Caliente (Dina) – Round 4

This is the first post detailing the lives of Dina Caliente and her two daughters. I hope you will like it.

Family Members

Appearing in the story:

Day 1

Dina’s birthday was coming up and that always made her look back on the previous year and set her goals for the upcoming one. Last year she had a big party, what could she say, she loved those. As expected she looked great, half the town was there, and it was the main talk of the town for a whole month.


This year she planned to surpass that achievement but that could only be a small part of her plans. In general she was very satisfied with her life so far, she had completed all her goals, she had been the leader of the world, she was rich, had a fast car and a gorgeous house that made her the envy of the town. She was famous enough not to be able to pass the street without people staring, she made it onto billboards and magazine covers.

She had also volunteered in the hospital following her retirement and has earned the praise of the town by being a great help during a nasty gnome invasion.

She bounced back after her affair and subsequent divorce and was in a relationship with a younger chef but she didn’t plan to make it any more serious, at least not yet, she liked keeping it casual for a change, and engaging in casual flirting when opportunity presented itself.

Yes. Dina had it all.

She also had two daughters, Sara and Summer.


Sara was the oldest of the two. She used to be an artistic, withdrawn child who only drew and watched cartoons but she grew up into a nice, polite young woman, just last night when Visenya Targeryen came over to dinner it was Sara who greeted her and kept her entertained while Dina prepared the meal.


Summer, Dina’s younger daughter was in the room, but on the phone. She wasn’t usually bad mannered, but it was probably work. Her job always came first, disregarding the social situation.

Dina had of course made enough money for her daughters to just sit around and watch TV all day but she didn’t want to raise such girls. She wanted them to reach high, and fight for their own dreams, just like she did. Summer worked in the spa, but she worked as if she was a rocket scientist, even when it wasn’t her shift she would call and check on everything and in her free time she would work on the spa’s website.

Dina had no fear for her, she herself had started out working at the spa, and she saw as bright a future for Summer, as was her own at the time, maybe Summer would follow a different path, maybe she would one day own the said spa, who knew.

Sara worked as a desk jokey at the forensics department, a job that Dina knew was beneath her daughter, and she had no doubt she spent her days doodling around since Sara’s dream was to be an artist, like their one time tenant, Cocoa Brown. Dina however thought it was important for Sara to first learn the importance of money, and how it wasn’t easy to come by it.


She got up and made herself coffee and sat at the dinning room table with Summer, in five minutes Summer was already on the phone. She sighed.

“Work?” She asked when Summer resumed her place at the table. “Mum.” Summer answered not meeting her gaze. Dina nodded. She didn’t mind her children spending time and being in touch with her ex-wife. They did divorce but it was Dina’s mistake that broke their marriage.

When Nala moved in her new house she was about to move on, to get married again, and gain a whole new family, so their two girls stayed with Dina, now Nala was all alone and sometimes Dina would feel sorry for her, she did want her to be happy, after all they did spend half a life together.

Still it seamed her daughters found it awkward to talk to Dina about their other mother so she didn’t press Summer on anything.

The rest of the day Dina spent on the phone. She strived to stay active even in her retirement but some days just weren’t meant for that. She was on the phone with Holly Alto and looked out from her bedroom window at her daughter Sara coming home from work.


She went downstairs to meet her as soon as she was done with Holly. But now Sara was on the phone. She was going over wedding plans with her fiancee Jerod so Dina didn’t want to disturb. She approved of this match. Jerod was a handsome firefighter, he was well mannered and properly raised. His mother was dissowned by her father once she got pregnant out of wedlock but she had since raised two sons alone, got her education, and was now some top dog at the forensics department. Dina admired that, she liked self made people.

She waited patiently for Sara to finish and then asked her if she was in the mood for a girls night out. For the biggest part of her daughters’ lives Dina was busy, working, campaigning, touring. She felt as if she was there and not there at the same time. She wanted to make it up to them, and also she was bored with her retirement, she needed some fun.

However Sara refused, there was housework to be done and she had to get up early tomorrow. Luckily for Dina however Summer was delighted with the same proposal and the two of them went to the Fusion Lounge.


It was both a fancy place and a place to dance the night away so that was what Dina and Summer did. They drank Simspolitans, talked to each other, and other people and both of them genuinely enjoyed themselves. They came home a bit drunk and still laughing, Dina couldn’t remember ever having so much fun with either of her daughters.

As she unlocked the doors Summer yelled behind her: “Hurry mum, I really have to peeee!” “I told you to go to the bathroom before we left…” “I did, I have to go again…” Summer was whining and Dina opened the door to let her in. Summer ran straight to the bathroom and she flipped on the lights on, not wishing for her daughter to trip and fell. And when she did she gasped in surprise.

She saw that an armchair was overturned, one of the lamps was on the floor, the bulb shattered and shards of glass spread all over the floor.

The sight sobered up Dina in instant. Her thoughts went straight to Sara. She stopped and listened but there was no sound to be heard, only Summer slamming the door behind her as she ran to the bathroom. There was even more glass on the dinning room floor,  the whole big window facing the road was broken. Dina was filled with dread every passing second as she looked around. Where was Sara? What happened? She was to scared to yell or to move upstairs but she had too. Her daughter could be in trouble.

She moved slowly trying to reach the stairs without making any noise but at the same time careful not to step on any glass. She thought of her sister. Nina had a brake in just a few days ago. Could this be the same? If so what was taken? Why didn’t the alarm go off? WHERE WAS SARA?

