Prentiss – Round 3.1

Welcome to the adventures of the Prentiss family! Last time Lena and Maja aged up to children so here there are now (Lena-left
, Maja.right):LenaMaja

Lena became Clumsy and Maja became Ambitious.

Day 1

It was a fall day, three years ago when her mother invited herself to dinner at their place. Rita agreed and told her to bring Harry and Hazel as well. She figured it would be an excellent opportunity to break the news of her pregnancy to them. She had already told her sister Cocoa,and Tomas‘ brother Andrew, the two of them were best friends from childhood and had decided to move in together, both recovering from a lose of spouse. Rita could not help but feel relieved, Tomas promised Andrew to move in with them, and Rita was in for it, but then she realized what a mess would it be, her Tomas, the kids, Andrew and his son, Yvonne… And plus Cocoa was alone and broke, she had even started delivering paper to earn enough cash to put money on the table for her daughters. Things were better this way.

TS3W_2015-10-03_23-34-23-13Anyway, Rita eating for two (or at least she thought so at the time) told Tomas about her plan for a family dinner and revelation, over her second breakfast and he agreed. Yvonne cooked dinner, Tomas was adamant to keep Rita from any housework  for the next year or so and Rita didn’t bother fighting it, she was already feeling the symptoms of her pregnancy and appreciated any help.

The dinner however was far different from what she expected… They were all together int he dinning room, waiting for dessert when Ebony said in a calm, but looking back unusual voice: “Rita darling, can you please tell Yvonne to take the girls away a bit? I have to talk to you and Tomas.” Rita was puzzled, but she did as she was told, Lena and Maja protested and Rita was annoyed. He noticed how her mother looked at them, it was a sad look, full of longing but Rita thought she saw right trough it, her mum was sad because she raised them badly, she was sad her wonderful granddaughters had such a terrible mother who didn’t raise them to listen to their elders. How would her mother react when she tells her she is pregnant again? Would she feel sorry for that baby as well?

She was lost in thought and didn’t notice that the girls were out and her mother was turned to her looking at her intently, with the same eyes that Rita saw staring at her from the mirror. “Rita I need to tell you something important. Harry and Hazel already know but your silly sister is dodging my calls. Sooner or later she will need to hear as well, and I would prefer it if it was from me, so try not to tell her, however hard it gets. You’ll have to tell the girls… Something… You’ll find away.” Rita was confused but she didn’t move her eyes away from her mother. “I’m dying. I’m very sick and have only months left.” Rita felt her insides go cold. She could not move. Lost for words she only whispered: “I’m pregnant.”

She didn’t know why she was thinking about that today, it was a slow day at the spa. Not even Shirley, her coworker, and close friend was gossipy liTS3W_2015-10-03_23-54-38-08ke usual. The past is the past Rita told herself but she couldn’t deny how much she had missed her mother, more than she ever thought she would.

That night after her mother had left she locked herself in her room, not letting even her husband in, she cried so much she ended up trowing the whole dinner up.

Her next doctor’s appointment she found out she was, once more, having twins. She felt nothing. No joy, no surprise, excitement. Nothing.

She checked the clock every second. She really wanted to get home to her husband and girls. Yvonne, their butler, left shortly after Rita had the second set of girls. She claimed a relative out of Bridgeport had left her money but Rita suspected that she was simply overwhelmed, she couldn’t go trough crying twins again, and Rita didn’t think she could either. Her mother had been very sick then and it was only Tomas at Rita’s side and she couldn’t have made it without him, ever.

TS3W_2015-10-25_18-58-36-60She checked the clock again. He was there with them now, playing with Delores, holding Nandini. She wished she was there too.

She should have quit this lousy job. She should stay home with her daughters, the farce was over, she didn’t want to be a receptionist at the spa, she wanted to be an astronaut, but that dream was over. She was no longer young, she was a mother of four. Once she had an excuse of having to earn money for her family, she didn’t even have that anymoreTS3W_2015-10-25_18-59-51-53. Tomas had a job now. So what was she doing? Waiting for the hand of the clock to move…

When the day was finally over she got out as fast as she could, almost breaking in a run and was home in time to make dinner. She found Tomas in their bedroom practicing a lecture. He had finally landed a job at the school, since he lost his job in the Science Facility, teaching young minds the way of science was the only other thing he considered doing. She stood on the door listening to him for a while. He noticed her and smiled. “Don’t creep up on me. That’s not sexy.” She smiled back. She really wanted to answer to that but there were more pressing matters on her mind. “Where are the TS3W_2015-10-25_19-05-36-36girls? Have they eaten anything?” “Only ice cream.” Tomas said again mockingly, or so she hoped. She sighed. “I’ll go make some mac and cheese.”

