Sunset Valley – Round 4

It’s time for a new round of Sunset Valley updates! I hope you liked the previous rounds, this time the rules change a bit, I’ll spend only three days with each family, and I’ll try to squeeze everything in a single post, so some might be a little long, so I apologize in advance for taking too much of your time. 🙂

This time we have one new family, Caliente, but not Nina, this time it’s her sister Dina and her two daughters Sara and Summer. The Brown’s, Harry and Hazel,  are planning their weddings. The Prentiss girl’s are growing up. In fact since I didn’t do it last time here are twins Delores (Excitable, Genius) and Nandini (Evil, Genius):


As for the Hoves, little Kerry is a child, here is he now (he developed the Angler trait):


And in the other Hoves household, both Irene  and Laquita have grown up, Laquita (Easily Impressed) is a young adult while Irene is a teenager, also Zeke is back, for this update at least, and he is a young adult too (Savvy sculptor):



And in the Caliente family little Branden is a child too, he became Absent Minded:


That’s it for now! The new round starts tomorrow. Thank you all for reading, liking and following! Any feedback is of course welcome.  I would like to hear from you guys, be it good or bad. 🙂

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