10-11-00ards.

That night however when he got back home his wife was already in bed so he just slipped in next to her, doing his best not to wake her. However as he laid his head on the pillow he felt his wife snuggle next to him. He smiled as he closed eyes.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it. 🙂 Next part comes out today and if you like this one make sure to read the next one too, big things are happening. 🙂

Browns – Round 2.2

It’s time for another round with the Browns: days 1 and 2 you can read here. I thought I would write this from Hazel’s POV but it seams more happened to Harry so it’s Harry once again. Enjoy!

Day 3

When Harry got to the kitchen the next morning his mother had been a sleep and Hazel was working out in the living room, an empty plazma juice can on the counter. “Too much hot dogs last night?” He asked his brother and laughed. Hazel couldn’t even repTS3W_2015-10-03_21-34-49-64ly, as he was completely out of breath but he didn’t stop his workout. Harry had no doubt Hazel would lose the weight. The perfect boy always got what he wanted.

He walked to the counter and found a note from his mother, since she started the ghost hunting job she worked nights and slept during the day so they wouldn’t spend as much time together, that is why they started communicating in this little notes. It was Hazel that started it, he couldn’t do a day without talking to mum but it kinda caught on.

I got the Spooky Award! It’s a big thing in this business and apparently I’ve been doing something right, there will be a ceremony at the City Hall this weekend. Come and support your old mother!
The Piano Digest named you the Pianist of The Year! Congrats baby. They even sent the certificate, it is in my room.
I’m sorry hun, but Ayesha is in the hospital. She is very sick, you should go and visit…

Of course Hazel got another award, it would be a surprise if he didn’t… And Ayesha is sick… Only bad news for me, Harry thought. Ayesha was a bartender at a sports bar Harry sometimes ventured. Neither his mother or Hazel really liked sports or knew anything about it and since his father died there was nobody he could really talk about it so when there was a game on he would watch it at he bar and afterwards comment on it with Ayesha, she knew her stuff. And know that would probably be gone… Harry sighed.

He couldn’t deal with that right now and went to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. He noticed he had a bit of a stubble going on and decided not to shave, he looked older with a beard, Rhaenys would probably like TS3W_2015-10-03_21-37-53-94that. He was about to step out of the bathroom when the phone rang. The caller ID said: Cocoa and he smiled. He really did want to talk to his sister, however he did not expect what happened… “YOU REGISTERED AS A PAINTER? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND YOU IDIOT?” His jaw literally dropped at this point and before answering he made yet another mental note, to talk to his mum… “What are you talking about?” He asked. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t really yell… I’m a little on edge right now. Listen, I think that is a very bad idea.” “Why?” He managed to ask still pretty shocked. He heard his sister take a deep breath. She was a painter for years he knew, and she was pretty good, she earned some money, had a nice little house and was pretty well known in certain circles. “I do sound like a hypocrite don’t I Harry? But look it is a nice hobby but one day you will have a family too and you would have to support them and the chances are you will found yourself broke and without any useful skills for surviving in this cruel world.” This didn’t sound like his sister at all, something was wrong. “Cocoa is everything alright?” She now sounded on the verge of tears. “No… Everything had been awful since Skip died… I’m all alone, I can’t handle the girls, I can’t paint… I barely have any money left. But listen, don’t tell mum a thing?” He promised he wouldn’t and hung up the phone feeling halfhearted.

He went to his rooTS3W_2015-10-03_21-45-30-30m debating what to do know and it exhausted him so he took another nap. Before he fell a sleep however he texted Rhaenys to meet him for drinks that night. When he woke up he found that she had replied telling him she finishes work at half past two. His heart was pounding as he read her reply and he called her asking to meet at the Fusion Lounge around six. He was there just last night and he really liked the place, it seamed like a kind a place you could take a woman like Rhaenys Targeryen. She showed up in a short red dress and he was amazed the minute he saw her. She wore a little too much makeup, she was beautiful even without it but he was content to be in such company nevertheless.

They talked about everything, he told her about his painting ambitions, and she had been very supportive, she knew a lot about arts and he thought he shoTS3W_2015-10-03_21-46-04-41uld have taker her to the Art Gallery first. She talked about her work in the Science Facility and her political ambitions, her little boy who wasn’t even three yet. And she had been so flirty all the time and when he leaned to kiss her Harry was sure that for the first time in
his life he had not misread the signs because she returned the kiss with such passion he had not felt ever in his whole life.

After the kissing she led him to the dance floor, Harry never was much of a dancer and he concentrated so hard not to step on her toes which made her laugh. It was a nice laugh. “I would dance all night just to listen to you laugh.” He told her and she smiled. “You are such a sweetie Harry.” She replied and kissed him sweetly. “We should go upstairs.” Harry suggested, “They have a VIP section, the drinks up there  must be bitchin’.” She laughed at this too and they went to the elevator. It was empty but the two of them and Harry suddenly had an idea. He watched the doors close and as the elevator started moving he playfully pressed the stop button. Bursting with confidence after everything that hadTS3W_2015-10-03_21-49-30-22 happened tonight he approached Rhaenys lightly, this time completely misinterpreting the look on her face.

