Hoves – Round 4

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Day 1

“…and when our hands touched I looked into his eyes and I swear too you Freddie we were about to kiss…”


Frederica Hoves listened to her best friend Irene ramble about that weekends teen gathering at the park and all she could think about was how stupid was it that her parents didn’t let her go, even the biggest losers from school were there, Kain Vivi stole some beers from his older brother and brought them to the park and everyone was hanging out, getting drunk. “What happened then?” She asked knowing Irene would tell her anyway… “Then the cops busted in I heard the sirens and split… They got Kain but I couldn’t risk it, my dad would have flipped you know…” Frederica nodded supportively but inside she was still fuming she couldn’t go, she had never even tasted beer… That’s how strict her stupid parents were.


“Hey, there goes your cousin.” Irene suddenly said and Frederica turned around noticing Lena walked by, showing off her stupid skinny legs. “We should have started a rumor about her…” She said still looking at Lena who was moving away from them. “Oh right!” Irene said a grin spreading on her face. “It was so fun the time we told everyone how Anus Targeryen likes Maja…” Frederica laughed. “You made up that nickname, Anus! That was hilarious.” They both laughed and suddenly heard someone stomp rather loudly.

A girl with purple hair pulled back in a long braid was standing behind them, she was stomping on a cigarette and looking at them with narrowed dark blue eyes. Irene smiled at her. “Could you give us a smoke?” “No.” The girl replied coldly. “And for your information AENYS is my brother and if I hear you speak shit like that, or call him by any other name than that you’ll have a problem with me…” They kept their mouth shut and as the girl got away Irene exhaled. “What a stupid bitch…” Frederica was about to agree when someone spoke behind her. “And what are you two doing here? The class had already started.” She just couldn’t catch a brake… It was her uncle Tomas, their new science teacher…

Both Frederica and Irene ended up in detention and Frederica came home in a sour mood. But there she got lucky, mum was out, she worked in the bookstore on Mondays, she moderated that stupid book club there. Ty was still too young to understand anything, Kerry would never dare snitch on her, he was a clever boy, and neither grandma or uncle Dougie would say anything to her parents, they had her back. And dad was passed out in the back yard.


When she was younger her father would come back from work and go for a run or a swim, and nowadays he exchanged that for a beer, or a glass of scotch. Today she guessed she had one too many, which worked perfectly for her.

Once she asked her grandmother what was the deal with dad and she told her it was tough doing what her dad does. Sometimes the stress of seeing what human beings do to other human beings gets too much to bare and everyone deals with it differently. She went in a rant about what helped her when she was a cop but Frederica only asked: “Why doesn’t he give it up?” He was old enough to retire, and they had money, that was not an issue. “He can’t quit fighting bad guys I guess…” Her grandmother had replied and Frederica realized her father was stupid. You can never beat the bad guys, they would always win, no matter what you do, such was the nature of the world…


She stepped away from the window after spying on her father, making sure he was really asleep and not just faking it to catch her doing mischief and set to make dinner. She had yet to develop the skills of her mother and grandmother so she settled for some mac and cheese.

Dad got up a little after she was done cooking, and he went to have some coffee to wake up. He never even asked about her day in school and therefore she didn’t have to lie… She didn’t have a problem with lying to her parents, but if she was to be caught the punishment would me more severe she knew so it was better if they didn’t ask.

When mum came they all had dinner together and afterwards she slipped to her room and opened her backpack. There she had a small statue she stole while in detention. She was pissed that she had to spend her afternoon there so she took this stupid thing some student probably made. Art was a stupid waste of time anyway. For a while she thought what should she do about it and then slipped it in a box she had hidden under the bed, a place where she kept all her stolen things and then went to bed.


Day 2

Next morning it was up to Frederica again to make breakfast since her grandmother was still in bed and her mum was busy playing with her youngest brother, Taylor, whom everyone had refereed to as Ty since he was born.


She wondered when will her parents realize they were to old to have children. Heck she was too old to have a toddler brother but if she was to say it out loud her mother would have a nervous breakdown or something so she never did. She was just glad they didn’t make her change Ty’s diapers, that would probably tip her off.

School was pretty uneventfully today, apart from Cecil Freil, this older boy from school flirting with her in the cafeteria, at least she was pretty sure it was flirting and even Irene agreed. He was dating Vanessa Mayor, or someone, anyway so it would probably lead to nothing but the feeling was nice. Sometimes she really hated that everyone at home had a better love life then her.

