Sara Caliente

Sara Caliente was adopted when she was just a baby, she knows nothing about her biological parents, and doesn’t really want to know. Ever since she can remember Dina and Nala were her mothers, they adopted her, they raised her and they love her. For Sara that is enough.

As a child she was a very shy girl who loved nothing but watching TV, especially cartoons. When Cocoa Brown first came to live with her and her mothers she was very terrified of sharing a house with a stranger but quickly she took a liking to this young woman and quickly discovered she wants to be just like her, down to her lifetime wish. Cocoa was the big sister she never had.

When she was in her teens her mothers adopted another little orphan girl, Summer and now she has a real sister too but they are not so close as she was with Cocoa. She was a little anxious about sharing her room but got used to it rather fast.

She is engaged to Jerod Prentiss, her high school sweetheart but sometimes she isn’t really sure about their upcoming marriage.. Jerod is a very a handsome firefighter, hero, and all the girls are going crazy about him. This often fills Sara’s head with doubts which are hard to expel…

Nevertheless Sara loves parties, so she threw an awesome bachelorette party (like her mother she likes formal parties), complete with strippers, and her aunt Nina gave her a toast. With birthday parties however she has less luck, on her fourteenth birthday party she had a fire blowing candles.

Sara had tried many jobs in her lifetime. Right now she works as a desk jockey at the forensics department, where coincidentally her fiancee’s mother also works and she is trying hard to impress her…

Sara likes colorful clothes, watching TV and eating out, her best friend is her cousin Rosie. Her stats are as follows:


TraitsAdventurous, Artistic, Excitable, Loves the Outdoors

LWllustrious Author

Jobs: Produce Quality Assessor(30$/h),Beverage Consultant(33$/h), Burial Specialist(33$/h), Rod and Real Rookie, Desk Jokey (47$/h)

Skills: Athletic (4), Cooking(2), Fishing (10), Guitar(5), Piano(4), Logic(1), Bass(4), Drums(5), Writing(3), Martial Arts(7)

17 thoughts on “Sara Caliente

  1. I’ve just been looking through some of your fantastic sims! I love how diverse and well thought-out they all are, the the interesting ways their stories intersect. Your Sunset Valley sounds like a wonderful place to play. Thanks so much for sharing these windows into your sims’ world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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