Caliente – Round 4

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Day 1

It was the alarm that woke up Nina and she rushed down the stairs still unsure if she was awake or dreaming. She had heard rumors of burglaries, that was the talk of the town but somehow you think that it won’t happen to you, you are safe but now hearing the blaring of the alarm Nina couldn’t help her heart beating and her stomach being tied in a knot. It was her home, her children slept upstairs.


The first thing she saw was that young woman that had recently moved to their street. She was standing in front of her door her hands on he ears. What was she doing here? Nina wondered. It was three in the morning. Could she have activated the alarm?

And then her eyes darted across the room and she saw him. The intruder. He seamed like a young man but she could not see much of his face since he was wearing a mask. The man was holding his head and he seemed too much panicked to even notice Nina but she took a step back. She knew the police would be here any minute but who knew what this young, desperate, man was capable of?


She looked up and Rosie was right behind her. “Need help mum?” Her oldest daughter whispered, determination in her eyes. “Stay back.” She whispered back at her. When she saw her frown she said. “Go and check on your brother and sister, make sure they stay in their room.” Right on cue she heard the police sirens and breathed a sigh of relief.

The female police officer barged in and promptly arrested the young burglar, he offered no resistance whatsoever and seemed pretty much resigned to his fate. She handcuffed him and yelled at Nina who was still rooted in her spot. “Come down Mrs. I’ll survey the house. Maybe this sucker did not work on his own.”

Nina hesitated. She didn’t relish the prospect of being in the same room as the criminal but when she saw Rosie, Latricia and Branden appear on the landing she sighed and went downstairs. The neighbor woman was still standing in front of the house and she motioned to her to come in.  “I heard the noise…” She said. “I was awake, my little boy has a fever… Then your alarm went off…” She sighed. She seamed lost and Nina felt sorry for her. She didn’t even know the woman’s name.

She threw a glance at her own children. Latricia and Branden were rather pale and were holding hands. Rosie didn’t move her eyes from the handcuffed young man who looked at the floor in silence. Once the police woman was back, confirming that man worked alone Nina sent the children to bed, and the young neighbor home. Rosie stayed with her in the kitchen and the police woman took a notebook. “I need to talk to you now mam'” She said to Nina. “We need to write down what’s missing.” Nina was annoyed. “I don’t think anything’s missing… He didn’t have enough time, besides, if he did take anything you’ll find it in his person…” “It’s not the way things work… I need to write down your statement…”


Nina allowed the woman to interview her, even though she was steaming. It was the middle of the night, she was a victim and not the perpetrator and she still had to answer a series of question. When the woman was finally gone, taking the burglar with her she took out some leftovers from the fridge, she needed a drink, and she didn’t want to have it on an empty stomach. Rosie yawned loudly. “I think I’m going back to bed.” Nina just nodded, she was still pretty mad.

When Latricia and Branden got up to get ready for school Nina was still sipping Baileys from a coffee mug. Latrica could probably smell the alcohol on her since she offered to make breakfast for the two of them. Nina agreed, Latricia was getting better at cooking and Branden loved everything his Tricia made.


Nina listened on one ear about some summer program in France Latrica told her about, which she apparently thought stupid so Nina had no idea why she spoke about it in the first place, she signed her permission slip for some field trip and when they were out she debated weather she was more in the mood for a “Bad Cheerleader” or a “Tombstone Topper”.


She decided for the later, which proved to be the right choice since the beach bar she visited was becoming a real hotspot. If she wasn’t Nina Caliente, she would probably have to wait in line for hours, even though it was mid-afternoon.

Who ever said retirement couldn’t be great? Nina wondered. When she finished recording her latest movie soundtrack and went public with her desire to retire from the music and the movie industry she could hear people say how she would be back, how she would go tired of just sitting around. She wished all those people could see her now, sitting on a beach terrace and listening to the sound of the ocean while sipping a drink.

Day 2

After what in the end turned to be a rather good day for Nina she decided to spend today rocking her new white pants with her favorite heels and head to The Art Gallery.

She was the big fan of the local Art Gallery, and for the past few decades she had made several donations to it. When ever she was hungover she would head straight there, grab a cup of free chai and get lost among the paintings, and sculptures and think about all the dead artists who had left a piece of themselves, a piece of their souls in this world forever. She could only hope her music would live even after her death and keep a art of her alive in the hearts of others.


Just as she was about to come in she was stopped by a chubby teenager who wanted a picture. Nina obliged. She was in a good mood and this wasn’t something that happened rarely, she was used to it by now.

She walked around the first floor for a better part of the hour and then got upstairs. The Art Gallery had a terrace that was available to the use of the general public, sometimes classes were being thought there but this morning it was pretty quiet so Nina decided to turn on the music and dance a bit.


She had really got it going when she noticed she was being joined by a young man in a firefighting uniform. He was as handsome as they get and he looked her the way men used to look at her when she was a bit younger, and on top of her game. She gave him a sincere, only a tad seductive smile and continued dancing, thinking that the white pants were a really good choice.

