Browns – Round 4

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Day 1TS3W_2015-11-22_19-37-38-33

When Harry got up Hazel was on the phone, talking to Dina as usual. Ever since their mother had died Dina had assumed the role and sometimes Harry would get a little jealous of the relationship the pair had but then he had to remind himself that he was the lucky one, he had a beautiful fiancee and was a father himself.

And if wasn’t like Harry didn’t get attention that Hazel was getting after their mother passed away. Just a few months ago he bumped into his sister Alyssa. His father and Alyssa didn’t get along so he barely knew her, and there was a big age gap between them. He knew her sons better, in fact her son Jared had been his classmate, and had stolen Sara Caliente right in front of his nose. But that was the past, things turned out much better for Harry, better then he could have even imagined, he had Rhaenys now and that beat anything from the past.

His sister insisted he share his feelings with her, and she offered to be there for him if he ever needed anyone, but the best thing, she did was offer him a place in her band. Harry had always wanted to be in a band. He didn’t have the skills that Hazel had but he could sing, or at least he thought so, he could hardly wait for this band’s first gig.


But all things considered, maybe it was Hazel who needed the attention more thought Harry as he looked outside. In their yard stood a nice wooden arch, hand carved, adorned with white roses, special made and ordered for Hazel’s big day. Such a beautiful thing Harry thought…He wondered what would Hazel say if he decides to use it for his own wedding, he could just imagine him and Rhaenys declaring their eternal life to each other right there. For his little brother though the arch probably lost its beauty years ago, on the day of his wedding…


Hazel threw a big party, Hazel loved parties and couldn’t resist having one on his wedding, his big day. Half of town was there, friends, family, everyone, or as it would turn out almost everyone…

For Harry himself the wedding started badly, he was confronted by the mother of the groom (the other groom, Donovan) Holly Alto. She had been calling him, spending time with him for years now, especially after his mother had died but he didn’t see it as anything odd, she was after all old enough to have birthed him, it turned out Holly had a whole other thing in mind from their relationship…

Harry tried to reject her subtly, but that wasn’t his strong suit and the conversation pretty soon turned into a shouting match right there in his kitchen….


After Holly stormed off to the backyard, still angry, and he assumed humiliated, since that is how he felt himself he went to look for his brother, he felt a need to apologize, even though it surely wasn’t his fault the old lady flipped as much. He couldn’t find Hazel anywhere and then he saw him trough the living room window. It was open so he could hear what he was saying. But even if he didn’t he could read everything on his worried face.


“Hey Donnie, where are you? You aren’t picking up and I’m getting a bit worried… Everyone is already here, even your mum… Please tell me everything is ok… Or better yet show up. Please Donnie…”

Harry felt as his heart was being ripped from his chest, he could only imagine how his little brother was feeling out there in his new tailor made suit, on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. And all Harry could see was that little boy who used to annoy him one day, and be his best friend the other, his brother.

And right now he felt so sad and angry, he knew if by chance that fool Donnie does show up he would kick his ass for making his brother wait, for making him feel like this, on his damn party. But as Harry thought Donnie never showed up.

It took a lot of meditation, all of Harry’s self control and pleadings from both Hazel and Rhaenys to stop Harry from marching to the Alto house and kicking that sorry idiot’s ass. He hated all of the Alto’s, their entire fucking family from ruining his brother’s wedding, and most of all breaking his heart. But Harry might have still done it if it wasn’t for another special somebody… His son.

When he first heard Rhaenys was pregnant he was besides himself, he was so happy. She was worried he might take it badly, but he didn’t even consider it. He wasn’t even afraid of being a father, he told her, he knew they could do it, he could do everything if he had her by his side.

Still when the day came and Rhaenys called saying she was in the hospital in labor he couldn’t help feeling chills all over. He wished his mother was here. But he didn’t hesitate long, he went trough the doors of the hospital and he didn’t wait long to see his son, it turned out the little guy was eager to meet him too.


The first time he saw his son he was in his mother’s arms,. “He is so small…” he whispered not moving his eyes from the baby. The little hair growing on his soft and tiny head was blond and his eyes, which he barely opened were green, his eyes, his son….

He felt speechless, lost, afraid to even touch the little miracle, he and the woman he loved made but Rhaenys broke his trance with a smile: “Come closer, meet your son.” “Oh Rhaenys… He is beautiful.” He said softly, afraid to disturb the baby. “I know.” She said. “Little Aenar…”

The last word was enough to brake him out of his trance. “Aenar?” “Yes.” Rhaenys said smiling again. “That is how I thought we should name him.” “I was thinking more of something like Kenny…” Harry said with a frown and Rhaenys laughed.

“It’s a name from my culture.” She said. “Culture and heritage are important Harry, are they not? After all you were named after your father.” “True.” Harry replied, “But that doesn’t mean I like it…. When did you last hear someone call me Harald? Because seriously I can’t remember…”

“You are right. But it’s still your name, you have this link with your father even though he is long gone. I want our child to have a link to me… To us.” Harry kept frowning but Rhaenys won. She always did.

Day 2


Yesterday Harry spent doing housework, he had decided that his wedding, that was to happen tomorrow will be held here. Hazel after all had that nice arch, and the backyard was big enough, everything was perfect. And his brother shouldn’t mind… Today he was to lazy to get out of his pajamas, or even cook so he settled for cereals for breakfast.


And the rest of the day he was in the yard painting, pretty soon there would be a toddler around and who knows how often could he have his alone time to focus on his work.

