Caliente – Round 3.1

This is the first post detailing the life of the Caliente family. I hope you’ll like their adventures as much as those of other families.

Family members:

Also appearing in the story:


Day 1

Rosie started her day the way she tried to start every day – going to the pool. She preferred playing gameTS3W_2015-10-31_10-35-03-75s on her computer then going out and doing exercise but of all things swimming was the most acceptable to her. And she needed exercise, she was desperate
to lose her weight. She wanted this for a while now, she knew her mother would approve if she was more fit and better looking and now that she was seeing, or whatever it was, she was doing with Leighton Sekemoto she wanted to change her look, he was an athlete and she doubted he would go steady with a chubby girl like her.

When she was done she phoned her friend Donovan, they used to work together at the spa, but now he had quit his job and started a daycare, she missed him a lot, and didn’t want the two of them to lose contact, his wedding was coming up soon and she wanted to hear all the details of how preparations are going.

Afterwards she got dressed and went home. Mum was out, probably working, she was a hit movie composer, and was currently recording a new sTS3W_2015-10-31_11-30-37-11oundtrack for some movie filmed in Bridgeport. Branden, her little brother was probably playing upstairs since she only saw Latricia when she got in.

She sat at the table eating ice cream, right out of the box, Rosie envied her for that so much, her little sister could eat anything she wanted and stay skinny. What surprised her about her sister was the way she was dressed, she even wore makeup, that was as unlike Latricia as it got. “What’s up?” She asked, taking a seat opposite to her sister, trying not to imagine how sweet that ice cream must be… Latricia just shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, it’s prom night!” Roise suddenly exclaimed, a realization being formed in her head. Latricia nodded weakly. “Yup, I’m about to leave soon.” “Why are you so down then?” Latricia shrugged again. “Going solo?” Her sister nodded in between bites. “Well that’s not a bad thing, did you ask anyone?” “I wanted to…” Her sister replied. “But in the end I just didn’t do it.” “Well if he is not taking anyone else you’ll still see each other there.” Rosie added trying to cheer her little sister up. Latricia said nothing, just continued eating her ice cream.

She was out pretty soon after that without more explanations and Rosie only managed to wish her a good tiTS3W_2015-10-31_11-35-24-41me. After that she went to play a little with her youngest brother and then mum came home and made dinner.

Since mac and cheese ain’t exactly healthy Rosie had to do another workout session after dinner and waited for her little sister to come back home.

When she finally did she was not in a good mood Rosie expected. In one hand though, she carried a nice, sparkly tiara and in another a framed photo. “Hey you are prom queen?” Rosie yelled running up to her, stopping herself from hugging her in the last second, she must have smelled horrible. “Yeah…” Latricia said. “Yay for me…” she wasn’t as ecstatic as Rosie expected her to be. “What’s wrong she asked?” “Nothing.” Her sister replied. “It was an awful night, I just want to go to bed and forget about it…” She said and Rosie left her be as she trotted up the stairs.

Day 2

TS3W_2015-11-01_15-08-13-55The next day her mother woke her up at dawn, today she had to go to Bridgeport on business and she wanted Rosie to come with her. Rosie knew about this trip for weeks but somehow it had slipped her mind and right now she wanted nothing more than stay in bed but she got up and drowsily got dressed.

Somehow she got to the cab next to her mother and they drove to the airport, she dozed a bit in the plane, and wokTS3W_2015-11-15_16-34-14-20e only in time to buckle their seat belts for the landing. She looked at the big buildings, and the billboards and admired a town so different than her home.

They took a cab again to get to the apartment her mother rented for them in the city, it wasn’t big, but it was in a high building in the center of town, and on the top floor to boot. She looked out the window and admired everything one more time. This city had so much potential for adventure she thought! Mum of course had to work and left Rosie with a big dilemma of what to do next.

Old Rosie would of course park herself in front of the TV or check if thaTS3W_2015-11-15_16-58-40-09t computer out there has anything installed but Rosie was trying to change so she decided to take a cab and try out Bridgeport Gym.

This building also had a view and Rosie had to stop and admire it for a moment, she was about to hit the machines she saw when she was approached by a blond woman wearing sunglasses, even indoors. “Excuse me Miss.” She told Rosie. “My personal trainer is a little busy today and you look like soTS3W_2015-11-15_16-54-22-24meone who is a regular at similar establishments, would you mind giving me a few pointers?” Rosie almost shrieked, she had recognized the woman, it was Lola Belle, the pop star. “Of course!” She said trying not to let her voice betray her excitement. “If you would give me an autograph! I’m a huge fan!” It was a bit of an overstatement but still how awesome was an autograph from a pop star. The lady agreed and Rosie trained her for hours, just like she had promised.TS3W_2015-11-15_16-59-33-01

After her time with Belle she went to shower and when she got out of the restroom she was glad she did because she was approached by a really handsome guy and already after five minutes of conversation she wished she was staying here longer than two days. He gave out a goth vibe, even worked in the mausoleum, but he was too hot, it helped that the whole time they were talking he was shirtless.

The conversation ended with Rosie giving him her number and going back to the apartment. Her mother was alreadyTS3W_2015-11-15_17-04-03-62 sleeping when she got in so she silently got out a plasma juice and was a bit sorry that her mum had to work and they didn’t get to spend time together but tomorrow was another day and another adventure in the majestic city of Bridgeport…

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