After dinner everyone ended up in bed. Delores and Nandini in the nursery, Lena and Maja to their room, even Tomas was too tired from the day at school, and the afternoon with the girls so he went to bed too. Rita called her friend Phoibe, she needed to talk to someone badly. After that she did the laundry, and checked up on everyone before going to bed herself. She was amused seeing Maja and Lena sleeping in almost identical positions and she smiled slightly before slowly closing the door, trying hard not to wake them.

Day 2

She was woken up the next morning by baby cries. Tomas groTS3W_2015-10-25_19-12-51-14aned besides her but she got up before he did and walked across the hall to the nursery. It was Delores. She had a nightmare and was crying for her mummy. Rita lifted her up walking around the house with her little daughter in her arms, hoping she would fall a sleep again. She felt like crying herself. Somehow her thoughts went to her own mother and she wondered, did she had nightmares like this? Would her mum pick her up and try to soothe her and then tomorrow go to work, taking coffee around to people, trying to feed her and her sister. And what had she become? An ungrateful bitch. She pressed Delores to her chest harder. Why do any of us ever have to grow up she wondered.

When Delores finally fell a sleep she got her back to her crib and realized she would not sleep tonight so she went down to the kitchen and made herself coffee. She casually looked outside, dawn was just breaking and in the soft morning light she saw Lena outsTS3W_2015-10-25_19-11-35-75ide. All these years later the girls were still going crazy about that present Tomas got them for their fifth birthday so there Lena was, in her sleeping clothes outside, painting.

“Lena, love? What are you doing?” Rita asked as she walked outside, barefoot. “Just drawing.” Her daughter replied a little annoyed. “Outside? At this time? Couldn’t you sleep?” “I had enough sleep.” Lena replied. “I wanted to paint something.” “But aren’t you afraid of the dark?” Rita asked. “No.” Lena replied simply, her eyes never leaving the big canvas. “There are scarier things.” “Like what?” Rita asked. “Death.” Was all her little girl said.

Rita was still thinking about that as she made breakfast but her husband’s scream woke her up from this trance, and definitely saved her pancakesTS3W_2015-10-25_19-14-44-84. She removed the pan from the stove and ran to the bathroom from which the scream originated. As she pushed open the door there was definitely something to be seen.

Her husband was standing next to the shower, completely naked staring at his yellow fingers. But they were not the only yellow thing. So was his hair. Completely, brightly, yellow.

“Tomas! What happened?” She asked closing the door behind her. She didn’t want her daughters to ran into their naked father. He looked her a desperate expression on his face. “I have no idea… I just washed my hair… Oh Rita I have classes today…” She walked to the shower looking at the bottles. “Somebody substituted your shampoo with dye… And it doesn’t take a genius to deduce who since Lena was out painting all morning…” She sighed. “Come on, I’ll help you wash it.”

Sadly there was no time left for breakfast so she packed up pancakes for both the girls and Tomas. Outside she could hear Tomas shouting: “…AND AFTER ALL ME AND YOUR MOTHER DO FOR YOU YOU DECIDE TO PULL A STUPID PRANK LIKE THIS. WHY MAJA? DID YOU THINK IT WOULD BE FUNNY? ANSWER ME!TS3W_2015-10-25_19-15-17-49” She sighed. Tomas hated yelling at the girls. He tried to avoid the reign of terror his father practiced on him and his siblings. He would probably go and do something stupid after this… And he was right for yelling, Maja did something punishable. She sighed. All three of them were late to school that morning and Rita stayed home playing with her other two daughters.

She also made lunch and when Tomas got home went straight to bed, shTS3W_2015-10-25_19-16-30-59e was exhausted. When she got up Tomas was still awake, it was Friday after all but he had sent the girls to bed, he assured her they did their homework. He told her how Maja had plans to skip a grade because she was so bored at school and Lena told her then she would have to skip it with her because who would she sit with if Maja wasn’t there? Rita smiled and got ready to anothTS3W_2015-10-25_19-28-37-57er one of Riam Gradle’s parties she had been invited. Like usual she spent her time there with Eevee Gradle, Riam’s granddaughter, trying hard not to think about how her mother and Tomas used to date.

/* That’s it for now. Check out next part tomorrow! */

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