Mayor – Round 3.2

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Day 3

After diner at the diner, on her mother, and celebrating her mother’s big promotion Lysa decided she wasn’t ready to go home just yet. She was a still a little mad Dougie had failed to invite her to play Halo with him and Luther, sometimes it seemed she was his second choice, if Luther was busy he would call her, but if not it would be as she doesn’t exist….

TS3W_2015-11-01_19-34-17-68That is why she decided she would go out and get drunk, even though that really wasn’t her usual thing. She went to a dance club and drank, she danced alone, and then one guy got up on the counter and yelled: “I’m gonna be a father, next one’s one me!” She cheered along with the crowd… And that’s the last thing she remembered.

When she woke up her throat was parched and a headache was killing her… She got up, drank a gallon of water and made coffee. The house was awfully quiet but as she got out on the back porch to get some fresh air she noticed her younger sister in Nala’s bedroom.

“What are you doing here?” She asked Vanessa, trying nTS3W_2015-11-01_19-36-42-75ot to raise her voice since Nala was still asleep. Vanessa took a sip of her coffee before answering. “You see what I’m doing.” “Yes I do.” Lysa said, clearly annoyed, still fighting the urge to yell. “I mean why here?” “Well I wanted to be alone.” Her sister replied. “And I was pretty quiet before you came in.” She got up and marched from the room.

Lysa sighed. Vanessa and Zeke were in general good kids but they could be such nuisances, just the other night she had to ground Zeke for breaking curfew, and now Vanessa was being all bitchy… She wondered if she should go to their mother and complain about them but decided to drop it for today, she had a headache, and mum should enjoy today, she was promoted after all, the extra money would work well for the new house.

She was very excited about this move. She felt like an intruder since mum and Nala broke up.TS3W_2015-11-01_18-45-54-38 She had even been thinking about moving out herself but she couldn’t really afford it on her spa package seller salary. And besides she didn’t want to live alone, she was done being alone, she wanted to live with her boyfriend Dougie, but often it seamed the thought had never crossed his mind… I’ll have to give him a push in the right direction… She thought as she did the laundry.

After finishing with housework she went to the spa. After an uneventful few hours she got home, her back aching from being on her feet all day. The lights were off and she supposed everyone was away. When she flipped on the switch she realized she was wrong.

“Hello Vanessa, hello Walter.” She said to her sister and her boyfriend who had broken apart when they saw her, her sister blushing but Walter only smiled as he said hello. TS3W_2015-11-01_19-58-31-47

An awkward silence descended on the trio as they all stood there not moving. Lysa didn’t think it would be appropriate to just leave two teenagers alone in the room, but still she couldn’t throw Walter out, they were at least still wearing clothes when she walked in on them. “Maybe we could all watch TV together?” She suggested. “Sounds great!” Walter said and smiled at Vanessa who smiled back but Lysa could see she was not glad with the way things unfolded.

Day 4

TS3W_2015-11-01_20-00-21-00Lysa got up that Sunday determined. Today was the day she is going tot take control of her life. she was done waiting on other people, she would go and do what she wanted. Or so she told herself over and over as she stared into Nala’s fancy coffee-maker waiting for her coffee to be done.

When she was lying in her bed that night and planning this whole day it had seemed so easy, and she was so sure of everything but now that she was up and her dreams were become reality she couldn’t help being nervous, she needed everything to be perfect but will it be?

Her thoughts were interrupted when her brother Zeke walked in. “Hey, Lys, anything for breakfast?” Her brother had grown so much, every time she had gone to her other mother’s house and came back he was taller. If he grew any more he wouldn’t even manage to go trough the door she thought as she looked at him. “There is some leftover pasta from last night, I could heat something up for you?” She asked and he looked a little sad. “I thought I could make us something… But ok, I’ll be downstairs.”

STS3W_2015-11-01_20-03-35-54he heated the leftovers after her coffee was finally finished and they ate together in the living room. Zeke was telling her plans for the day, he was going to see his girlfriend, Marty. “…and then I’m going to serenade her with my bass. Pretty cool, huh? Laquita thought me.” “I’m going to propose to Dougie.” She said and watched as Zeke’s jaw dropped. “Really? Wow, Lysa! Good luck!” She smiled nervously, it helped sharing this with someone, it made it all more real, and what’s more important made her feel more confident about the whole thing.

She rechecked everything a hundred times, her makeup, her hair, she  the box with the ring… She never imagined it this way, she always thought Dougie would propose to her in some romantic candlelit restaurant, or at the beach at sunset. But she had to admit it to herself, that was not how her boyfriend was, and that was ok. She loved him for who he was, even if he could sometimes be a lazy oaf. She took a deep breath as she finally walked out of the house her heart fluttering, and her whole body shaking.

TS3W_2015-11-01_20-09-58-95On the way out she noticed her mother on the porch arguing in whispers with some guy dressed all in black. They both stopped talking as soon as they saw her. She tried to smile but none of them responded to that. Her mother didn’t even ask where she was going. It was strange but she didn’t have time to think about it. She didn’t want to be late to her brunch with Dougie.

They met at the Bistro. It was the nicest place in town for a good meal, and a big proposal Lysa thought, besides if anything goes wrong she didn’t want it to happen in the diner where her mother worked with all those gossiping women, like Narcissa Frail.

Dougie was already there when she arrived and he was brimming with excitement. “Look who’s here Lysa! It’s Riam Gradle!” And he was right, the aging rocker must have come to have brunch alone or with his family but as usual wherever the town’s biggest star went a huge crowd had gathered. They were shouting at him to play something and while Lysa, if she were in his shoes would shout at them to back off and leave her the hell alone, he simply smiled and pulled out his guitar. The crowd roared with delight, Dougie too and Lysa smiled. She loved seeing him happy.

TS3W_2015-11-01_20-13-56-96The old man closed his eyes and played one of his most famous love songs, one he had allegedly written for his fist wife Minissa and the whole crowd went silent listening to the beautiful music and words that filled the place. This is a sign Lysa thought and turned to Dougie smiling and they kissed passionately.

And just like that all the nervousness and doubt Lysa felt were gone. She was sure, she was ready. She had planned everything to the detail, they would be seated when she would pull out the ring, just after they were done eating. He would say nothing just smile, and he would say YES and they would lean in and kiss, just like they did now but she had given up this plan. If she had to wait just one more second her resolve might weaken, her nervousness might return. The time was now.

TS3W_2015-11-01_20-16-49-48She took her boyfriend aside and slowly got down on one knee, or as close to that she could get and opened up her ring box. Dougie gasped and then covered his mouth with his hand. “Douglas Hoves…” She started and then she noticed Dougie tearing up and she felt like she would cry too but she forced herself to continue. “Douglas Hoves… Will you marry me?” The practiced words escaped her and she got right to the chase but it was enough for Dougie because he scooped her off the floor and lifted her in the air, she had to grip the box tight in order not to drop her. “YES! YES!” He shouted and she laughed and all around them people started to clap.

/* That’s it for this round, next up some more introductions, this time it’s Nina’s sister Dina and her two daughters. */

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