It turned out the elevator did not start moving after all and the force Rhaenys pushed him off her at the TS3W_2015-10-03_21-49-50-96same time pressing the open door button made him land out of the elevator not so gently.

As he sat on the floor still sore he could only watch as those pretty legs carried his date out of the Lounge’s door.

Day 4

After last night’s disaster Harry did in the end go to the VIP section and got blindingly drunk on his own. He didn’t even remember getting home. But slowly as other memories returned to him he felt like the biggest ass on the planet. He had a date with a beautiful woman and he ruined everything by pushing things too far. Sometimes he really hated himself.

He got out of bed really late, hangover and defeated. Hazel was in the living room reading, what seamed to be a really interesting, book since he barely lifted his gaze to watch Harry’s pacing around the kitchen. With every other option exhausted he texted Rhaenys saying he was really sorry and pleading for her forgiveness . After he did it he stood TS3W_2015-10-03_22-11-01-30in the middle of the kitchen for a few minutes just staring at his phone. Feeling stupid he finally slipped the phone in his pocked and went to the marital academy to break some wooden boards and release all the negative energy that was filling him whole. This time meditation would not be of assistance, he needed to make things splinter into pieces.

After who knows how many broken boards he decided to check his phone hoping against hope for a single message… And yes! the light was blinking. He open the message taking a deep breath and wow it was Rhaenys. Lucky for you I’m all about second chances. Redo at the Lounge, same time?

He could barely breathe once he had read the message. Next thing he did was check the time. He didn’t have much left. He replied: YES as quickly as he could type it and ran to the basement thankful the Academy had a shower room. He had to run to the Fusion Lounge but he had another stroke of good luck, it was all downhill.

Rhaenys was waiting outside the lounge, wearing the same little red dress. She really was not TS3W_2015-10-03_22-13-05-99kidding about a do-over Harry thought. She even smiled when she saw him, like nothing really happened but as they stood there, she making small talk about the weather Harry felt stiff, and like an utter fool… What was he thinking coming here? He had no idea how to make things right again.

Luckily for him that night Rhaenys decided to take charge. She complained about a terrible day at work, and how she felt all stiff from sitting at the table finishing some weekly reports so he offered to give her a massage. This physical contact she did not refuseTS3W_2015-10-03_22-14-14-80 and he got to it immediately.

Afterwards she suggested Harry to go get them drinks and he happily obliged once again. He was ready to do anything to put yesterday’s terrible date behind them.

After the drinks they had dinner downstairs and he couldn’t help admiring how unearthly beautiful she was and how lucky he was to even get to go out with such a great woman and not only that to be given a second chance…TS3W_2015-10-03_22-15-36-70

Thinking only how he managed to last the night without blowing anything he got in the same elevator with Rhaenys once again. “I had a lovely evening.” He told her. “Thank you again… For giving me another chance… For, well, everything…” She laughed that pretty laugh of hers once again as she moved closer to him. “You are sweet Harry Prentiss…” She whispered in his ear as she pressed the stop button this time. Before he knew it she was kissing him and he was pulling down the straps of her dress…TS3W_2015-10-03_22-18-28-35

Once they got out of the Lounge it was already midnight. He suggested they go skinny dipping in the public pool but she refused him with a smile. “Another time honey, I’m just gonna catch a cab.” She kissed him on the lips as they said goodbye and Harry went home as happy he could be.

That’s all for the Browns for now. Hope you enjoy it.

Next up: Tomas and Rita!

Browns – Round 2.1

The Browns are back! Like I wrote yesterday this update will be divided into two posts, the first covering the first two days and the second the second two days.

If you want to read round 1 you are welcome to: here. If you don’t it’s ok you can just go on ahead. If you did read it, remember that this update is three years later than the first one. It’s Tuesday 6 a.m…

Day 1 

Harry’s parents divorced before he was one year old and since that time he had spent time divided between his father’s world and his mother’s world, at least up until he was fifteen, when his father died.

Even when old man Harald was alive Harry preferred being with his mum. His father was a strict, hard man with his, at least in Harry’s mind, close minded opinions on things. But as time passed Harry would often hear his father’s voice inside his head, like a voice of conscience in the most inconvenient of times, like this morning. Harry was in the car with Hazel, they were coming back from a long weekend in Hidden Spring and as they were sitting in his mother’s car, getting back from a vacation that his mother had paid to his mother’s house, he heard his father yelling in his ear. “Are you really proud of yourself son? Did you enjoy resting your sorry ass from sitting at home?” He straightened himself in his sit, causing Hazel to throw him a look from the drivers seat but still he felt very uncomfortable. For once his father was right. He had finished school years ago but he was just fooling around ever since while his mum who was supposed to be the one enjoying herself, retired, after years of all sorts of jobs and raising four children.

