Rhaenys Targeryen

/* Rhaenys Targeryen is based on the character from the ASOIAF novels by GRRM, namely the sister of Aegon The Conqueror. */

Rhaenys moved to town with Aegon and Visenya Targeryen, even though they share the last name and appearance they claim they are not related.

She is politically engaged and is a big supporter of equal rights. Her ambition is to become the president of the country, and one day leader of the free world but being new to this town she decided to practice a different line of work until she is rich enough, and known around town enough to follow her dreams.

That was how she started work in the science lab with young but prosperous scientist Luther Prentiss. She liked to gossip about him but once he left the facility for a career in medical research and Urte Vivi became her new boss she realized things weren’t as bad as she thought.

Recently she was offered a job in the military as a researcher there there and she took it. Although she generally isn’t a fan of violence she understands the need for it under certain circumstances.

Rhaenys loves children and when her roommate Aegon offered her to be the mother of his child she gladly accepted and that is how Aenys came into the world.

Upon learning about her pregnancy her fiance Loren Cantu wasn’t very pleased and broke of the engagement. Afterwards she dated Mortimer Goth for a while but he wasn’t looking for anything serious so Rhaenys turned her gaze to the younger Harry Prentiss.

With Harry she had a longer and more serious relationship which resulted in her second son Aenar and marriage to Harry.

Unfortunately as part of her deal with Aegon she had to leave her teenage son Aenys, a choice that brakes her heart but had to be made…

She currently lives with her new husband, son and her husband’s brother Hazel.

Sign: Leo

TraitsFlirty, Good, Charismatic, Artistic, Friendly

LW: Leader of The Free World

Jobs: Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker (140$/h),  Fighter Pilot (??)

Skills: Athletic(4), Cooking(4), Gardening(5), Guitar(3), Handiness(4), Logic(3),Bass(3), Drums(6),  Martial Arts(5)

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