Hoves – Round 5.1

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Day 1

Like most people on the planet Junior Hoves hated Monday mornings. This one would prove terrible even by Monday standards. When he had finally gotten up his wife Hannah was already out of bed, he rummaged trough the drawers and found no clean socks. “HONEY WERE ARE MY SOScreenshot_2CKS?” He yelled trough the door.  “WE ARE HAVING A SITUATION WITH THE WASHING MACHINE.” His wife yelled back at him. “THERE ARE SOME NEW ONES IN THE BAG BY THE BED, THEY WILL MATCH YOUR NEW SWEATER!”

When he got dressed and got downstairs he found out the washing machine was broken and water was spilling everywhere and Hannah was down on the floor trying to contain the oncoming flood. “Need help?” He asked with a sigh. “No.” Hannah replied. “Just try not to step in here and get your socks wet.” “This needs to be fixed.” Junior replied eyeing the machine from the door. “Yes. Your step-mother already tried it and landed herself in the ER. I think this requires professional attention.” “The ER?” He asked. “Yes. She electrocuted herself a bit, I ordered Dougie to take her, you know Blair she was just going to get a shower and go to work.” Hannah sighed. “Go eat. Freddie’s on it.”

Junior found his eldest daughter indeed in the kitchen choppiScreenshot_3ng salad. “It will be ready in a minute.” She replied harshly not evening looking at him. She was always  a rude child, as a teenager Frederica got even worse but today she seamed out of sorts even for her Junior noticed as she brought the salad to him without a word. “You guys already ate?” He asked noticing the tree empty cereal bowls on the table. She nodded and left.

Junior sighed, the sight of his other children would surely make this morning more bearable but they were probably in their rooms getting ready for school and he didn’t have time to waste either. And right as he was about to get down his wife appeared, and as she had read his mind he was bringing their youngest daughter, Haley with her. “Look who came to say goodbye to daddy.”Screenshot_4 He smiled and kissed his little girl who was smiling at him happily. He then proceeded to kiss his wife. “Thank you honey. See you tonight.” She smiled as she said goodbye and went downstairs to feed Haley. The schoolbus was heard honking from the street meaning his other children would be running to school so Junior hurried not to be late to work himself.

It was a very slow day at the station and Junior welcomed it. They had one of the best forensic labs in the country, lead by Junior himself and caseload was always full, people were constantly killing each other in new and exiting ways and stopping them fell on Junior and his team. Today he and Alyssa, his coworker analysed some samples from an old case that was up for appeal  and then went on to have lunch together in the cafeteria.

He usually avoided lunch with Alyssa, because they had history togetherScreenshot_5. It was all decades ago, when they were both in high school, but still Hannah didn’t know half of it and it made Junior uncomfortable being around Alyssa, it didn’t help that she was still attractive even if she was his age. But today’s conversation was acceptable, they talked about the protests in front of the City Hall last night, Junior was there with his whole family, he eScreenshot_6ven made Frederica go.The protest was against “Jellyfish Corp.”. A company that the town authorities hired to handle the air conditioning in all of the city owned buildings. However “Jellyfish Corp.” was not as reliable as it was advertised and the air conditioning in the forensics lab broke down a while ago almost destroying a lot of evidence in pending murder investigations, not to mention almost taking a few lives in the process. Luckily the fire department, lead by Blair, Junior’s stepmother was able to prevent the disaster. “Jellyfish Corp.” however was still employed for the city of Sunset Valley and the people have gone out to the streets to change that. Screenshot_7

After the protest Junior stayed and hanged a bit with Clyde Belgen, Alyssa’s ex, talking about possibilities of criminal prosecution for the “Jellyfish Corp” people. He wondered if that was why she was asking and if she would want him to badmouth the man and Junior would never do such a thing, whatever Clyde and Alyssa’s relationship did to her it was the past, and the man had saved his wife and children’s lives while he was working in the fire department. However he had no reason to concern himself since the conversation stayed on topic with the protests.

He got home in his usual time, took a six pack of beer from a fridge and painted a little. He sucked at it, no talent whatsoever, but it relaxed him, and emptied his head from dark thoughts that came with his job.

When he was still on his first beer he heard someone pull a bike from a garage, on his third beer Frederica joined him on the balcony and someone rang the doorbell still Junior did not move.

When he had downed the whole six pack he just strutted to bed. He was already feeling the sweat embrace of sleep when he felt his wife shaking him. “Junior, honey. Please wake up, you will not believe whScreenshot_8at I just saw.” He opened his eyes. It was dark and the inside of his head was all fuzzy, just the way he preferred it to be. He could see the outline of his wife’s face leaning over him, he could smell her flowery perfume and thought how it had been months since she had gone fishing.”I saw Tomas and Lysa just now.” She whispered. “So?” Junior mumbled. Tomas was Hannah’s youngest brother who lived right next door and Lysa was Dougie’s fiancee, there was nothing unreasonable in the two meeting, even his tipsy mind could deduce that. “It was weird. Believe me. They seamed too cozy, flirty even.” Junior sighed. “Tomas is happily married, and Lysa engaged to my brother. I just don’t see them having an affair or anything…” “Well I wasn’t suggesting that they are having an affair, it was just weird.” Hannah said defensive. “Do you think we should tell someone?” “Tell what? That you saw two people chatting on the street?” Hannah was quiet for a while. Thinking no doubt. And Junior felt very, very tired and he told he was so, as gently as he could. “I understand, it must have been a hard day… And maybe I am imaging things, stress and all. It happens.” She said, more to herself then to Junior and he smiled and took her hand and kissed her. Minutes later he was asleep.