Suddenly there was a sound and she turned her head sharply. It was only the faucet. Summer was washing her hands. Finally Dina couldn’t take it no more. “SARA!” She yelled. “SARAA!” There was no reply. The house remained silent. Summer stumbled up from the bathroom, holding herself up on the door frame. “What’s up mum? Why are you yelling? We’ll wake Sara….” Dina watched her eyes go wide as she took in the room. “Mum? What happened?” She asked, her voice filled with fear. “Where is Sara?” She asked. Good question. Dina thought as she yelled her daughter’s name again.

Suddenly Summer straightened up and started running towards the door. Dina wanted to yell at her to watch out for the glass but then she saw what Summer was running for, her purse discarded by the door. Her purse. Her phone.

She hastily rummaged trough her own purse, back during her days in politics she never separated from the damn thing, Nala would always bother her about it but she couldn’t afford to be unavailable, even for an hour but now she was kicking the habit, she hadn’t checked her phone since she left home. She pulled it out. There were twenty missed calls. All from Sara. Her heart was beating fast. There was a text.

Mum where are you??? I’m trying to reach you for hours!!1! We had a brake in, don’t freak out. Nothing was stolen, I’m at the station giving a statement. I’m fine

Reading her daughter’s words brought a wave of relief and Dina felt her legs give way so she leaned on the kitchen table. Sara’s fine. She is fine. She heard Summer talking on the phone. She knew she had called Sara and they were speaking but she couldn’t understand the words. Sara is fine.

Day 2

Dina hardly remembered going to bed. She woke up fully dressed, her makeup still on. She still felt stressed from everything that happened last night, and what a night it was… Once the fear for Sara’s life subsided the realization that someone was in her house hit her. She felt she could never fall asleep but she did.

She woke up with a headache and before even taking a shower she went downstairs to the yard, she needed to be with her plants for a while. Gardening relaxed her, and helped her clear her head.


Afterwards she swiped the glass from the floor, returned both the armchair and the lamp to their places and called someone for the dinning room window. Then she took a shower and peeked into Summer’s room.


She was on her computer chatting, she didn’t even turn around. It was another thing she admired about Summer, she could always bounce back, from everything, just a a good night sleep and she could be as if nothing had happened. It probably had something to do with spending a big part of your childhood in an orphanage. Summer never talked about it but Dina couldn’t imagine it as being all rainbows and sunshine.

She was invited to dinner at Cocoa Javeed’s house so she made cookies to take over to them, while Sara vacuumed the entire ground floor, even though Dina told her she had already cleaned up Sara wouldn’t hear about it.  Once she was done baking she left a plate on the counter for Sara and Summer and went to get ready.

As she was getting downstairs she found her daughters eating together and Sara lecturing Summer: “I just don’t get how you say you don’t like art… Art is what gives substance to our lives… Art is…”

“Just cut it Sara. It’s just colors on a canvas. Toddlers do it to. Hell even monkeys…”

Dina saw Sara’s face going read and  seeing an argument is about to brake, one she had no desire in listening to hastily left the house.


It was Andrew, the handsome doctor, who lived with Cocoa that opened the door. The two were just friends Cocoa assured her many times over, Andrew was gay and they were both recovering from a lose of a spouse and struggling to raise teenage children.

The said children weren’t home so the adults enjoyed the dinner and wine, and catching up with each others lives. Cocoa lived with Dina for years, after moving out from her mother’s house Dina and Nala remodeled their attic into a little room and a studio for Cocoa. Sara slept there now and Cocoa had this big house and her own family, life was going on.

The evening would have ended on a really pleasant note if it wasn’t for one little mishap, which Dina later attributed to drinking just too much wine. It was Andrew who walked her out. The night was warm, Andrew was a gentleman, and Dina was a little buzzed so she leaned in to kiss him.


Andrew stepped back, pushing Dina away gently. “I’m sorry… Dina…You know… I’m…Seeing someone.” He ended. Dina nodded moving away, she was seeing someone too, she didn’t like men. She had no idea what she was trying to do so she just smiled. She gracefully turned around saying goodbye to her host and walked to her car as if nothing had happened.

Day 3

The following day was a Saturday. Both of the girls had the day off, Sara went out and Summer had Bradley, her boyfriend over. Dina told her to stay clear from the backyard and went to soak in the hot tub, topless.


Getting their own hot tub was, in her mind, one of their best investments. She loved the bubbles, and relaxation in the hot water. She could literally stay there the whole day. And she loved wearing as little clothes as possible while in there. Back when she had to go to the Public Pool for soaking she had some nasty experiences, like one time some kids stole her clothes and she had to walk around naked, she didn’t mind it as much as most people did, she had a great body and had no problem showing it off, still it might come out as rude so now she had all the liberties, in her own backyard.

She most have dozed off a bit because it was already afternoon when Summer’s squeal woke her up. “Mum! Mum! You won’t believe it! You’ll never believe it!” Dina looked up at her, dazed from her nap. Her daughter was waving her hand in front of Dina’s face and when she was finally able to focus on it she saw a bright diamond ring. “Bradley proposed!” Summer yelled.


“He got on one knee and everything! Oh mum! I was so surprised, I had no idea… And now I’m sooo happy!! Look at it! It’s bigger then Sara’s. Is it?”

/* Once more, I apologize for the delay in posting this chapter, my hometown is stuck in this terrible fog that sucks out the will for life out of you… (lame excuse I know 😛 but it’s true. */

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