Browns – Round 5.1

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Day 1


Hazel had no idea why he was nervous but he was. Sure, the call from Donnie was unexpected, and his question to come over to talk today was a little shock but still. Hazel and Donovan were high school sweethearts, nobody knew Hazel was well as Donovan, and Hazel was sure nobody knew Donovan as Hazel did. They could always be themselves around each other, there was no cause for discomfort. Or there wasn’t, not until Donovan decided not to show up to their wedding where all of their friends and families were…

Since then Donovan and Hazel had no contact, sure both Hazel and his brother Harry went to Donovan’s mum funeral and came to their house to give their condolences, but that was all a formality… What could all this today be about?

Hazel hardly moved from the window until Donovan came. TheTS3W_2016-01-16_19-50-17-10 street he lived on was a relatively quiet one so nothing happened to shorten the wait, the most interesting thing must have been when a woman that seamed vaguely familiar dropped her toddler in front of the Caliente household before she came in. She yelled at him to stop crying or she would leave him there which seamed a little brutal to Hazel but who was he to judge…

He saw Donnie and ran to the door. He didn’t want Donnie to see him, he wanted to play it cool, and not let him see how confusing all this was for him. Still he almost melted when he opened the door and Donnie smiled at him, his blue eyes were still as bright and radiant as Hazel remembered and seeing it all made Hazel’s heart beat even stronger. he welcomed him inside trying to be as charming as ever and feeling as everything he said was coming out forced and awkward but Donnie didn’t mind. They exchanged the pleasantries, Donnie inquired about his job, and if he was making any progress in the musical industry, Hazel complained about not earning as much as he thought, it was all pretty normal until Donovan suddenly became silent, and his face took on an expression of grave seriousness.

TS3W_2016-01-16_18-51-35-30He then came close to Hazel, so close he was sure he would hear his heart beating against his chest. He took one of Hazel’s hands in his own and Hazel smiled nervously as Donovan pulled something out of his front pocket. Hazel recognized the ring he gave Donovan the day when he asked him to marry him. He wanted to say something but his throat was dry and words came out as an incomprehensible garbage. Donovan smiled weakly before he spoke. “Look Hazel, I know I don’t have the power to change the past… And I know there is no way to undo what I have done, to remove all the pain I caused you. There is nothing I can say that will explain all of it, nothing I can say will probably make you forgive me… But I have to try. ” He took a deep breath and Hazel just stood there, too confused to move, to speak. “Hazel Brown… Will you take this ring, and my promise to marry you, and be by your side forever?”  It was all so beautiful and romantic, and without even thinking Hazel managed to whisper: “Yes.”

Donovan smiled brightly this time, clear relief present in those blue eyes of his. “Let’s not waste any more time Haze, lets go!” He yelled and took his hand. “Go where?” Hazel asked confused. “To the City Hall!” Donovan said. “I want to get married today!”

It was all too much, too soon but Hazel didn’t stop to think, he followed Donovan outside and they rushed to the City Hall together.

When they got back home, their home, as equal partners, night had already fallen and Hazel was giddy like a teenager girl. He and Donovan came home holding hands, drunk on their love and happiness. Before they opened the door to the kitchen Hazel heard his brother’s voice. “You need to ask for milk when you want some, you know that Aenar, you can’t cry and yell, just say you are hungry and daddy will get what you want. Ok?”

TS3W_2016-01-16_18-53-25-06Harry was sitting on the kitchen floor next to his son as Hazel peeked trough the door. He didn’t forget about Harry, and he knew he would have to talk to him but kind of hoped he wouldn’t have to do it straight away. He still remembered how Harry was after Donnie stood him up, how angry he was, and all the insults he heard him speak against all of the Alto’s. And now here was Donovan, holding hands with Hazel and about to move in Harry’s house.

Hazel’s only hope was that Harry won’t yell too much in front of his son and he did need to act fast. “Hey Harry…. A word?” Both Harry and Aenar turned and looked at Hazel with those identical green eyes and Hazel smiled. He was still blocking the door so they couldn’t see Donovan standing behind him. “Sure Hazel.” Harry said getting up. “What’s this about?” Slowly Hazel moved inside the room and he watch Harry’s eyes fill with anger as he looked to Donnie who was also trying to smile nervously. “What’s he doing here?” Harry asked, he still wasn’t yelling but Hazel felt the anger in his voice. “He kinda lives here now.” Hazel said quickly trying to keep it all light but as he saw Harry’s eyebrows narrowing he quickly lifted his hand to show him the ring. “We got married today!” “YOU DID WHAT?” His brother was yelling now and several things happened before Hazel could even react.

Donovan started to say something and Harry cut him off, Aenar started crying, he wasn’t really used to all this shouting in the house and the bedroom door opened and Rhaenys, Harry’s wife walked in. She was obviously waken up from a nap, her platinum blond hair was disheveled and she had a sleepy gaze but the moment she showed up Harry stopped the yelling and Hazel relaxed knowing there would be no fight, not while Rhaenys was here. “What’s going on here?” She asked calmly and Hazel quickly explained. She smiled. “Congratulations Hazel, Donovan welcome to the family.” Her gaze was warm and her tone was friendly, so unlike her husband’s. “Harry.” She said quickly turning to her husband. “I know this is a lot for you… But it’s getting late, Aenar needs to go to bed, and I’m exhausted.  As for Hazel and Donovan… It’s their wedding day, let them enjoy it. There would be time to talk tomorrow.” Harry was still obviously mad but he just nodded and followed his wife to their bedroom without a word to either Hazel or Donovan.

The two of them stood in silence for a while and then Donovan asked quietly: “Isn’t that the way to your room?” “What?” Hazel asked distractedly. “Oh no, not anymore, I have new digs now.” He smiled and let Donovan outside.

Hazel was the first to go down the ladder that lead to the basement. He hurried down to turn on the light. Once it was on he urged Don to follow him. Once their were both down in the small corridor he opened the door and let Donovan go inside. “Wow, Haze…This is beautiful!” Hazel blushed slightly as he let Donovan walk around his place.

After Rhaenys and Harry got married Hazel wanted to let them have as much privacy as they could have without him moving out so he had this little basement apartment built. There he had his own room, a little living room and bathroom. It was also sound isolated so he could play there as much as he wanted, even when little Aenar was asleep. He still took his meals upstairs with Harry, Rhaenys and Aenar but none of them seamed to mind.

And now it was his and Donovan’s home. He could hardly believe it.


It was later when he and Donovan were lying on his bed, their bed when Donovan spoke to him. “I’m really sorry Hazel, you know that, for everything I did to you… And your whole family apparently. I know you wanted a big wedding and all…” Hazel cut him short. “Forget it Donnie, this is what I wanted, you and me, here… The party… Forget it. We can have as many parties as we want, we have the rest of our lives in front of us!” Donnie smiled and Hazel’s heart filled with happiness he never thought possible.

/* I know I said one post per family but I’m afraid I might change the rules because some posts (like this one) tend to get too long. */ 

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