Mayor – Round 3.1

I decided to include Jill and her family in this update too, in the next one they would have a house of their own so I won’t bother introducing their host, not yet anyway. If you have not followed them before you can read about them in:

Family members:

Appearing in the story:

Day 1

TS3W_2015-11-01_18-08-43-66“The house should probably be movable this month, maybe even next week but we won’t push it… Nala is a great host…” Jill explained to Chiquita Fegel who was listening to her intently…

She was glad things turned out this way, that finally she could have her own home, a home for her kids and not depend on a lover, or ex-lover as it was of late.

Nala was a great host, that wasn’t a lie, but Jill still felt guilty staying in her large house, the house she knew she had built for them. She wasn’t a wimpy woman but she nearly burst into tears when Nala showed her the second floor, a whole floor for her kids, and they would each have a room for themselves.

She had doubts in her relationship with Nala ever since it started, Nala had just divorced her partner of over thirty years, the woman she had raised two children with after she cheated on her and she started seeing Jill only months after the divorce was finalized. To Jill it stank of rebound but she liked Nala, and when she proposed she sad yes but as the big day approached she grew more and more nervous…

Tjill-nala-wedding_2_hen one day, she and the kids were still at Jesse’s, Nala invited her to a formal party at her place (back then she still stayed with her ex, Dina). Jill should have guessed something was up because Nala insisted she wears her best clothes, suggestion she ignored, because even in her wildest dreams she could not have imagined that Nala planned a surprise wedding.

When she saw her, in her colorful suit, and her freshly dyed, straighten hair she knew.Nala smiled guiltily and tried explaining: “Look I thought… We were both trough this once, who cared for big weddings anymore, so I thought we could be spontaneous…” She sighed and Jill was very sad to do this but her next words were: “We can’t get married tonight Nala…”

jill-nala-wedding_1_What she should have said was: “We can’t get married.” But she didn’t. Not that night anyway. Nala didn’t let it end there. “Look my house is finished, it was intended for us, we don’t have to be married for me to let you move in.” She smiled and Jill didn’t say no. Years later she was still living with Nala…

They broke up after a while, when it was obvious that Jill would never be ready for this marriage, they stayed on good terms but Jill didn’t want to tempt her anymore… One day Nala will get fed up with them, and Jill didn’t want her and the kids to stay on the street, so she started making plans for her own house, the one she was now telling Chiquita Fegel about.

The next morning she got up and found Lysa in Nala’s living room eating TS3W_2015-11-01_18-44-27-36waffles that Nala had made for her. “I can’t believe she never cooked before moving here!” Lysa said loudly. “I just can’t believe it, try this mother, it’s divine.” Jill frowned. She wished Nala would let her cook, not that she complaints over Nala’s cooking, she was a good student and picked up on it very fast, she just wished she could give more back… She still felt guilty over how everything turned out. “I’ll eat later.” She told her oldest daughter. “And you should do the laundry, I believe it’s your turn.”

The rest of the day she spend issuing orders to her children and since she had the evening off at the diner she decided to treat herself with a date. After her break up with Nala Jill did what she always did after things had gotten tough, she slept with a man. This man she knew was bad news, he had been in jail, he had probably still been in the crime business, so she thought that it would never grow into a relationship, she was wrong. She and Mortimer Goth were still seeing each other, secretly of course.

TS3W_2015-11-01_19-09-52-09That night they met near the army base. Mortimer brought flowers, purple, her favorite color. She knew most of town stayed clear of Mortimer, his past haunted him where ever he went but with her he was nothing but a sweet young man.

They talked for hours under the evening sky, watching the stars, her head resting on his shoulder, his muscular arm hugging her. Since she could never bring Mortimer home, they made love right there, under the same stars, like two love struck teenagers.

When she finally gone home she hoped everyone would be in bed but she saw the lights on in the leaving room. It wasn’t any of her children but Nala with a book. Great… She thought, the last person I wanted to see…

One of the reasons Jill and Mortimer kept their relationship secret was Nala. Years ago, Nala’s marriage fell apart because Dina, her wife, cheated on her with none other TS3W_2015-11-01_19-11-04-56but Mortimer Goth. Jill knew the story, everyone in Sunset Valley knew, but sill she liked Mortimer and she didn’t want to end it, but she also didn’t want to hurt Nala anymore…

Luckily Nala didn’t ask where she was. “Oh Jill.” She said yawning loudly. “I had no idea it was this late, I stayed up reading this book, it’s actually a collection of puzzles, very interesting…” Then she smiled. “Maybe only to us retired old hags.” She stretched in her armchair. “Goodnight Jill.” “Goodnight.” Jill murmured and almost ran upstairs to her room.

Day 2

When she got downstairs the next morning it was nearly noon, her younger children, Vanessa and ZTS3W_2015-11-01_19-14-47-04eke were at school, only Lysa was home on the phone with her boyfriend, Dougie. The two were dating for what seamed an eternity but there was still no hints of anything more serious.

She was still too young to be a grandmother, or so she felt, but a wedding would be nice, especially now that she wasn’t having her own…

She waited for Lysa to finish her conversation and then walked up to her. “Listen honey, maybe you and Dougie could come over to the dinner tonight, my treat?” She smiled but Lysa’s face was as if made of stone. “Why?” She asked. “Is it bad news, must I go back to Phaena’s?” She frowned. She did like the fact her daughter loved spending more time with her then with her ex but still these tantrums were getting old, Lysa was no longer a child. “You must spend time with your mother too, I won’t make you do it, but try to find the time anyway… And this isn’t about that, I just wanted to treat you and your boyfriend to something nice.” Lysa nodded obviously relieved. “You know I don’t hate Phaena… It’s just… They are adopting another child, she and Elaine and… It might be a little crowded there…” Jill nodded trying to remain calm. Phaena and Elaine adopting a child… She couldn’t believe it, and she didn’t know why she cared. Suddenly she noticed her daughter wasn’t done talking. “…and they would play ‘Halo’… But I could come alone.” She smiled and Jill smiled back at her hoping her daughter wouldn’t catch her distraction.

She thought about her ex-wife and her new happy marriage all night, at least until her boss came up to her. “Hey Jill, listen you are doing a great job in the kitchen lately and I was thinking… Our pastries are doing surprisingly well, who would have thought so I thought we need someone just for that job… What do you say? Wanna be my new pastry chef? Of course there is a raise and a bonus involved…” Jill said “yes” and ran to tell her daughter who was in the dinning section to share the good news.

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