Night creepeed in on him unexpectedly, that always happened when he was painting and he was finally done with this piece so he took some photos on his phone and put it on his website, which he used to sell his artwork, he had coffee in the kitchen and thought about his fiancee and son, it had been days since he saw them, he knew they would be here tomorrow, for the wedding but he needed to see them right now.

He had never been in Rhaenys’ home, usually she would come over, and bring Aenar and they would all spend time together, but lately she had been so busy, she was still in research but she didn’t work at the Science Facility anymore, she was now working for the army on some top secret project. She was sure her boss had urged the transfer because apparently on Rhaenys’ bachelorette party she got so drunk she passed out and was embarrassed and Rhaenys had to pay.


Harry was more inclined to believe Rhaenys was simply good at her job, and the army needed good people but he knew to keep his mouth shut, if Rhaenys thought it was revenge, then it was revenge. Anyways, she always wanted to take a shot in politics, and maybe now it would be easier to leave her job and start something new.

He came to her home with flowers but it was her roommate’s wife that opened the door but she smiled and called Rhaenys who moments later appeared at the door, Harry expected her to be mad at him, he did show up unannounced but she smiled when she saw him. “Couldn’t wait for tomorrow?” “No.” He replied, smiling as well, but he always smiled when he saw her. “That’s great. Because I can’t wait either.” She said when she took the flowers and invited him in.


Her home was grand, and weird, to Harry it looked more like a castle then a house and he felt lost as he got in. “I’m going to check on dinner.” Rhaenys said with a smile. “You can go see Aenar, upstairs, second door to the left.” He nodded and climbed the grand staircases and entered the said room. And there he was indeed, his son.


He was amazed every time he saw him, how quickly did he grow, how simply beautiful he was becoming. He held him in his arms, but the boy cried and he took him to his mother, it turned out the little guy was hungry as well.

They weren’t alone in the three of them in the house, Aegon’s wife Holly was there too but she let them have dinner alone, just like a little family. Afterwards they played a little with Anear, Rhaenys talked about her job, and her strained relationship with Harry’s sister, her onetime best friend, Rita Prentiss who was very against their marriage, and had apparently refused to give a toast to Rhaenys on her bachelorette party. “She is afraid I’ll hurt you…” Rhaenys said with a sigh. “But I love you Harry, you know that, we’ll have a son, we are getting married tomorrow!” Harry wanted to tell her nothing is final, until it happens, she needed only to look at his brother, he and Donovan were together since school, who could have predicted what would happen there… But he said nothing. He stayed the night and slept peacfully next to the woman he loved. Starting tomorrow all your nights will be like this. He told himself and smiled. He was a lucky man.

Day 3

The next morning he woke up before Rhaenys and he decided to go upstairs and check on his son. the little guy was awake so he picked him up from his little cradle and played with him. He tried to teach him to say: “Dad” but the little boy ignored his efforts.


He gave it up, for now, and went downstairs to make waffles, the kitchen was big and pretty modern for a castle and he found everything easily. Once he finished with cooking he hoped they could all eat together but Rhaenys only came in to kiss him goodbye. “I have to go to work, I have to send in some reports and then I have to get ready. We’ll be at your place at four.” And with that she just ran out. Harry sighed.


He went to the dinning room to finish his waffles before he had to go home and get ready himself but he didn’t have to eat alone. “Mind if I join?” Holly asked. “Sure, take some waffles.” He said absently. “These are delicious.” Holly said as she tried them. “Where did you learn to cook?” Harry shrugged. “Books, my mum…” Holly nodded. “How much did you make? If it’s not a problem I would like to leave some for the kids…” “Sure.” Harry said. “I made a bunch.” “Thanks!” Holly said her face lighting up. “Chiquita and Aenys had been out late last night, they didn’t have dinner, I’m sure they’ll get up hungry…” Harry felt as if someone had dropped something heavy on his head… He couldn’t believe he could have forgotten something so important… He had to talk to Rhaenys. But of course she didn’t pick up…

TS3W_2015-11-22_20-23-19-46 (1)

He was talking to Junior, his sister Hannah’s husband, and Cocoa, his sister when he saw Rhaenys enter. He thanked both of them for coming, flashed them a few nervous smiles and went to his future wife. “Hey, Rhaenys.” He said nervously. She was smiling at him, and she was so beautiful, radiant. “We need to talk.” He added and she looked at him, concern in her beautiful violet eyes but she followed him outside.


When they were alone, away from the noise coming from inside the house he finally spoke. “Look… We never talked about Aenys, your son… I want you to know that he is welcome here… With us…” Rhaenys was smiling but her eyes were filled with sadness, sadness he had never seen on her face before. “You don’t have to worry. Aenys would stay with his dad. That was always the plan.” “But he could stay here… We’ll redecorate, he can have his room, both him and Aenar… And…” Rhaenys just cut him off. “Listen Harry, the matter is settled, it has nothing to do with you, or this place.” He sighed. “But my parents were divorced, they shared custody, you and Aegon could do the same….” She frowned. “Drop it please Harry.” And he did because the ceremony was about to begin…


They said their vows in the garden, underneath Hazel’s beautiful arch. She smiled as she put the ring on his finger promising to love him forever. 


They were surrounded by people, their family and friends, colleagues and neighbors, but the moment they kissed it was as if the whole world disappeared and Harry was the happiest man alive.


In fact the only person who wasn’t really thrilled was Hazel, somehow Harry forgot to tell him about the location of the wedding, and other details, and it seamed his little brother didn’t exactly approve…



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