Prentiss – Round 5.2

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Day 3

Screenshot_1Getting up Saturday morning getting the possibility of date with Jacob Gradle out of her head seamed impossible to Maja. Last night she had gone to bed late, she had stayed up reading long and lost track of time. When she sneaked into Della and Nan’s room to leave the book she borrowed she was caught with a strong desire to IM Jacob but she resisted. Tomorrow I’ll be wiser.

She wasn’t.

She woke up before her sister Lena with whom she shared a room, as usual Jacob was the first thing she thought of lying in bed and she felt so nervous she couldn’t fall a sleep again so she got out of bed angry at herself.

She was already dressed in the kitchen trying to concentrate on hScreenshot_2er homework when Della joined her at the table. “Morning Maja.” “Mornin'” she grumbled not looking up from her homework. “How can you do your homework here in this mess?” Delores asked and Maja looked at the dirty dishes in front of them but just shrugged. She had hardly noticed them, she had other worries and was not going to share them with Della but her usually quiet sister was not going to leave her alone it seamed. “It would have taken you less then five minutes to wash those… What are you doing anyway?” She asked looking over at her homework. “Is that dad’s? You know he quit?” “Huh?” Maja asked looking up at her sister for the first time. “Oh yes, Lena told me last night, he is going back to lab work.” This shocked Maja beyond words. Delores continued talking about some study club she joined but she wasn’t paying attention any more. Why did dad quit? Did it have anything to do with her? Who would be their new teacher?

After finishing her homework she closed herself in hers and Lena’s room, Lena was out on her martial arts lesson and she had the room for herself. She was working on her chemistry set until the liquid she was mixing exploded in her face. It wasn’t the firs time that this happened, and as always she followed her dad’s safety procedures so she wasn’t harmed. She only needed to shower and change out of her dirty clothes before her mother saw her.

Screenshot_3She was only a few steps away from the downstairs bathroom door when Della stopped her to ask a question about her own homework. “… and the key is to balance out the equations, you have to have the same number of atoms on both sides, see here you have…” “I get it!” Della exclaimed happily. It was never hard tutoring her sister, she was a really fast learner and she watched as she wrote the correct expression. She nodded approvingly. “Maybe I can be your teacher when dad leaves.” She said jokingly. “And by the way, are you sure of that?” Delores nodded. “Dad would never lie, especially to Lena. He said he got a job at the lab, not his old job but it’s a start, or so he says.” Maja nodded, still not sure how to feel about it. She hated having her dad as a teacher, but she had to admit he was good at it, and he really made her study. Would someone new be as good? Still she knew dad loved his old job, up until he got injured doing some experiment, he hurt his hand badly that time and uncle Andrew was able to save it but you could still see the scar which was why her father hid his hands more often then not. After the incident his lawyers advised him to sue the lab, he got a pretty large settlement but had to leave his job. All that was back when she and Lena were babies, but still, could things have changed that much?Screenshot_4

She didn’t see her dad, and wasn’t going to look for him just to ask him that, he should have told her, like he told Lena, instead she showered and dressed and went out in the back to try her newest experiment, if she was right about it the liquid in this vial would raise her serotonin levels, brightening her day instantly. And she needed this today. She had just drunk the full glass when her phone buzzed. It was a text from Lena. “Did you call Jacob? Look who has a self defense class today!” As she finished the text her phone buzzed again, this time it was a picture from Lena. A picture of her aunt Cocoa and Domynika! She smiled. This worked better then her potion!

Screenshot_5She took s really deep breathe and with shaking fingers she texted Jacob to meet her at the school playground.

Jacob replied really quickly which made her heart beat even faster. “I do have a few hours to kill! C ya!

“What should I wear? She thought putting down he phone. Lena and Nan were out, and she didn’t want to bother Della with such things. She would probably say whatever is clean, or something like that. Mum was busy fixing the computer but even if she wasn’t Maja wasn’t about to go to her, not after that whole speech about boys mum gave her the other day. She sighed and simply went out yelling after her: “Going out. Will be back in a few hours.”

She came there early so she waited patiently for Jacob to arrive. “How’s it Screenshot_6going up there?” He asked with a bright smile. He is so cute! Maja thought smiling slightly. The school playground was deserted on a Saturday so they could be alone talking for hours, about everything, school, movies, their allowances…

It was just before Jacob was about to leave when Maja finally had the courage to ask: “Look Jake I have no idea what we are doing here, if this means anything… But you know Domynika is my friend and…” Jacob said nothing just stared at her behind those pretty long lashes of his.”I need to knowScreenshot_7 if there is something between the two of you.” She finally said as quickly as she could. Jacob only smiled and said: “No. I’m very single.” She felt warmth spreading trough her whole body, now this was waaaay better then her potion. She gave him her most seductive smile. “Well that’s a pretty nice thing to hear…” “Oh really?” He asked smiling and moving even closer to her.

This is real Maja thought her heart beating really fast. We are about to kiss. It’s happening. But Jacob suddenly loved away. He was still smiling though and Maja’s heScreenshot_8ad was completly blank. “I really have to go now, my sister, Melody is coming to dinner, I promised mum I’ll be there. See you Maja. I had a really nice time.” He stood there awkwardly and she smiled. “I had a nice time too.” She said and he pulled her in an awkward hug before walking away. He turned around once and waved with a smile and she waved back. It was weird but still great. She thought to herself as he walked from sight. He isn’t seeing anyone! Not Domynika, not anyone! She clapped her hands and giggled alone in the playground. She was sure if anyone saw her they would deem her mad but she simply did not care.

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