When they got back home mum was out. She went to the paTS3W_2015-10-03_20-46-44-44rk. She enjoyed the, still warm autumn mornings and watching the leaves turn yellow as the seasons shifted. Harry knew she would probably be away for a while, she would call her friend Tori, and talk about how he great two boys had graduated from school with honors… She always spoke about them that way, with pride while they were nothing more than, well sorry ass losers…

He sat on the sofa and spread the papers he had taken from tTS3W_2015-10-03_20-54-21-35he door. Hazel, ignoring the dirty dishes sat at the counter drinking one of those plazma juices he was drinking all the time now. The add section was not promising. He guessed he could always join the army… His father would have approved of that. It was a real man’s job. And if his memory served him well his old man was in the army once… He didn’t know what his mother would say but he gave up trying to impress her years ago… That fight he would always lose to Hazel, her perfect prodigy baby… He sighed loudly. What Harry really wanted to do was to be a painter, like his older sister Cocoa but was this the time to follow his dreams or was it a time to step up and be a man? Essentially it was a TS3W_2015-10-03_20-58-20-28choice, which of his parent’s teachings would he follow?

“Hey Haze, do you think we are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders?” He asked his younger brother. “Never really thought of it…” Hazel replied and he knew he was right. As smart as he was Hazel could sometimes be oblivious to the simplest of things. “Don’t you think mum would tell us if that was the case?” Harry sighed again. “That’s the thing man… I don’t think she would.”

He went to the City Hall before his mother got home. He signed the papers, he was officially registered as a self employed painter. Hazel went with him. He registered as a self employed gardener. “What?” he asked when Harry smirked at him. “We have a garden, I work it anyway, I might as well sell the things we grow, we can’t eat them all…” He was right of course but Harry doubted Hazel would really stick to this kind of work. TS3W_2015-10-03_21-05-11-42

Hazel always had a flair for music, and Harry knew he dreamed of being a musician. Just last year for his birthday mum bought him an electrical guitar and he was always playing that damn thing everywhere but Harry was not about to meddle. When they got home he took out Cocoa’s old easel and placed in the garden. He was ready to start his paint splashing career. After one painting he got tired so he went to take a nap before dinner. Mum made salad, since Hazel was on a diet. Harry wanted to tell her she doesn’t have to bother since he barely ate at all lately, he only slurped those damn juices but then his phone rang.

“Hello, is this Harry Van Prentiss?” It was a pretty voice, melodic, and most definitely female. It was a tad discouraging that the pretty lady (she must have been pretty with a voice like that) used his full name but what could you do. “Yes this is he.” TS3W_2015-10-03_21-07-05-71“Great! This is Rhaenys, we met at a party at my place, last week.” Yup. Harry thought pleased with himself, a pretty lady indeed. “I remember, Rhaenys the scientist.” He said with a smile and the woman laughed. “Right, that is me. So I was wondering… If you have time this week… We could go for a drink?” At this Harry’s heart started to pound. This definitely wasn’t something he was used to… He tried to remain cool, promised he would give her a ring and went to the table to eat with his family.

Even though Harry held the image of a player (or at least he felt he had) the truth was that he had never had a girlfriend, in this twenty years he had never even kissed a girl. He had spent years chasing after his classmate Sara Caliente but that never even got him into the friendzone. After that he liked her little sister, Summer but she was way younger then he was and he decided he would wait until she was older and now a woman, an actual woman was asking him out…

Day 2

The next morning he got up early, that was unusual for him but he couldn’t sleep last night anyway. He ran into his mother in the kitchen, she had just come in from work and was preparing breakfast, he was ready to tell her about his career choices but he noticed she didn’t quite seem herself. “What’s up mum?” He asked her, hearing the worry in his own voice. His mother took a deep breath. “Hoster died last night.” Harry was stunned. He didn’t know his brotherTS3W_2015-10-03_21-12-47-65‘s partner that well, in fact he barely knew his brother Andrew at all. He was his father’s son, with his first wife and old Harald had thrown him out of the house the day he came out and told everyone he was going to marry Hoster and that was before Harry himself was even born but he knew his mother had been close to them so he just nodded and got out of her way before he said something inappropriate.  He decided to use the time meditating, there was just too much in his head and he needed to sort it all out…

His meditation was interrupted by his phone ringing. Hoping it was Rhaenys again he hastily picked up the phone. Unfortunately it was not her, it was the supermarket. He used to work there years ago, while he was still in school. The manager was desperate, they needed help with some puzzle shipment gone awry and they were calling everyone they knew had time. He was about to hang up on them when they promised there would be money involved. Knowing it might take a while for this painting thing to take off he said he would drop by.

The rest of the morning was uneventful, his friend Holly who worked at the papers called to ask if it was true he had taken up a painting career and he was once again amazed how quickly news traveled through this town and was reminded once TS3W_2015-10-03_21-22-06-63again he had to talk to his mother…

In the afternoon he went to the supermarket, they were able to assemble the puzzle demo in time and he got to see Phaena Santoro in the flesh.

The day was a complete win. When he got home he learned mum was giving Haze a break from the diet-she was making hot dogs. And after dinner he went to the Fusion Lounge to their new drink promotion and got drunk for free. Life was good.

That’s it for this update, the next part of the Browns will come out tomorrow. Thank you for reading, hope you liked it. 🙂