Uncle Dougie was engaged now and he was spending most of the time on the phone with Lysistrata, his fiancee, planning the wedding, and her parents… They were always like two lovesick teenager and that made her sick as well. And even her grandmother was seeing a young hunk that came to work at the fire station where she volunteered, but that was her secret, she only told Frederica and she tried to keep it.


When she got home there was nothing new there either, mum was with Ty, reading to him from a children’s book. Kerry was on some field trip and uncle Dougie told her he sold a bunch of vegetables from their garden and she went outside to help him grow some more and mum made salad for dinner.

Day 3

The next morning she had barely woken up and got outside her room still drowsy and having to pee badly when she saw her uncle Dougie peeping outside his room. “Hey Freddie, come here!” He said gesturing with his hand for her to follow and she did. “Like it?” He asked when they were inside and doors were closed.



It was a huge TV that took up his whole wall and was dangerously close to his bed. Freddie frowned. “You’ll go blind.” Her uncle just laughed loudly. “Sure it’s big for this room but when I move out it would look killing in my new living room…” For a moment Frederica was confused and then her insides got cold. She never thought about it, but when her uncle gets married he would move out… Will grandma move out too? She wondered. And does that mean she would get a new room? Could she choose?

When she got back to her own room Kerry was sitting and doing his homework, he barely looked up at her and she ignored him as well, soon, she thought, soon I will have my own room… And Kerry and Ty would both have their rooms… Finally something good was happening. She even whistled a little as she got downstairs, thinking how she would choose grandma’s room… It was on the bottom floor, far enough from her parents.

She was about to take a quick shower in the downstairs bathroom when her mother barged in without knocking and Frederica was immediately angry. She dropped the bundle of clothes she was carrying on the floor and was about to say something but then she saw the look on her mother’s face.


“When did you plan on telling me you were in detention on Monday?” Her mother asked, her voice still calm but her face betraying her fury. Of course uncle Tomas would tell mum, she was his sister after all… Frederica thought and felt very stupid. “What’s the big deal?” She shouted at her mom. “I was gossiping a bit with Irene, we didn’t hear the bell, we so didn’t deserve that detention…” Her mother didn’t back off. “You were caught in a place where kids usually go smoking. Dd you smoke Frederica? If you are smoking you know I’ll find out…” Frederica sighed loudly before shouting back. “No. I did not smoke. I’m telling the truth, why don’t you believe me?” Her mother just stared her for a bit. “I believe you.” She finally said. “But don’t let it happen again. And tell me when you get in trouble at school.”


Frederica was glad that her mother wasn’t home when she got back from school, she was still angry at her. That morning showed her everything wrong about her parents, they always overreacted about everything and thanks to them she couldn’t lead a normal life. She was about to microwave some hot dogs for dinner when uncle Dougie came in to the kitchen, he seamed to be in a good mood. “Hey Fredo. Listen my buddy Luther called he is throwing me a bachelor party tonight! Here! Isn’t that awesome! Luther’s the best!” Frederica frowned looking at the plate with eight hot dogs she was holding in her hand. Dougie just smiled. “Don’t worry about it, people would bring food! It will be awesome, I’ll tell you. He will probably even invite… Dancers!” He said with a slight blush.


Uncle Dogie’s best friend Luther Prentiss came over before anyone else dressed in the most ridiculous way Frederica had ever seen anyone. “You look like a pimp.” She told him when he greeted her and he and Dougie laughed. She couldn’t believe this guy was some medical researcher, he seamed as much as a child as Kerry. “Well this would do!” He said after inspecting her and Kerry’s room with uncle Dougie. “For what?” She asked angry. “For the dancers!” He exclaimed. She frowned. “Please Freddie, do it for me.” Uncle Dougie whispered and she sighed.

They didn’t let her even come into her own room when the two women came in. They had short blue dresses and police caps on, Luther probably thought this was hilarious since uncle Dougie came from a cop family. Frederica could just sigh at this.

The party lasted well into the morning hours, and Frederica slept in her grandmother’s room while Kerry slept in Dougie’s. She was so mad at uncle Dougie and Luther that she barely noticed when her grandmother appeared in the door. She seamed really distressed, she might have even been crying. “What’s wrong?” Frederica asked getting up to sit on the bed.


Her grandmother sighed. “Well I don’t think you’ll have to keep that secret I asked you any longer… I think me and Walter will brake up… He cheated on me…” Maybe I’m lucky not to have a boyfriend Frederica thought as she hugged her grandmother who was sobbing into her shoulder… If someone cheated on me I would have killed him!



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