Day 2

All of Tuesday Junior wrestled with a persisting headache which made him wonder weather he could slip in one of the cells and catch a few z’s. He got a text from Kerry, asking weather he could visit his friend Branden and Junior replied with a diplomatic: “Ask your mom.” He then resisted the urge to do a background check on Branden Caliente, he knew he was one of Nina Caliente’s children, all three of whom had different fathers but he decided against it. It would be wiser to ask Blair, than to investigate a twelve year old boy.

When he got home he found Frederica in the yard. “Shouldn’t your uncle Dougie be doing that?” He asked with a smile. His daughter just shrugged. “IScreenshot_10‘m helping out. He went out with Lysa. Wedding stuff.” “And your mum?” “Out shopping. She took Haley.” “Blair?” “Some emergency.” Emergency? Could it be “Jelly Corp” doings again Junior wondered briefly. “And where is Ty? I haven’t seen him since Sunday.” “Lena and Maja took him to the pool.” “Oh nice. Why didn’t you go?” Frederica lifted one eyebrow and gave him a dirty look. “We have a pool in the backyard.” Junior wanted to say something about the importance of spending time with your peers, and he would to any other of his children. There was no telling Frederica. And anyways she had no friends, the only person he ever saw her spend time with was his uncle, Jesse’s youngest daughter, Irene.

So he dropped it. He went straight to the kitchen and found out theScreenshot_11y were out of beer. He texted Hannah to grab a pack on her way home and instead went up to Dougie and Ty’s room. He had never tried out Dougie’s new huge screen TV.

In the end he decided on a fitness program and worked out for a while to kill time before Hannah comes back. Luckily he took a shower afterwards because Hannah made him try on a suit as soon as she got back from her shopping trip. “It’s for tomorrow.” She sad eyeing him happily. “You are as handsome as always Jun.” He smiled back at her. “Well you deserve a handsome husband lovely, tomorrow more then ever. Dr. Hoves.” Hannah looked at him shyly but a smile never left her face. “Don’t call me that yet, it’s too early. Come on. Let’s eat.”Screenshot_12

They ate in the living room while Haley preformed for them on her xylophone. Junior looked happily from his little daughter to his beautiful wife. He had high hopes for Haley, she reminded him so much of Frederica when she was her age but he hoped she would turn out as different from her older sister as possible. It probably was a terrible thing for a parent to think but Junior really couldn’t feel any different. He was sure what Frederica was wasn’t his or Hannah’s fault but still… He sighed, those were dark thoughts that made him crave a drink, something stronger than a beer he used to wash down the hot dogs but he couldn’t get drunk tonight. Tomorrow was his day off, and a big day for Hannah.

Ever since high school Hannah dream was to become a doctor but life got in the way, first it was her father, then her four children. And so Junior’s wife could only watch as her older brother and best friend went on and became doctors while she moderated the town’s book club. Well tomorrow everything would change. Tomorrow his wife graduated from medical school. She would probably never work at a hospital, she had made peace with that, but she would have her degree, all her work wasn’t for nothing and Junior could not be more proud. His wife was amazing!

Screenshot_13Before going to bed Junior stopped by Ty’s room to check on his son. He was seated at his computer, as he was most of the time. “Hey stranger, should I make a profile on one of those websites for you to talk to me?” He asked his son from the door. Ty turned around and gave him a large Ty-like smile. “Hi dad! I’m talking to Tami Alto. She is in high school and she doesn’t have a boyfriend!” “And you are six.” Junior replied calmly. “Maybe you shouldn’t be spending so much time on there.” “Oh but I must dad, I have started a book! It would be an adventure book! Lena promised to take a look.” Junior smiled. “And how was swimming?” “Great I love it! I have classed Mondays but I want to be the best there so I asked Lena and Maja to go with them today. I did so much laps…I think a hundred! I’m going to be the best for sure dad!” Junior smiled. “Just keep practicing, but don’t over do it. And don’t over do the computer either, it’s bed time.” Ty nodded happily and Junior closed the door walking over to his room.

It was times like this when he thought of retiring the most. He could get to spend more time with his family, get involved in his children’s lives, make sure Haley grows on track, more like her brothers and less like her sister…But he always feared he would be more like his father and step mother who were never happy after leaving the force… It was a big decision… One best left for some other day…

/* Sorry for being away so long, I had been very busy the past few weeks, and will probably be for the following few 😦 but I will try and find time to at least read all of your blogs! Thanks for reading!”

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