Sunset Valley – Round 5

Hi once more. It is time for the fifth round of Sunset Valley updates, I want to thank you all for your likes, follows and comments. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy this round, like always your feedback is welcome.

In round 5 will spend three days with each family again. However before we start the Browns there will be two more introductions, you’ll get to meet Rhaenys and Aenar who have moved in with Harry and Hazel in the last round. Things weren’t looking well for Hazel’s love life when his fiancee Donovan didn’t show for their wedding at all…

In the Prentiss family, the younger twins are now children, Delores has gotten the Neat trait and the little evil genius Nandini had developed No Sense of Humor. The older set of twins, Lena and Maja are teens with the following traits added respectively: Athletic and Green Thumb. Lena had her first romance with Brenton Frail and Maja was asked to the prom by Jacob Gradle, Tomas got a job as a science teacher at the girls’ school and Rita grew into an adulthood, and a midlife crisis.

(Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Delores as a child, or Maja as a teen, there is Nadini and Lena)


In the Hoves family we got to meet Junior and Hannah’s new child, little Tyler-Ty Hoves who is an Easily Impressed Light Sleeper. Frederica is now a teenage girl with a Can’t Stand Art trait. Dougie had his bachelor party organized by none other then his best friend Dr. Luther Prentiss and is getting ready for his wedding to Lysistrata Santoro. Junior is an elder and is considering retirement from the police force. Blair had a secret love affair with a much younger man that ended with him cheating and her heart getting broken.


In the other Hoves household Zeke was a guest for a while, he and Laquita got jobs, we learned Krystal was not doing so well at her job, and Jesse had been suspended but Zeke proposed to his girlfriend Marty Gradle.

In the Caliente household things are running smoothly, they were yet another victim of an increased wave of neighborhood burglaries but Nina is bouncing back. Rosie failed to move further in her relationship with Leighton and Latrica did get together with Miha’il after all!

Last round we welcomed another Caliente family, we spent some time with Dina and her daughters and had a little peek into their everyday lives.

As for the Mayor we learned Vanessa isn’t seeing Walter anymore and had a fight with Latricia so she hangs out with Chiquita now and is dating Cecil Frail. They did get a new house, and Jill is doing well in her job. She still keeps her relationship with Mortimer Goth secret from her family and aged up to an elder in a big party her boyfriend did not attend.


This round we will spend time with Dina’s ex wife Nala and she would probably be joined by her and Dina’s youngest daughter Summer who has a surprise for everyone (so you can expect some new introductions).

That’s it with catching up! Stay tuned, we start soon with the Browns!

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