Hoves – Round 5.2

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Day 3

Wednesday morning Junior slept in. He had woken up fresh and energized so he decided to go for a jog. It was a workday so Screenshot_3the streets were pretty much empty but it was a sunny day, beautiful and promising.

He ran all the way to the beach, and he
had planned to run back home the same way he came. He had just passed the Public Pool where he saw Lysa, his younger brother’s fiancee, she was there with her brother, Hannah’s best friend Pegasus and he waved at them both and just continued running. Seeing the two of them had broken his running meditation and his thoughts strayed back to his wife.

Today was Hannah’s big day. Today she would graduate from medical school and take the Hippocratic Oath thus finally becoming a doctor. It was a big thing for her, for both of them. He would be the only one accompanying her to the University. She wanted to experience it as it could have been when she was in her twenties and not in her fifties. Junior thought it would be better if kids and Blair could come too buScreenshot_2t it was ultimately Hannah’s decision and he didn’t want to pressure her about it, she had enough stress as it is even though she may have been reluctant to admit it.

His wife had the personality that could light up any stage and she was aware of it. She never shied away from public appearances. But this was different he knew as he watched her get ready that morning. She needed to relax, and he had just the right idea.

He circled back to the pool and texted Hannah to meet him there. He took a shower and waited for her in the shower area. The place was deserted this time of day and he hoped it would stay that way. He didn’t have to wait long, pretty soon Hannah was there, already wearing her new dress, suited for this occasion. She had colored her hair a lighter color attempting to hide the grays but Junior didn’t care for that. She was his wife, he promised her decades and for children ago, he would love her always, as she was inside, not outside.

Screenshot_3She walked in looking around the empty building: “Jun?” She called looking around. “In here.” He replied from the shower area and Hannah walked to him. When she was at the door he pulled her in and closed the doors after her. Before she could speak he sealed her mouth with a passionate kiss.

“What are you doing?” Hannah asked flustered as they pulled apart. “What does it look like?” Junior replied with a smile. “I noticed you were tense and thought to bring you here, to help you relax.” “With what, swimming?” She asked skeptical.  Junior’s smile widened. “Swimming wasn’t what I had in mind.” He whispered right in his wife’s ear.

Hannah gaped at him. “Here? Now? It’s the middle of the day Junior, it’s a public place… We can’t. We are not children.” “I thought you want to experience this as if you were in your twenties.” He told her and she sighed. “Yes, but…Damn you Frederic Junior Hoves. Why do you have to be so handsome?” She said and leaned in for another kiss.

Nobody walked in on them and although the shower cabin was small and cramped with both of them in there Junior wished they could stay there whole day but his wife was pretty fast with getting dressed. She sighed as she tried to comb her hair with her fingers. “I planned to wear it down but I guess it’s going up.” She sighed again because Junior wasn’t moving, but was just standing and looking at her. “Please get dressed. I have to go there immediately. Check on the kids and join me for the ceremony.” She said and then moved in and kissed him again. “I love you Junior.” “I love you too.” HScreenshot_5e said and smiled.

At home he found his younger brother, Dougie with Haley. He was attempting to get her walking but she wouldn’t budge. Junior leaned in and gave his little daughter a kiss. “Be a good girl Haley. Listen to your uncle. But wait for me and your mom for your first steps.” He added with a grin and Dougie smiled.

“You seam to be in a good mood bro.” He said. “Nice jog?” “The best kind.” Junior replied. “I have to get dressed, make sure the kids behave.”

Screenshot_4When he was dressed he felt good enough to take his sister’s old bike and drive to the ceremony on it whistling as he drove.

The ceremony was long and tedious but Junior hardly moved his eyes from his wife. He wished this had really happened when she was younger, he wished she had time to live her dreams but he would never had traded their life for anything, and they weren’t dead yet. Anything can happen still…

They were both drunk on happiness as they came home. The childrScreenshot_6en were upstairs, they only raised their voices in greeting as they entered the door. Both of them were starving so they went straight to the kitchen, Frederica had made some mac and cheese and left it out for them. “You are amazing.” Junior told his wife. “I can’t tell you that enough.” She giggled like a schoolgirl. “Well I had the best support.” He cupped her face with his hands and was about to kiss her when the door opened behind him startling them both.

Dougie was standing on the door his face flushed. “Sorry to interrupt. But you have to come. There is a fire. They say somebody from the fire department got hurt.” Junior felt sick instantly. “Blair?” “I don’t know.” Dougie said in a weak voice. Junior felt Hannah squeeze his hand in silence. Blair might not have been Junior’s birth mother but she had become a part of the family and he loved her, Hannah loved her, his kids loved her. And Dougie… He felt like throwing up. What if something happened to Blair?

The whole family was there in the living room. Frederica was standing looking pale. Kerry and Ty were seated on thScreenshot_7e couch next to each other, eyes glued to the TV. Haley was on the floor, only one not aware of what was happening. If Blair died today, would Haley even remember her? Junior wondered as he walked up to the TV.

“Oh my God!” Hannah screamed as she saw the TV. “It’s Cocoa! It’s her house.” She lifted her hand to her heart.”Where is Andrew? Have you seen him? Where are the kids?” She was desperate and nobody had the answers.

The image went to the news reporter who was standing in front of the burning house saying something in the microphone but Junior could not concentrate on her voice. Tragedies were just piling in on eScreenshot_8ach other. Now Hannah’s brother was in danger too. He wanted to hug her, hold her hand, anything. But he couldn’t move. The image shifted from the reporter to the fireman who were trying to get the fire  in control and Kerry yelled. “It’s grandma!”

And it was. Junior could feel the wave of relief pass trough the room. There was no mistaking that light green hair anywhere. Blair was alive, she was well, she was doing her job, she would get that fire under control. Everything would be fine. Hannah’s brother would be alright. He managed to move and found his wife’s hand. He could even listen to the TV now. “…allegedly the name of the injured fireman is Walter Vivi…” “Walter Vivi? Did she say Walter Vivi?” Frederica asked loudly but her mother shushed her. “…and he is trapped inside with apparently another person.” The news reporter finished.

Silence fell upon the Hoves’ living room. Now there was nothing to do but wait.

/*Hope you enjoyed this update from the Hoves. Next up is Jesse’s family. I have decided to try something different and get rid of the three day format. I hope you’ll like it.*/


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