Browns – Round 5.1

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Day 1


Hazel had no idea why he was nervous but he was. Sure, the call from Donnie was unexpected, and his question to come over to talk today was a little shock but still. Hazel and Donovan were high school sweethearts, nobody knew Hazel was well as Donovan, and Hazel was sure nobody knew Donovan as Hazel did. They could always be themselves around each other, there was no cause for discomfort. Or there wasn’t, not until Donovan decided not to show up to their wedding where all of their friends and families were…

Since then Donovan and Hazel had no contact, sure both Hazel and his brother Harry went to Donovan’s mum funeral and came to their house to give their condolences, but that was all a formality… What could all this today be about?

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Rhaenys Targeryen

/* Rhaenys Targeryen is based on the character from the ASOIAF novels by GRRM, namely the sister of Aegon The Conqueror. */

Rhaenys moved to town with Aegon and Visenya Targeryen, even though they share the last name and appearance they claim they are not related.

She is politically engaged and is a big supporter of equal rights. Her ambition is to become the president of the country, and one day leader of the free world but being new to this town she decided to practice a different line of work until she is rich enough, and known around town enough to follow her dreams.

That was how she started work in the science lab with young but prosperous scientist Luther Prentiss. She liked to gossip about him but once he left the facility for a career in medical research and Urte Vivi became her new boss she realized things weren’t as bad as she thought.

Recently she was offered a job in the military as a researcher there there and she took it. Although she generally isn’t a fan of violence she understands the need for it under certain circumstances.

Rhaenys loves children and when her roommate Aegon offered her to be the mother of his child she gladly accepted and that is how Aenys came into the world.

Upon learning about her pregnancy her fiance Loren Cantu wasn’t very pleased and broke of the engagement. Afterwards she dated Mortimer Goth for a while but he wasn’t looking for anything serious so Rhaenys turned her gaze to the younger Harry Prentiss.

With Harry she had a longer and more serious relationship which resulted in her second son Aenar and marriage to Harry.

Unfortunately as part of her deal with Aegon she had to leave her teenage son Aenys, a choice that brakes her heart but had to be made…

She currently lives with her new husband, son and her husband’s brother Hazel.

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Sunset Valley – Round 5

Hi once more. It is time for the fifth round of Sunset Valley updates, I want to thank you all for your likes, follows and comments. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy this round, like always your feedback is welcome.

In round 5 will spend three days with each family again. However before we start the Browns there will be two more introductions, you’ll get to meet Rhaenys and Aenar who have moved in with Harry and Hazel in the last round. Things weren’t looking well for Hazel’s love life when his fiancee Donovan didn’t show for their wedding at all…

In the Prentiss family, the younger twins are now children, Delores has gotten the Neat trait and the little evil genius Nandini had developed No Sense of Humor. The older set of twins, Lena and Maja are teens with the following traits added respectively: Athletic and Green Thumb. Lena had her first romance with Brenton Frail and Maja was asked to the prom by Jacob Gradle, Tomas got a job as a science teacher at the girls’ school and Rita grew into an adulthood, and a midlife crisis.

(Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Delores as a child, or Maja as a teen, there is Nadini and Lena)


In the Hoves family we got to meet Junior and Hannah’s new child, little Tyler-Ty Hoves who is an Easily Impressed Light Sleeper. Frederica is now a teenage girl with a Can’t Stand Art trait. Dougie had his bachelor party organized by none other then his best friend Dr. Luther Prentiss and is getting ready for his wedding to Lysistrata Santoro. Junior is an elder and is considering retirement from the police force. Blair had a secret love affair with a much younger man that ended with him cheating and her heart getting broken.


In the other Hoves household Zeke was a guest for a while, he and Laquita got jobs, we learned Krystal was not doing so well at her job, and Jesse had been suspended but Zeke proposed to his girlfriend Marty Gradle.

In the Caliente household things are running smoothly, they were yet another victim of an increased wave of neighborhood burglaries but Nina is bouncing back. Rosie failed to move further in her relationship with Leighton and Latrica did get together with Miha’il after all!

Last round we welcomed another Caliente family, we spent some time with Dina and her daughters and had a little peek into their everyday lives.

As for the Mayor we learned Vanessa isn’t seeing Walter anymore and had a fight with Latricia so she hangs out with Chiquita now and is dating Cecil Frail. They did get a new house, and Jill is doing well in her job. She still keeps her relationship with Mortimer Goth secret from her family and aged up to an elder in a big party her boyfriend did not attend.


This round we will spend time with Dina’s ex wife Nala and she would probably be joined by her and Dina’s youngest daughter Summer who has a surprise for everyone (so you can expect some new introductions).

That’s it with catching up! Stay tuned, we start soon with the Browns!

Nala Caliente

Nala moved to town with her sister Minissa’s, Minissa’s husband Riam and their son Benji. She was always close to her sister, she shared common interests with her husband and absolutely loved little Benji but Nala wanted a different life for herself, she couldn’t picture herself slaving for a husband. She loved music and dreamed of writing her own, preforming for audiences… Living a life much different than her sister’s.

She started earning for a living playing the guitar and enjoying the single life up until she met Dina. Dina changed Nala’s life in ways she couldn’t have imagined and she fell madly in love.

Dina proposed to her on the beach and the spot became Nala’s favorite place in the world. They got married and Nala moved away from Minissa’s and started living with Dina and her sister Nina.

As Dina attempted to find her way in politics Nala joined the SV symphony. She didn’t forget about her family and visited her sister as often as she could. In time she and Dina had families if their own, they adopted two girls, Sara first and then Summer.

They bought a house of their own. Dina was getting ahead in the shrewd world of politics and Nala became a famed movie composer. For many years everything was as good as it gets and then suddenly it fell apart.

It started with rumors from Narcissa Frail and Nala chose not to believe them, the thought of Dina, her partner for severs decades now, cheating on her, with some petty criminal nonetheless was nonsensical but it gnawed at her, and she couldn’t let it go…

So one day she confronted Dina hoping to set her thoughts at rest, Dina denied nothing and Nala’s heart almost exploded. She was betrayed and broken…

The girls and the house stayed with Dina. Nala found solace in the arms of Jill Mayor, she even planed a wedding but  Jill shot her down and Nala is all alone in a big house she wanted to share with Jill and her family.

She retired from the world of music and rarely plays in public anymore. She even noticed her fame dropping, after crashing a party at Phaena Santoro’s house she was promptly asked to leave. Afterwards she did a cameo in a play and was then asked to do the same for an upcoming movie, the first one to be shot at SV.

She had one date with councilwoman Posie Kerry, a politician again, and she is hoping to end her loneliness again.

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Mayor – Round 4

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Day 1

It was a nice night, it was uncharacteristically warm and Vanessa decided to hang back at the park for a while. She was done with her marital art lesson and first decided to go to the park because they had one of those sparing dolls there and she wanted to practice a little but she was hungry and there was a smell of hamburgers in the air, Lysa’s fiancee, the young man who looked like a giant teddy bear, was grilling.


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