They danced for a while until she was interrupted by a call from a colleague from the music industry, and also a friend of hers, Phaena Santoro. Phaena was a girl after Nina’s heart, she was a real party girl and would throw parties like this on a whim. Nina agreed to come and as she finished the conversation she turned around to look for the young fireman, maybe even invite him to come with her but he was gone.

Slightly disappointed Nina headed home.


There she had lunch with Latricia and Branden and Branden complained about Rosie not taking out the trash which was noticeably starting to stink, she felt it as straight as she walked in. She reminded him it was his chore, the boy could get so damn forgetful, just yesterday his teacher called to say how he head forgotten to clean the bug cage at school, even though it was his turn. Nina knew the little one didn’t do it on purpose, but he needed to be focus more on his obligations which she told him.

Latricia hated her scolding of her little brother so she tried to interfere, promising she would take the garbage out but Nina sent her to her room. She loved how close the two of them were, how happy they always seemed together, but it was important for the boy to learn to take care of himself, and not always rely on his sisters.


Afterwards she was glad to walk into the two of them pillow fighting in her room as she got up there go get ready for the party. The boy was wearing the little paper crown Latricia made for him a while back, he loved playing to be the king of a castle, and in a way he was just that, being the only man in the house.

She came to the party early, it was not Nina’s style but she was bored at home. She found Phaena in the kitchen , making dinner, or at least attempting to do so.

“I didn’t know you cook.” She said with a smile. “Well I don’t.” Phaena growled back at her wiping the tears from her eyes from chopping the onions. It was a comic sight and Nina could not help laughing at her friend. “My son usually does this.” Phaena continued. “But he is on call at the hospital tonight. And I think Elaine is just as bad as I am. I wouldn’t even know where to start if it wasn’t for this one here.” She added pointing with her knife to a man standing in the corner. He smiled shyly and waved to Nina and she smiled back.


“Hello Hazel! How have you been?” She said to the young man who tried to reply but was cut of by Phaena. “Stop that chit chat and come over here, both of you, I can’t cut this damn thing any more!”

Day 3

The next morning when she got up she found Branden finishing his homework last minute. She sighed. “Forgot to do it last night?” Her son nodded as he scribbled frantically.  She sighed. “I also forgot! I need you to sign this.” He bent down and rumbled trough his backpack to pull out a crumpled paper which Nina had to spread on the table to read. It was a permission slip for a field trip to the police station tomorrow. She signed it hastily, only skimming trough it and Branden thankfully took the paper out of her hand, threw it back in his bag and taking it ran as fast as he could for the bus. “Slow down Bran, you’ll fall and brake your neck!” She yelled after him but to no avail. “Boys…” She sighed.


She stayed up on the roof playing for the best part of the afternoon. When she got downstairs to cook something for lunch she walked in on her daughter and that fellow she had been seeing.


She was glad Rosie had a boyfriend, if that was what this man was, Nina herself was never the one to get married, the furthest she ever got in that direction was getting engaged to Rosie’s father, Dave but in the end she couldn’t go trough with it.

Still she wanted to be supportive of her children, if they chose that kind of lifestyle, she wouldn’t say anything. And seeing this man made Rosie more confident, and eager to work on herself, ever since she started seeing him she had lost a lot of weight, she had been spending more time outside then on her computer and Nina considered this an improvement of her oldest daughter’s life.

They saw her go down the stairs so she smiled adding: “I hope you don’t mind me, I’ll just go cook something, you could go upstairs… Had Rosie ever shown you the roof Leighton? The view is magical!” He smiled back at her saying: “Oh thank you Mrs. Caliente, but I have to go to work soon. Goodbye.” He bowed his head politely, kissed Rosie briefly and went of the door. As he went Rosie stayed looking after him for a while and then sighed turning to her mother. “He wants to take things slow for a while…” She said looking at Nina. “Does this mean he’ll break up with me?” “Oh no!” Nina said, although she had her doubts. “He seems like a nice man, if he wanted to brake up he would have told you so.” She added and Rosie nodded seeming a little comforted. “Come help me with lunch.” Nina added hastily, hoping Rosie wouldn’t go and soothe her sadness with sweats as she often did. “No mum, you know I’m not much help in that department… I’ll go call Sara.” She said and left the room. Nina sighed again.

Latricia was the first to come home from school and she went straight upstairs. Nina followed her to the roof where she sat doing her homework.


“Honey, could you maybe wait for your brother to come home and do it together? He has been forgetting to do it, and I thought if he sees you…” “I can’t wait mum!” Latricia replied angrily. “Mikh’il would call any minute!” Nina sighed. Those girls and their boyfriends….

/* I’m sorry but it probably might be a while before I post again, usually I have two or three more drafts in the late stages before I publish, but this had been a busy week, I had no time to play or write so this is currently my last draft, I apologize and promise to be back soon 🙂 */

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