Hoves – Round 3.1

The last time I played the Hoves Junior was a bit buggy and had to be moved out so maybe you’ll be glad to now that the bugs is gone, after I moved him back in so he we’ll feature in this update. Also I have to introduce the newest member of the Hoves family, Kerry, and his sister Freddie is a child now, so here they are:KerryFreddie

Freddie developed the Kleptomaniac trait and Kerry’s a Slob and a Genius.

Day 1

It was Monday. Junior had just came home from work and he had a headache. He wasn’t getting enough sleep, the forensics department was swamped, ever since they got the new equipment he had been pitching for they were sending them samples from all over the country, even as far as Twinbrook.

It didn’t help however that today he heard a particularly nasty rumorTS3W_2015-10-25_20-43-51-70, one he chose not to believe, about his wife and younger brother fighting in public. He could imagine a few nasty words being sad, the two were like this to each other ever since once over dinTS3W_2015-10-25_20-44-59-31ner Hannah told Dougie how she felt he was wasting his life away playing video games and doing nothing with his life and Dougie took it very badly, he was always like that, everything was personal for him. Junior preferred to stay out of this but it was slowly becoming less possible… He knew that tonight he would probably hear two versions of the same story from both of them and he sighed.

Blair was in the living room, but not alone, Laquita, one of his uncle Jesse’s daughters was there and Blair was telling her about different guys she had put in prison. It was unusual for his step-mother to talk about her time in the force but he guessed she was becoming like all old people who were so yearning for their youth that they spent endless hours reminiscing about the life they once had. It surprised him a bit coming from her anyway, Blair still had a pretty active life even though she was done with her spy business,  for a year she thought at the police academy and even held some self defense seminars for middle school kids. Now she was volunteering at the fire department. Retirement was not for everyone he guessed.

“Hi Junior.” Blair said to him a smile on her face. “Say hi to the future president of the whole country.” “Hi Laquita.” he said with a smile. “So politics?” “That’s the plan!” the young girl said with a smile. “I still have a long way to go…” “We believe in you sweetie.” Blair told her patting her arm encouragingly. “Well anyway…What I came to say is…” The girl spoke a bit nervously. “My graduation ceremony is this week but we all got a limited number of invitations…” “And we are a big family.” Blair finished for her. “You can’t invite all of us, and you can’t chose… It’s not a problem honey.” The girl smiled, relief obvious on her face and Junior gave her a smile as well and went upstairs to fix himself a bath.

It didn’t help. He still wasn’t feeling himself so he got ready to go for a run. He was just about to leave when he ran into his wife. Monday’s she moderated a book club at the bookstore where she TS3W_2015-10-25_21-10-20-47worked part time and she often came home late. Tonight however that was not the case.

“Oh Jun. I’m so glad I ran into you, I had the craziest day today…” She told him the moment she saw him. He sighed. His head was throbbing but there would be no running tonight. “Come on inside, you’ll tell me all about it as I give you a back rub.” He told his wife watching her face brighten. “You are the best husband in the world!” She told him. “Well and you are not the best wife, the doctor said you need to avoid additional stress and you still insist on moderating that book club…” “Oh it’s not the book club Junior. That was fine. It’s your brother…” Here we go, Junior thought with a sigh. “Lets go inside.” He told her and so they went. They were keeping Hannah’s pregnancy under wraps for now at least, the situation at home was not the best with Dougie threatening to move out… He didn’t want his little brother to leave, his mother needed him, and if Blair were to leave to… With him working so much Hannah needed all the help she would get… And there were his other children, he didn’t really think Kerry would mind a younger brother or sister but Frederica… Mondays were the worst!

Day 2

Next morning Junior found Frederica in the living room playing some video game. She must have been up at 4 am just to play without her mother sTS3W_2015-10-25_21-24-22-36eeing her. He sighed. Hannah blamed him and his work and subsequent absence for everything wrong with their daughter, and right now it was her disobedience
of all her elders. But Junior, although he loved all his children always felt that there was just something wrong with his daughter…

That is why on slow days at the lab he would read countless articles about child psychopathy, the possible signs and treatments. Of course Hannah would never believe him and would never consent to taking her beloved eldest child to a therapist he still wanted to know, desperately, was there something wrong with his child? She wasn’t cruel to animals, or liked causing other people pain, to his great relief but when Kerry was born she reacted badly, she was super jealous and while Hannah assured him it was normal with siblings, he couldn’t remember ever seeing a case that bad.

Sure when they both grew a little tTS3W_2015-10-10_13-37-49-44hey played together, under watchful eyes of other adults but Junior could never forget the cold hatred in Freddie’s eyes when she would push Kerry’s tiny baby hands from her, when he was curious enough to try and reach to his little sister.

But, at least for now, they got along as well as siblings do, and Frederica, to most people, seamed like a normal little girl, she went to school, liked video gaTS3W_2015-10-25_21-31-39-74mes, liked watching the stars, and was a little disobedient, nothing abnormal but Junior was a little afraid what the addition of one more family member might do to his daughter…

“What are you doing Freddie?” He asked in a serious voice. “You know your mother doesn’t approve of you spending too much time playing games.” “Well I love games!” His daughter replied barely moving her eyes from the TV. “Well what you should love is your mother, and listen to what she saws. Game over.” He said walking up to her and snatching the controller from her hands. She looked him, cold fury in her eyes as she got up and left the room. Junior looked at what she was playing. GTA? I’ll definitely need to talk to Dougie… He thought with a sigh.

Tuesday was pretty busy as well so could get his daughter and her behavior out of head, at least until the school called to ask for his permission for Freddie to take a field trip to the Chinese MausoleumTS3W_2015-10-25_21-49-13-79um tomorrow. When he got home he found her talking over the phone so he sent her to her room to do homework. Once he did the laundry, before going to take a swim he went up to check on her. He saw her sitting in Mya’s old room bent over a notebook and wondered if she has any chance to grow up normal…

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